Code of Ethics

My Four Overall Personal Ethical Principles

I offer an impartial helping relationship which respects the client’s personal values and autonomy.
I recognise the importance of confidentiality in establishing such a relationship.
My work is a formal activity involving an agreed contract.
To maintain my effectiveness, I review my work regularly in a confidential setting with a peer(s).

Like all other citizens of the United Kingdom, I am subject to the law, and my practice must conform to English law.

Principle 1: Respect for the rights and dignity of the client.

I treat my clients as persons of intrinsic worth with a right to determine their own priorities, I respect clients’ dignity and give due regard to their moral and cultural values.
I take care not to intrude inappropriately on clients’ privacy.
I treat as confidential all information obtained in the course of my work.
As far as possible, I ensure that clients understand and consent to whatever professional action I propose.

Principle 2: Competence.

I monitor and develop my professional skills and ethical awareness on an ongoing basis. I recognise that my expertise and capacity for work are limited, and take care not to exceed the limits.

Principle 3: Responsibility.

I aspire to act in a trustworthy and reputable manner towards clients and the community. I refer clients to colleagues and other professionals, as appropriate, to ensure the best service to clients. I act appropriately to resolve ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest.

Principle 4. Integrity.

I take steps to manage personal stress, maintain my own mental health, and ensure that my work is professionally supervised. I am honest and accurate about my qualifications and the effectiveness of the services which I offer. I treat others in a fair, open and straightforward manner, honour professional commitments, and act to clarify any confusion about my role or responsibilities. I do not use the professional relationship to exploit clients and deal appropriately with personal conflicts of interest.
I take action against harmful or unethical behaviour in colleagues.

In addition, I am also governed by the Code of Ethics of all the professional organisations I am a member of.