Hypnotherapy Supervisor in Grantham

Hypnotherapy Supervisor Grantham

Hypnotherapy Supervision in Grantham. EFT Professional Mentoring

Dr. Michael G Millett is a Fellow of the National Hypnotherapy Society (FHS), and is an Accredited & Approved Hypnotherapy Supervisor for the National Hypnotherapy Society, he is also a Trainer`s Trainer and a founding member of the AMT, or Guild of Energists and one of the approved trainer mentors.
Supervision can also be in a group setting of up to six supervisees.

The National Hypnotherapy Society is a Learned Society whose primary purpose is the advancement of the knowledge of hypnotherapy and the fostering of professional hypnotherapy expertise through training, accreditation and continued professional development of their members.
The Society seeks to contribute to public wellbeing both through the use of hypnotherapy and by ensuring that hypnotherapists are safe, competent and ethical in practice. The Society is a Not For Profit Company.

If you are seeking a supervisor for your own hypnotherapy practice or as a professional EFT practitioner using a Solution Focused approach in Mentoring, Michael is happy to mentor and support you with his informal and relaxed way of working.
He is also happy to mentor and support other types of professional practitioners and complementary therapists other than hypnotherapists and EFT Practitioners due to his broad training in a number of therapeutic modalities and his years of experience. He is also happy to work with people overseas – outside of the UK and Ireland who speak English. 

There is also the International Telephone Service with phone lines in the UK, USA, Ireland and Australia as well for your convenience as well as Skype worldwide from Elevated Therapy.

The frequency of supervision will vary, depending on the volume of clients seen at any particular time, your experience, and current requirements.
As a guideline: For the first 3 years of qualified practice if you are in full time practice, it is recommended 1.5 hours of contracted supervision every month.

Michael also makes provision for emergency advice or consultation with him over and above the agreed number of sessions.

Continuing Professional Development through Michael`s Support and Training Services here ensures that the therapist / practitioner does not stand still in their practice, but continues to grow and develop as a practitioner.

For those outside of the UK also – creating a supervisory / guidance relationship with Michael is a wonderful addition to your in-person supervision and practice too in your own geographical area, and it provides you with a different viewpoint, support and more in-put, which will enhance your growth as a professional.

Take advantage of this strictly confidential, helpful and healing professional opportunity today.
Michael is looking forward to hearing from you.

You will have a written contract between yourself, and Michael which sets out the costs, timing, ethics and expectations of the arrangement.

Michael will provide an annual written report on your progress. He will maintain an accurate log of the time spent in supervision.
Michael is professionally insured as a practitioner and agrees to abide by the National Hypnotherapy Society and the AMT / GOE Code of Ethics and Complaints Procedures.

Supervision and Mentoring is a goal-oriented relationship between two professional interpreters: you and Michael who seek to learn and grow through association. Whether a newly qualified practitioner or an experienced professional, within this mentorship you are the learner.

Michael will have more experience, skill or knowledge, either of hypnotherapy, EFT or `healing` in general, or of some specific aspect or application of `healing`.

This Supervision and Mentoring Service can augment the training already received by you in academic settings.

Benefits of this service with Michael:

You may experience:
♦ a reduced sense of isolation.
♦ a smoother entry and development into the `healing` fields.
♦ a look at `healing` from another’s perspective.
♦ a challenge to continue developing professionally.
♦ strengthening of specific skills or knowledge areas.
♦ identifying your own strengths and any areas that need focus.
♦ real-life `healing` experience with immediate feedback and guidance.
♦ expert modelling to observe and emulate.


Michael may feel a sense of satisfaction for having:

♦ helped you grow professionally
♦ strengthened the field of `healing.
♦ had his experience and skills further recognised.

Professional Hypnotherapy Supervision in Grantham

Some benefits to clients are:

♦ increase in the number of practitioners skilled in a variety of settings.
♦ addressing the needs of clients and improving service.
♦ support for the practitioner.


Some benefits to the `healing` professions are:

♦ evidence that your relationship with Michael requires commitment and thought.
♦ more well-rounded professionals in the field.

Michael believes that his service is of benefit to the `healing` professions, not just hypnotherapy or professional EFT.
Each mentoring situation is unique, depending on the individual involved and the goals of the relationship.

Supervision is rightly considered to be vital to the practice of professional hypnotherapy. In the early years, it is often the only way in which a therapist can find, not only help in emergencies or with clients whose presenting issues are difficult; but it is also the way in which a therapist can be seen, by an accomplished, and more experienced person working in the same field, to be growing and maturing. Supervision is a valuable “checking in” procedure, helping therapists stay grounded and centred, maintain professional and personal boundaries, avoid “burnout”, and thus provide safe, ethical and competent hypnotherapy for all clients.

The National Hypnotherapy Society

This is a private commitment between two professional individuals – you and Michael.
Common to all successful mentorships and supervision is mutual commitment to professional growth.
So take advantage of this strictly confidential, helpful and healing professional opportunity today.

As a hypnotherapist,  and a professional EFT Practitioner – it is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately supervised – Michael is looking forward to hearing from you.

Michael will get back to you including to international supervisees within 24 hours to discuss details, or an agreed contract (if appropriate) which sets out the costs, timing, ethics and expectations of the arrangement once you get in touch.