Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

The Elevated Therapy Past Life & Healing Practice from Grantham serving the East Midlands and London and the South-East

Past Life Regression in Nottingham

Past Life Therapy

Dr. Michael G Millett (Level 1 Specialist Past Life Regression Practitioner)

Past Life Regression in London

Elevated Therapy is only 1 hour by direct train from London`s Kings Cross station, or straight up the A1

“If you want to know who you are, it is important to know who you were!”

  • Dr. Michael G Millett is a Level 1 – Certified Professional Practitioner of Past Life Regression Therapy and Healing UK & USA.
  • Dr. Millett is a full member of and accredited by the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies Inc., California. USA and The Past Life Therapists Association in the UK.

Past Life Regression in London

Past Life Regression and Healing

Past life Regression NewarkPast Life Regression – For the curious, the inquirer and the adventurous, there is the opportunity to journey to a past life / other life.
Past Life Regression Therapy and Healing has helped many people interpret, understand and heal present life issues, and gain insight into their own personality and life purpose and direction.

However, present life circumstances or current problems will not always be attributed to past life / other life experiences !

At Elevated Therapy I use hypnosis in order to put my clients into a relaxed state of mind where they are able to regress into their past life and discover thoughts and memories which are locked deep within their subconsciousness. Once a person is in this state they are then able to remember events which may have occurred in a past life and we are able to identify specific memories which have a deep affect on their inner self or spiritual being.
Through the association of present day emotions and inner conflicts and the events which may have taken place in a past life I am able to carry out past life healing or past life therapy in order to resolve emotional, psychological and spiritual issues which have remained un-addressed throughout a person’s childhood and adult life. The effects of this healing can be quite profound and is usually long lasting.
Healing can also occur on a physical level as well as on an emotional, psychological or spiritual one.

Famous believers in past lives include: Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and General George S. Patton

Past Life Regression Lincoln

Past Lives / Other Lives

They are a springboard for understanding our current problems. I look at the way the person is reliving this story in his or her current live.
This is where past life regression becomes present life therapy.
You can use past life therapy to help with a variety of problems, including fear and phobias, relationship difficulties, health problems and blockages in such areas as abundance and creativity.


I provide a confidential, supportive and safe environment in which people can discover what past influences may be affecting them now.
I encourage people to become aware, heal and let go of the blocks that may be holding them back.
The healing is a gentle and skilled guidance and enlightenment to help you explore and resolve past life issues on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

I also work with spirit guides, angels and power animals within the healing process if appropriate, if you are open to that and / or you would like this dimension to the work.

Past Life Regression in NottinghamDuring a session you may experience a past life which really took place… or you may create a metaphor for your current life situation…. or you may connect into what Carl Jung called “the collective unconscious” and imagine what it was like living in another time… it really doesn’t matter… as long as the therapy itself helps resolve current issues… helping you to experience more JOY in your current life!

I use Hypnosis which is a powerful and useful tool for exploring past lives, since it involves the experience of an altered psychological state, which makes a person more receptive and responsive to inner experiences.
In hypnosis (hypnotherapy or “Inner Work”), it is possible to tune into levels of awareness at a superconscious level normally not accessible to the conscious mind.
See Elevated Therapy`s → Hypnosis Faq

Many of the sessions involve the Interlife area (or Bardo State Work) which is particularly helpful to clients who:

  • are terminally ill and need to lessen their fear of death
  • wish to resolve relationships with those living, in spirit and especially the unborn
  • wish to review their life purpose
  • address a variety of intense decisions (vows, oaths, agreements, covenants, & judgements) that currently hinder present life health, wealth, achievement, intuition, leadership, power and relationships


A session usually lasts three and a half hours and I facilitate this way of working 7 days per week.
Sessions usually commence at 10.00am or 1.00pm.

Apart from the actual past life experience, I discuss and address some or all of the following subjects and points in the session if required and appropriate.

  • Theories of Reincarnation
  • Reincarnation & Christianity, Judaism and Islam
  • Hypnosis
  • The Role of Karma
  • Karmic Connections, Soul Mates and Twin Souls
  • Rites of Passage
  • Spirit Guides, Power Animals & Angels
  • Focusing in the Present
  • Follow up session(s)

How many sessions will you need?

Past Life Regression LondonSome people come for just one access session and find it deals with the reason they wanted to do this work. Others may come back for two or three sessions, clearing issues in greater depth and detail as they go.
Many love and get so much out of this work that they do several sessions every year.

This is not a conventional therapy application. It is part of your spiritual journey and development and you will know when and if you need to do more work.

The sessions are three and a half hours long and the cost is £175 by cheque with a Bankers card, cash or credit or debit card and a £80 deposit will be required when booking.
This can be done on the phone with your credit or debit card when making the appointment, if you are making the appointment by phone.
All major cards are accepted or UK residents can arrange to send a cheque before the session if that is agreed between us.

Past Life Therapy in Nottingham
Non UK residents can also pay the deposit over the phone through their credit or debit card if booking by phone or press the button below “Add To Cart” to make the £80 deposit in any currency securely through PayPal.

Past Life Healing vs Past Life Regression

Past Life Healing differs from Past Life Regression in that one would tend to work spiritually ortranspersonally and more indepth within Past Life Healing and work a lot with the emotions in particular and a variety of spiritual concepts and help the client resolve problems that they are having in their life right now.

 Past Life Therapy NewarkIt is important for discerning clients to engage the services / facilitation of a specifically trained Past Life Regression Therapist rather than just a hypnotherapist doing this work, and the former should be professionally spiritually and transpersonally trained also – the majority are NOT !! Please check this out !! Michael was also trained in 1997 at the London College of Transpersonal Hypnosis and Healing apart  from being specifically Past Life trained in the US and UK on top of his hypnotherapy training .

Past Life Regression in LeicesterPast Life Regression is more fact finding and exploratory, a review of what happened to the client in past lives to see where the problems really lay.
Either focus can be applied in the session. Past Life Healing works to clear emotions as a fundamental part of our spiritual growth.
This is because parts of ourselves, i.e. our souls, have been fragmented by traumatic emotional experiences in past lives or earlier in this life.

~ seeSoul Fragmentation
Focused Soul Fragmentation sessions can also or may need to be implemented as in further work or primary work.
It is through the integration of these fragmented parts that we grow and develop spiritually.

Each fragmented part of the soul is connected with an emotional pattern like anger, resentment, guilt, or fear that relates to the fragmenting experience. Energetically, the fragmentation creates blockages in the aura, which look like darkness or muddiness.
Psychologically, the fragmentation represents blockages to our conscious awareness, because the fragmented parts exist in the unconscious part of the mind.

Spiritual growth and emotional healing go hand-in-hand. As we are able to heal the painful emotions from the past and bring in more conscious awareness, the darkness in the aura is gradually replaced by light and unconsciousness is replaced by consciousness.
Spiritually, more of the soul is `home` or able to be present in the body, which brings increasing amounts of love, compassion, joy and balance into our lives.

It is not possible to develop spiritually without clearing emotions and without doing this, it prevents many people from moving forward on their spiritual path.
By bringing awareness to our limiting emotions and beliefs, we learn about ourselves and we can learn and grow from these experiences.
Also as we are ALL CONNECTED and when we take the steps towards understanding ourselves, it helps others to move forward on their own paths too.

Past Life Regression Peterborough

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