Golfing Hypnotherapy Grantham in Lincolnshire

Golf Hypnosis Grantham and Lincolnshire

Golf is a mind game, especially at the higher levels ! 

You need to develop a strong inner game or mental strength.
It is about mental training.

A strong mental game is critical for all golfers to develop.

Most golfers haven’t learned about the mental game of golf because many haven’t considered the importance of mental strength when they were learning to play.

To be a winner you have to remain focused in times of pressure, often under the glare of competitors and spectators.
Your decisions, thoughts, images, and feelings set up each swing. You must have the ability to carefully plan your shot and to see it through and to quickly move on whilst maintaining concentration and focus.
Mental training with Hypnosis helps players develop key mental skills to compliment the mechanics or physical aspects of their game. 

So how can Golfing Hypnosis help?

Golfing Hypnosis

Hypnosis helps sportspeople and athletes gain the winning edge  over their competition. Hypnosis helps them perform optimally. Hypnosis and imagery have been utilised by many sportspeople  to improve their game.

Hypnosis has proven to be effective in bringing about positive change by developing new habits and behaviours, changing negative self-talk, and releasing or controlling unhealthy or unproductive emotions. Many well-known sportspeople and professional golfers such as Tiger Woods have worked with highly trained hypnotherapists to achieve significant gains in their personal performance. I am fortunate to be one of those hypnotherapists helping sportspeople for years gain the winning edge !

Since the unconscious mind is really the driving force between most of our beliefs and behaviours, it makes sense that a process which elicits change at the unconscious level can be highly effective. Hypnosis for Golf is such a process.

Golf Hypnotherapy Grantham

Golfing Hypnosis isn’t just for players who have challenges with their game, but also for players who want to improve their overall performance. It is about confidence, trust, focus, and composure which allows golfers or golf players to become mentally strong and improve their performance.

Lincolnshire Golf Hypnotherapy

What about Golfing Yips?

Golfing Yips are involuntary wrist spasms that occur most commonly when golfers are trying to putt. The yips can also affect people who play other sports — such as cricket, darts and baseball. They are best described as a psycho-neurological problem which affects the muscles. It was once thought that the yips were always associated with performance anxiety. However, it now appears that some people have the yips due to a neurological condition affecting specific muscles (focal dystonia) as stated by the Mayo Clinic.

Hypnosis helps performance anxiety, and using relaxation therapy improves your concentration, as well as focusing on positive thinking to push you forward. Hypnosis produces a sense of calmness and relaxation to help athletes, including golfers, overcome issues of nervousness before a competition, and beat problems like self-doubt, and a lack of self-confidence in their abilities.

The Yips can affect any sportsman from beginners to the most experienced pros.

Sports hypnosis is a proven, well-researched science – and is beneficial to all who want to achieve their sporting goals.  

For Golfers, Lincolnshire and the East Midlands is particularly rich for them.
There are a host of golf courses in the area such as Greetham Valley and Forest Pines. Greetham Valley is set in 276 acres of picturesque Rutland countryside. Forest Pines, meanwhile, is in the middle of 200 acres of woodland and is one of the region’s premier golfing hotspots with a 4 star hotel and spa complex.
Not forgetting Woodhall Spa, home of the English Golf Union, now known as The National Golf Centre. and venue for some of the biggest amateur events on the calendar.
Closest to Grantham, we have Belton Park Golf Club, Sudbrook Moor Golf Club, Stoke Rochford Golf Club, Sleaford Golf Club, Ropsley Golf Course and Melton Mowbray Golf Club.
Happy Golfing Everyone !!

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