Your Inner Journey

Visit your Inner World through Metaphysical Therapy

Your Inner Journey

Journey of the Heart through Awareness ! The Journey Within.

Using personal coaching, counselling, spiritual hypnotherapy, psycho spiritual therapy, metaphysics (Michael is also a qualified and practising metaphysician), working with the Universal Laws in meaningful ways, Native Spirituality, Mystery Traditions, and concepts from “The Secret”, and “The Road Less Travelled”, and supported by `the energies` that are governing our lives.
This session from Dr. Michael G Millett, out of The Tara Box ™ is geared to you, and offers the knowledge of how to create – intentionally and effortlessly – a more joyful, and successful life by becoming a Conscious Creator.

Transpersonl Therapy & Healing A Story


I once heard a delightful story that the ancients came to earth, bringing with them the secrets of eternity.
The ancients worried about how to hide these great secrets until mankind was spiritually ready to appreciate and appropriately use them.
One lamented, “If we hide them on land, people will conquer the land and discover them.”
Another commented, “If we hide them in the sea, mankind will reach the very bottom of the sea.”
A third observed, “If we hide them in space, men and women will one day soar into space.” They pondered.
Then the wisest said, “Let us hide these secrets, and truths in the last place they will think to search. Let us hide the secrets in their own minds, and hearts”.
And this proved to be the perfect hiding place !

An Inner Journey sessionWe create our own reality, but many have forgotten this. This truth resides in our heart, and it is time for you to raise your awareness, and connect with that again and `live` it.

Whether we are conscious of this or not, it is true. Most people are not really aware of the power of their thoughts, and so react to life automatically, and therefore create “unconsciously”.
When we become aware that it is our thoughts that create our reality, we can then consciously choose different thoughts, therefore creating a different reality – this is called “creating consciously”.

We are the creators of our own life.

When we understand this, it moves us out of ‘victim’ and ‘blame’ role’ and into the role of ‘Authentic Power’, and Creating Consciously, because these experiences are simply just ‘mirrors’ of our beliefs made manifest. Knowing this gives us the opportunity to learn the lesson in it, and change it if we choose to do so.

By exploring, and seeking self-knowledge, and changing your inner world, you begin to transform your outer world.

Dr. Michael G Millett offers you the way to experience an inner journey where you can discover all of the beliefs, expectations, and hidden agendas with which you construct your own life, and begin to create the future of your Dreams. The sessions involve exploring your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires, imagery and metaphors through expanded states of awareness to then take rational steps to change your life through action.

“You take your life in your own hands, and what happens?
A terrible thing: no one to blame.”
~ Erica Jong ~


Initially this is a discussion / exploratory and training session of inner exploration, with assessing, and summing up your life at the moment.  Then we focus on working to transform things into what you really want by determining, and expressing these new qualities where you want it to be different. We then embark on a metaphysical hypnotherapy based journey: “Your Inner View of the World” (Inner Vision) while working with your Higher Self which can be very revealing in how you really see things.

Questions can be asked on this journey for answers to come to you to bring in resolution, and action thus allowing you to move forward with new insights and confidence.

This session lasts approximately 2 hours and costs just £99.00.
Give Michael a call today to book your appointment in Grantham or via Skype, or fill out the easy email form below to do that.

Please note: Clients are always encouraged to have hypnotherapy face to face. Dr. Michael Millett uses a meditative approach over the phone or via Skype. Using Guided Meditation which is a short relaxing process before guiding them through a scene in their mind to help improve their life and issues in positive ways. Working with emotions directly, he takes a more of a Mindfulness approach, as well as other mindfulness and contemplative techniques and works with the emotion or anxiety as it presents itself, without necessarily seeking a cause or expecting an immediate solution. An approach he finds helpful is called `Touch and Let Go`.


Metaphysical Sessions

Law of Attraction on Skype

Session also available via Skype


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