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What is NLP ?

NLP is a completely unique synthesis of cybernetics, neurology and linguistics that offers you practical methods for rapid personal improvement.
It is an enormously huge field taught in virtually every country on the planet, influencing the fields of psychology, linguistics, business communication, training, education and others. NLP had its beginnings many years ago and was created as a result of Bandler and Grinder’s system for Modelling.
It was essentially to discover somebody’s belief systems, physiology, and mental strategies.
In the process of modelling, they would elicit a person’s internal programme, which they called “mental syntax” or “strategy.”
In terms of modelling, then, one important element is the internal syntax or what they do inside their head when they do what they do.
What strategy do they use?

NLP in Grantham

"Neuro Linguistic Programming has untapped potential for treating individual problems and has become an all-purpose self improvement programme and technology as stated by Time Magazine. I use it therapeutically to effect change with problems and performance both personally and professionally. In exploring how we created our reality, we discover our ability to recreate it more the way we would like it to be"

Dr. Michael G Millett
NLP Practitioner Grantham

The study of Human Behaviour

The study of human behaviour is one of the few areas that continues to operate from outmoded theories and information.

NLP is a technology that brings us into the modern world, a technology that can be used to create the quality of life you want right now stemming from the study of human excellence. 
It’s quick, simple, and incredibly logical.
We use internal processing strategies for everything we do. All of our apparent external behaviours are controlled by internal processing strategies.
All of our overt behaviours! So that means that we use strategies for love, strategies for hate, strategies for learning, strategies for maths, parenting, sports, communication, sales, marketing, wealth, poverty, happiness, death, sex, eating, disease, creativity, relaxation, attention and fun.
There are strategies for everything. We first develop a particular strategy when we are young.

NLP Grantham

At an early age, perhaps you put a series of internal and external experiences together, and made (for example) a decision.
Then, at some point when you knew it worked, you generalised the process that you used before in making the decision and said, either consciously or unconsciously, “OK, this is a good way to make a decision”, and you then probably used it over and over and over again.
Literally millions of people from all walks of life have used NLP principles and techniques to change their own behaviour patterns and influence others more effectively.
You can discover NLP’s easy to follow road maps that lead you to enriched professional influence, interpersonal and personal achievement.
NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is certainly a mouthful, which is probably why you may have never heard of it before now !
The name does, however, accurately describe the science.
Neuro stands for our neurology (the brain/mind) through which our experience is processed via the five senses.
Linguistic refers to language both verbal and non-verbal by which our neural representations are coded ordered and given meaning.
Programming comes from the computer metaphor and refers to the ability to discover and utilise the programs that we mentally run.
In short, NLP is how to run your brain to achieve the results you desire.

Basic Tenets of NLP

When people first learn of NLP, they are excited by the possibilities to make profound behavioural changes in a simple, easy manner without going through years of therapy.
Some basic tenets of Neuro Linguistic Programming are:

1) NLP is not a model of repair…it is a model of acquisition…a generative model.
2) The techniques of NLP are not NLP. The techniques are a product of the modelling process. NLP is a method of modelling.
3) Modelling is a process of acquiring skill. All skills are systematic, patterned and rule-structured – therefore, they can be modelled and duplicated. However, modelling does not result in achieving the whole life experience of another person.
4) People are not broken, they work perfectly. They do not need to be fixed.
5) People have all the resources necessary to make any change.
6) People make the best choices given their resources available to them.
7) All external behaviour is the result of internal processes.
8) The map is not the territory. Our perception of reality is not reality itself. We do not operate directly on our world, but rather through our perceptual map of the world.
NLP is a model of the mapping processes.
9) The positive self worth of the individual is held constant. A distinction is made between self, intention and the behaviour an individual engages in.
10) Behavioural Flexibility: The person with the most behavioural flexibility in a given interaction will control the outcome.
11) Resistance is the result of inflexibility on the part of the communicator.
12) Failure equals feedback. There are no mistakes, only results. Without failure and mistakes, learning would be impossible.
13) The highest quality of information in an interaction is behavioural information.
14) The mind and body are part of the same cybernetic system (mind-body connection).
15) Individuals communicate at two levels – conscious and unconscious.
16) Behavioural flexibility results in more choices. More choices are better than limited choices. NLP is unique in the field of models of human functioning and we may say that everything it offers is personal development. It shows us how to trigger dormant resources.

NLP Coaching in Grantham

We discover how to attain personal and professional goals, how to open up to within in order to retrieve spontaneously the verbal expressions that are the most adapted to a given context, how to be at ease on the functional level, how to face all kinds of difficulties, how to know ourselves better, how to proceed, how to uncover one’s essential value and, last not least: how to no longer be occupied by all this.

Some areas I apply NLP at Elevated Therapy in Grantham`s Town Centre and by telephone and Skype nationally and internationally.

Feeling bad, hatred, frustration, dealing with abuse, becoming more human, becoming emotionally safe, healing traumas, dealing with traumatic experience in childhood, feeling abandoned, feeling lost and frightened, dealing with loneliness, feeling limited, fears and phobias, loss of hearing, having more of your own life, unable to learn, separating private life from business life, fear of losing your spouse, standing on your own two feet, insecurity in a relationship, not sure of love, feeling capable, public presentations, working with nervous system and changing immune response, avoiding pain of the past, grief, mid-life crisis, compulsions, addictions, resolving internal conflict, preparation in advance of a coming loss, parts work, injuries, sexual dysfunction, codependence, confidence, criticism, allergies and sensitivities.

In simple words, NLP states that changing unhelpful thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and communication patterns can:

  • help change your perspective for the better.
  • improve your relationships.
  • make it possible to influence others.
  • help you achieve goals.
  • boost self-awareness.
  • improve physical and mental well-being.

Time Line Work

It has been recognised for some time that people are more past-orientated`, some `future-orientated`, and others `present-orientated`.
These time orientations can be the basis for exceptional skills and can also create serious problems in people`s lives. By shifting the perspective on a memory as it relates to time can completely change the effect of a person`s past in minutes. Negative emotions and presenting problems such as guilt, fear, anger and sadness can be cleared and released from past memories allowing much more control of future results.
Working with time lines can clear limiting decisions and beliefs and actuating the future time line can literally create the future.

  • releasing emotions attached to past events
  • removing unwanted limiting decisions
  • dissolving the impact of phobias and trauma 
  • dispelling anxiety about future events 
  • discovering your own arrangement of time – through Time Line elicitation 
  • changing the location and direction of your Time Line for better result
  • improving your health and healing abilities
  • creating more balance in your life 

NLP Practitioner in Grantham

Michael is a certified NLP Practitioner. He studied and trained with
Ian McDermott in NLP in Hammersmith, London W6 in 1996.

Ian McDermott was once described as ‘a practical visionary who makes things happen’. In 1988 he founded International Teaching Seminars (ITS) which is now the most successful NLP and Coach training organisation in the world. Named one of Britain’s Top 10 Coaches and ‘the Coaches Coach’ (Independent on Sunday), he has pioneered the integration of NLP and Coaching.
He has written many books on the subject of NLP in Health, Management and Coaching. 

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