🐴 Hypnotherapy for Horse Riding Confidence

Hypnotherapy is very popular for sportspeople suffering from nerves and apprehension or reduced performance due to negative thoughts or bad experiences that stops them from being their best.
Hypnotherapy is a natural and complimentary therapy to help in the treatment of specific symptoms or anxieties to allow people to be their best ! Hypnotherapy works by inducing a relaxed state marked by waking awareness that allows you to experience detached external attention to focus on inner experiences. By raising awareness of your unconscious mind through careful techniques (on your inner experiences), Michael is able to use positive suggestions to bring about desired changes in your behaviour and emotions.

Many horse riders will experience a loss of confidence, or increased performance anxiety at some time in their riding career which is a fact.
Horses are keenly aware of their rider’s emotions. They pick them up all the time and know how you feel from your unconscious muscular responses, sensory, chemical and energetic messages. They just know !

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

  • Awareness.
  • Focus.
  • Relaxation.
  • Positive Change.

Also helping you develop the confidence and the ability to ride through just about anything the horse might do.
Helping riders develop habits that allow them to stay mentally and emotionally centered in a balanced and relaxed way when their horse becomes excited or frightened. In that scenario, the rider needs to stay calm in order to bring the horse back to that calm state.

Sports Hypnosis works on the principle of the mind-body connection. Applied hypnosis and performance hypnotherapy is often used by top international sports people such as athletes, golfers, tennis players, cricketers, rugby players, in the martial arts, by boxers and soccer players, and horse riders and racers too – in fact all sports performances can be enhanced greatly by hypnotherapy for sports performance to gain the winning edge.

Horse Riders can be helped enormously with hypnotherapy in that way too and with the following issues in particular:

  • getting back in the saddle after a bad fall or accident
  • letting go of the fear of being stepped on, kicked or bitten by a horse
  • resolving a fear of riding on the road
  • suffering with low confidence or high level anxiety
  • having a crisis of confidence with your horse 
  • struggling with illness or bereavement if you’ve lost your horse

Left unresolved these issues can take away the pleasure your horse riding brings you, and affects the horse as well.

Develop a trusting relationship with your horse again, the confidence that makes riding a joy !

EFT’s success and strength for improving sports performance has been lauded by many athletes. I have taught them EFT myself, and witnessed it many times from them. From professional kickboxers to premier league soccer players to professional dancers, they’ve found that there’s a layer of anxiety that holds them back from doing their best.
EFT quickly removes that anxiety, allowing their full ability to come through.
EFT can help eliminate the limiting beliefs that hold them back, control the anxiety that distracts their attention from high performance, and build a strong new self-image of themselves.

Also teaching them Positive EFT adds to all this, and gets them in the zone very quickly – not to mention Animal EFT !

Find Out More…

If you would like to find out more about Michael’s work and how it may help you, he offers a free initial consultation by phone or Skype for up to 30 minutes. You can talk through your symptoms and he can explain how he might be able to help.

Michael prides himself on being approachable, inclusive and positive with an empathic approach at all times. He always validates how a client is feeling. Michael purposefully sets out to deliver high quality therapeutic care through friendly and down-to-earth communication.

Michael’s paternal family hail from County Tipperary in Ireland which is the home of horses !
The two mentions and celebrations below are really so positive and inspirational for so many !

The most notable stud farm in the county is Coolmore which is a stone’s throw from Michael’s family home. Coolmore is owned and operated by the Magnier family, which is the world’s largest breeding operation of thoroughbred racehorses.

Rachael Blackmore only comes from barely a few short miles up the road in Killenaule. She became the first female jockey to win the Grand National in the 182-year history of the race. She also became the first woman to be leading jockey at the Cheltenham Festival with six victories, including the Champion Hurdle, in 2021. The following year she became the first female jockey to win the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Well done to both !

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