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Is Your Past-Life Karma Wrecking Your Love Life?

What is love karma?

Yes, everyone wants to have a happier love life and some people always seem to be happy in love whilst others attract negative love life experiences one after another?
Why is that or is it just a coincidence?

Past Love Regression and Healing – Within the beliefs of reincarnation and karma  – there is no such thing as coincidence. 
Everything happens for a reason as in events were meant to happen because of your love karma. The law of karma teaches you that all of your thoughts, words and actions begin a chain of cause and effect, and that you will personally experience the effects of everything you cause. You may not experience the effect (the returning karma) right away, and it may not even be in this lifetime, but you can count on it just the same. It is a cosmic law, which means that it applies to everyone, everywhere, all the time.
Therefore, you need to work with love karma from past lives, and turn those karmic encounters into grand opportunities to shape a positive future, leading you to higher things, more opportunities or greater insights.
Ultimately, you have the option of acknowledging them and acting accordingly or ignoring them.

Past Love Regression work with Dr. Michael G Millett in Grantham who is a Level One Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Metaphysician, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist since the mid-nineties introduces you to the amazing work of Past Love Regression which can also incorporate twin flame and soulmate relationships in his work. (This can be discussed).

However, most relationships are more about personal growth and need to be settled and let go of for your own good.

What Is Love Karma?

A karmic relationship, or feeling, is based mostly on unfinished business. It comes as a result of one’s actions in the past, both in this life and past lives. Things that are karmic need working with, and are meant to be healed or resoled perhaps because of control, dishonesty, selfishness, ​jealousy, dependency, or fear from our past-life relationships.

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“When you truly understand karma, then you realise you are responsible for everything in your life.”

Keanu Reeves

Is It Possible to Overcome Bad Love Karma?

By discovering, working with and releasing the root cause – we overcome bad Love Karma through awareness and understanding, and ultimately forgiveness; the key to letting go of the past. Forgiveness is different for every human being that lives it. Forgiveness is, in part, a willingness to drop the narrative on a particular injustice, to stop living over and over the story of what happened consciously or unconsciously.  It is also a decision to let the past be what it was, and not what we wish it had been which allows us to live in our current lifetime anew. Forgiveness involves being willing and able to respond to what’s happening in our life today, and not react through the influence of bad Love Karma and resentment – the residue from the past.

In living life now, freshly, we stop struggling , and acting out the present moment to correct, vindicate, validate, or punish the past. We become forever changed as a result of the past, but with a heart that is free right now, and open to what’s possible in our life today. This allows us the choice of how we choose to live it through `this life` experience and our free heart complete with giving ourselves the compassion we so wish for. This is ultimately about choosing to offer ourselves love – and with it – freedom.

1. Discover and release the obstacles.

One of the most powerful ways to discover and release the root cause of any negative patterns is through past-life regression.
This can work even for anyone who doesn’t believe in reincarnation, and karma.
Just by developing awareness, whether it’s real or symbolic, about the long forgotten karmic patterns for any negative love or life experiences can be enough to break the mold, and pattern for good, and change things now.

2. Forgive yourself and anyone else that is part of the root cause.​

We want to know how to forgive and yet it can be very hard to achieve or practice something that we don’t really understand.
Forgiveness is for ourselves, and as the one doing the forgiving, that forgiveness is not for or even about the one we are forgiving.
If it benefits the one we are forgiving, then that’s a plus, and added growth for ourselves where we see them benefitting from our forgiveness as a gift. The gift is to let the past be what it was, to leave it as is, imperfect and not what we wish it had been. It is acceptance.


3. Change things in your life today.

Understand your personal love cycles. These often predictable cycles identified through awareness in this work can help you be prepared and begin anew rather than be frozen or stifled by them. With more awareness of yourself and your relationships, you’ll be able to live and respond with less fear and more love today. This allows you to make better choices in love and in life.
This all leads you to a happier, and more harmonious love life overall free from negative karma
Indeed, this work allows you to investigate or repair the spiritual side by clearing the karmic attributes in balance with the physical, mental, and emotional sides of relationships.

This lack of awareness and balance leads to expectations which create heartache and disharmony.
The work of Dr. Michael G Millett helps you to improve your love life, and works with your own answers which are inside of you.
Past Love Regression will allow you to gain the awareness and balance you need to let go of what isn’t serving you anymore and where you just know it is time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. Real beginnings !

Example patterns that you are experiencing in this life that need to be healed or resoled anyway, and may often be rooted in Past Lives

1. Repeat negative patterns. If your current relationship is blowing hot and cold, that is a strong sign it’s a karmic issue. If you seem to be experiencing repeated types of relationship problems, that is also highly suggestive too. Such relationships repeat the same patterns and remain stagnant, because the only way you can grow from them is by letting go.

2. Abusive and Co-Dependent Relationships. Relationships that do not respect healthy boundaries in their partners. They serve only their own self-interest and needs. They are the perfect blue-print for forming abusive or co-dependent relationships with core patterns of emotions, perceptions, and wishes. While one person is very invested, the other person views it more as a convenience.

3. Love Addiction. They are characterised by highs and lows of desperate need and emotional despair. They are much more strongly attracted to the intense experience of “falling in love” than they are to the peaceful intimacy of healthy relationships.
When they are in a relationship, they feel detached, unhappy, restless, irritable, and discontent because they are addicted to the rush of first romance.

4. Controlling Relationships. Trust is the big issue here.
These relationships feel restrictive, and all-consuming and can be obsessive and are all about ownership, and manipulation.
One person becomes the centre of the others universe, and the main source of their happiness. The interaction can also be very criticising, and may not even sound like criticism — it might be put forth in “supportive” language that implies that your partner is just trying to assist you, and treating you this way to ‘help’ you.”
There’s a common manipulative relationship technique called “gaslighting,” in which your partner messes with your sense of reality in order to make you question your own judgement.

5. Fear of Abandonment. They bring to the surface all the things you are very fearful of.
Fear of abandonment, fear of commitment, fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of emotional enmeshment. These fears are severe, frequent, and difficult to ease, and can cause significant impairment, particularly with regard to the development of healthy relationships.

6. Brings out the worst in you. Can be very toxic, and drain you of energy.  They show you your most undesirable and difficult characteristics that you were previously unaware of which can make you scared to speak up. They will make you feel out of control of yourself and your own thoughts, and make your life difficult through arguing and tension. You may find yourself getting sick a lot as you find yourself feeling under the weather regularly due to this stress in your life.

How many Past Love Regression sessions will you need?

Some people come for just one access session and find it deals with the reason they wanted to do this work. Others may come back for two or three sessions, clearing issues in greater depth and detail as they go.
Many love and get so much out of this work that they do several sessions every year.
This is not a conventional therapy application. It is part of your spiritual journey and development and you will know when and if you need to do more work.

The sessions are three and a half hours long and a deposit will be required when booking the session if you are a new client, and sessions usually commence at 10.00am or 1.00pm.
Booking can be done over the phone with your credit or debit card when making the appointment, if you are making the appointment by phone. All major cards are accepted including American Express. 

“Karma is an incomplete energy of an expression in the past.”

Syed Sharukh

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

Wayne Dyer

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