A Poem for Elevated Therapy by Michaela Sefler

A poem specially written some years ago when I was located in London by internationally acclaimed poet Michaela Sefler, honouring my work and Elevated Therapy. Michaela is also a composer, lyricist & musician.

Author of the books: “The Sun Is Hot” and “Through The Ages: A Compilation Of Inspirational Poetry“, Michaela lives in Canada.

Her poetry is spiritual and alludes to ancient ideals.

In her poetry she attempts to reconcile difficulty and pain with perseverance and triumph where the past can be acknowledged and then transcended to create an amazing future in which imagination is the only limiting factor.

What an amazingly empowering thought ! Wonderful lady and thank you Michaela.


One aspect
of a whole;
a part, a perspective,
a point of view.
One manifestation
of A reality;
I am nothing,
I am all.
Worlds AND worlds
compose the myriads
of possibilities
and effects.
I renounce
lowlier and lesser possibility;
I transcend, I reach, I learn;
I believe of chances and worlds beyond.
The lower, the singular,
one part, a perspective
a point of view,
The higher, the real;
the holy; the whole truth.
I believe
I am;
Infinite possibility;