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Have you recently lost a loved one? 
Do you know someone who has?

We grieve in many different ways and our emotions can sometimes be confusing. We can struggle with many intense and painful emotions, including depression, anger, guilt, and profound sadness. Often, there can be an extreme feeling of isolation and being alone with our grief, since the intense pain and difficult emotions can make people uncomfortable about offering support.

Counselling Services for Bereavement in Grantham

Grantham Counselling with Michael is here to help you

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Grief does not always unfold in orderly, predictable stages. It can be an emotional rollercoaster, with erratic highs, lows, and setbacks. Everyone grieves differently, and experiences grief differently.

Michael is here to help, to listen and invites you to openly express your feelings without fear of judgment, or criticism. 

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Common Reasons for Seeking Help with Loss

  • Miscarriage, abortion, menopause.
  • Loss of health.
  • A loved one’s serious illness.
  • Death of a much loved pet.
  • Losing a job or job status, redundancy, retirement.
  • Divorce or relationship break-up.
  • Loss of possessions.
  • Changes of self-identity due to sexual abuse, assault, injury.
  • Loss of financial stability.
  • Loss of a friendship.
  • Selling the family home.
  • Death of a loved one.
  • Anticipatory grief.
  • Delayed grief.
  • Absent grief.
  • Cumulative grief.

The Symptoms

Everyone’s experience of loss or grief is different. The symptoms can occur for several months and can even affect you suddenly some years afterwards. These feelings may not be there all the time and powerful feelings may appear unexpectedly.

Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • shock, confusion and numbness – this is usually the first reaction to loss, and people often talk about “being in a daze” as you try to accept the reality of the situation.
  • overwhelming sadness, and tears.
  • tiredness, sleeplessness, and exhaustion.
  • anger – towards the person you’ve lost or the reason for your loss.
  • relief sometimes.
  • loss of motivation and irritability.
  • guilt – for example, guilt about feeling angry, about something you said or did not say, or not being able to prevent your loved one dying.

Be gentle with yourself

Grief is something that we all experience in life, and can leave us very isolated and vulnerable when it happens.
No one is ever really prepared for the shock and emotional fallout that can happen following the death of someone.
Learning to be gentle with yourself, and knowing the stages that you may experience can be of great benefit. Being gentle with yourself means giving yourself permission not to be the best that’s humanly possible, but rather to do the best you can right now. 
You must learn to give yourself as much time as you need to heal. 

There may also be practicalities you have to deal with as a result of your loss such as a will, finances, legal issues and having to sort out personal belongings. All of these aspects can be very difficult for people sometimes, particularly if they are alone.
For them life can feel overwhelming.

Please get in touch if you would like some counselling support.
Most people find that bereavement counselling is a great benefit at a difficult time for them. Michael offers a listening ear with compassion and understanding.
His work can be a certain comfort in these circumstances

How Can Bereavement Counselling Help?

Although there are no easy answers in grief counselling, it is normal to move through a process of grieving and end in acceptance.
At Elevated Therapy in Grantham, Michael can help if you have suffered loss and are experiencing emotional distress, and finding it hard to cope. He provides a safe and supportive space in which you can allow your most painful feelings to be expressed and heard.

Often the first task of bereavement counselling is to help you normalise what you are feeling, and to offer guidance and support towards an easier, more balanced way of thinking.

Michael can help you understand your complex and painful emotions and reduce the distress you may have about how you are feeling.

Bereavement Counselling can help you integrate the feelings of loss into your life, and support you as you adapt to life without your loved one.

In short, Grief Counselling can support you in:

  • Understanding your feelings of grief
  • Developing coping strategies to cope with your loss
  • Supporting you through your grief towards acceptance of loss

What is the Next Step?

Michael supports people through the stages of grief and helps them resume their lives. The grieving process associated can sometimes be a lengthy and challenging journey and counselling and therapy can be a great support through this roller-coaster emotional period either in the short or long-term. At Elevated Therapy Counselling and Psychotherapy, Michael will support you, and help you to move forward. 
He also offers his Counselling and Psychotherapy services to people via Skype.

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