Soul Retrieval and Soul Loss

A soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that helps heal soul loss.
Soul loss can occur whenever we have trauma in our life or in our Past Lives. 

Soul Fragmentation and Soul Retrieval is a shamanistic approach to healing. Soul Retrieval has been a powerful technique for thousands of years.
In the native tradition of shamanism, illness was an indication that the soul had vacated the body.
The shaman journeyed into non-ordinary reality to retrieve the soul and return it to the sick person restoring wholeness and health. Fragmentation as the source of illness is an important concept in many native healing traditions.
It is also true to say it is an important contribution to the concept of holistic healing.

Fragmentation seems to be a common condition stemming from the many perceived traumatic situations in life, ranging from minor to severe, real or imagined.

The emotional trauma caused by these conditions can initiate dissociation and splitting of the consciousness as a coping mechanism. The experience of the trauma is literally stored in a fragment of the consciousness, the sub-personality which becomes separated and isolated from the main consciousness.
The percentage of fragmentation can range from minor to total.

A lack of childhood memory is a sure sign a soul part is gone. The cause of not remembering incidents is soul loss.

The soul part has left with the memory. This is very common in the modern world, as non-tribal societies tend to be out of touch with the feelings of the developing child, especially in the name of education.

When I do a Soul Retrieval – the aim is to achieve maximum client participation, guiding them gently in hypnosis to find their own soul parts, and inspect and help heal the trauma that caused the soul part to leave in the first place. The healing that we do together reduces the duration of each emotional shift that inevitably occurs during the few weeks of integration period after a Soul Retrieval Session.

It’s expected that after awakening decades (or centuries – in the case of past life) of suppressed emotions there will be a number of ups and downs, a little joy here, and a little upset there. It must be said too that some soul parts are electrical energies that belong specifically to the body and could be called “somatic souls”, and some are energies that relate to the slower or more material frequencies of the being. It is not often necessary to specify what sort of soul one is dealing with within the work. The need of the analytical mind to carefully classify and explain everything according to its own limited rules may well be an important causative factor in modern societies being so soul-less. It is so easy to come up with a set of dynamic sounding definitions that appeal to the ego that it is extremely easy to create an ego-boosting way of working.

Suffice to say there can be any number of separate fragments for different explanations and reasons.
Each fragment maintains a connection with the main consciousness by a thread, a fibre of the silver cord that attaches the soul to the body.
Bodies can function as long as the silver cord maintains its connection, even if there is total evacuation of the fragments.

I help integrate these lost soul parts using the reality of soul parts, and their reality is that they are the age they think they still are, with the emotion they are feeling, and located in whatever they see they are located in. A mental/intellectual approach will only recover mental attention units, but a poetic/creative approach can integrate the energy better so that it naturally attracts the rest of itself without having to get mental and logical which can create blocks and complications.

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Diagnosis of fragmentation is fairly straightforward. Nearly everyone who has suffered trauma has some form and degree of this condition. No one symptom is evidence, though a combination of symptoms may be indicative.
The language of the client will describe the condition of fragmentation.
A person may describe the experience of feeling dissociated, ungrounded, disconnected, or feeling like they are not in their body. Their eyes may appear expressionless.
Their senses may seem suppressed; a person may sleep a lot and feel apathetic toward life.
They may feel like they are “not all there,” “not at home,” as if something is “missing.”
There is a feeling of emptiness, of having no heart, of having an empty tube or a big hole inside.
Often when I am doing Past Life / Other Life work with clients we hit upon Soul Loss or when the client is in an altered state of consciousness (hypnosis) and scans their body they may discover dark or shadowy spots, voids, holes, and empty places. These are the spaces left by the fragmentation.
If this occurs and it`s appropriate, I direct the client to look for the threads that lead out from the spaces.
When these threads are found some will appear darker, some lighter.
In all cases of fragmentation and separation the silver thread connection remains, and it is this link that makes the recovery process possible.

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Total evacuation of the fragments can result in coma. It also opens the way to total possession by an intrusive spirit.
The fragments continue to be connected to each other by the silver threads, even after the being leaves the physical body in death, when the silver cord is detached.
A fragment can become partially dislodged and still remain connected to the body.
A fragment can separate and follow the person like a balloon on a string. It can remain in some distant location or structure, it can also attach to another living person.
A fragment of the mind of a living person can be attached to one or more other living persons.
The condition of fragmentation is not healed by death of the fragmented person. The newly deceased spirit, the discarnate entity, is also fragmented.
This fragmented entity can then attach to still another living person. Thus a discarnate entity can be attached to two or more living individuals.
Another aspect of this situation provides an interesting twist to the classic condition of spirit possession in which a living person is considered to be influenced by the spirit of a deceased person. If the living mind fragment remains connected to the spirit of the newly deceased person, then a deceased spirit is being possessed by the mind of a living person.

Recovery of the Fragments

The trauma, which led to the fragmentation, is processed by the mental, emotional and physical bodies (the subtle bodies) as is the case for any traumatic event. However, the traumatic incident which originally caused fragmentation might be located in another space, time or lifetime. Also the fragment can literally be floating free or clinging to a location or structure on earth in the present time, even though the event occurred in another era.
A child can also be born with the condition of fragmentation.
Black Magic, spells, hexes and curses can cause a fragmentation of the operator, witch or sorcerer.
Their fragment can remain with the victim of the magic spell or curse, even though the practitioner may be deceased. There is always dark energy involved in this sort of intrusive activity.
The demonic entities must be released appropriately and the fragment sent to the Light or if the practitioner is still living, after a releasement of the attached dark entities is completed, the fragment is sent back to the person.

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As with all Soul retrievals, when the conflict resolution is complete through healing, the fragment is invited back into the present moment.

It is welcomed into the body wherever it belongs, sometimes into the empty hole inside, often into the heart or one of the Chakras.
The client will report a feeling of warmth, peace, and a pleasant new sense of wholeness.

A lost soul part believes it is the person, so during the healing and integration one must ask it only questions that would invite integration, rather than questions that would consider separation. Soul parts must be handled by very gentle invitation and negotiation.
A question I always ask is “How would your life have to change for you to be present and honour the qualities of this part of yourself?”
If a person lost a major part of himself at the age of 2 years, and wanted to continue to look at life in the same old way, and not change any practices, that part won’t return.

Children look at things very differently and they can be very discriminating.
It is also necessary to run a traumatic incident from multiple perspectives in order to get a full healing of the situation and balance.

When a soul part is reluctant to integrate it may be necessary to negotiate with it or perhaps all you need to do is ask the very gentle question “At that time, did part of you leave?” followed by a very helpful invitation to re-integrate.
Ideally you would weave an artistic balance between the pictures where truth concerning incidents is clarified, going on to experiencing the feelings, and then inviting `Presence` with the client.
It matters little whether the incident run is present life, past life, or imaginary.
What is important is what is experienced parallels a solidity in the body’s electrical field to the degree that the field is simultaneously healed. That alone allows other people to see you as you are, and your soul to resonate with your body and shine through, and the body’s energy field to act as a resonating device to focus you purely into this reality.
When the soul part returns, the memories return with it. There can be quite some emotional pain during the healing and to a lesser extent in the integration period afterwards, as some definite ability to feel returns with each soul part.
Things the client couldn’t feel before have now come to the surface.

The main factors determining the speed of result in clearing are clarity and sincerity of the therapist, and the presence and attention of the client.

You don’t engage in soul retrieval as a favourite pursuit or for the fun of it, scoring how many parts you can find.
Commonly you want only to work with a couple of major parts that are disconnected and lost from one another. This may take several sessions though!
Some other time in your life when what was already found has been well integrated, perhaps months later, you might need one more session to find another soul part to help with the complete process. Of course if other traumatic occurrences happen in the future then these too can be handled in this way.
Soul retrieval as discussed here does not usually even concern a very high level of consciousness. It concerns your capacity to feel and create as a human being;
only applying to those levels of consciousness, which respond to your present life. Beyond soul retrieval is the sacred and secret subject of Essence Retrieval, which is a special subject of its own and not discussed here.

The most important basic in spiritual development is wholeness at “lower” or human levels. Without that wholeness, there is a constant void and emptiness waiting to be filled by something, so no spiritual work or input at “higher” levels will shine through properly.
There is so much more warmth in the face and sparkle in the eyes of a person who has most of their soul present.
A whole person can be thought of as a hologram in the sense that each part contains the whole.
Each cell, both physical and spiritual contains the codes that produce the whole.

Once you finally, get used to living in the present with your feelings of child and adult, it’s very nice being alive – being whole !!

The term holistic stems from the word wholeness, meaning completeness, totality of body, mind and spirit.
Then you can operate in the `Present Time`. The `Present Time` is hardly seen, and it is right Now!

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Soul Retrieval at Elevated Therapy involves two main points.

  • Reworking the patterns to heal the energy field of the body.
  • Inviting the soul or essence of the person that left to avoid trauma to return and participate in life, the integration having been honoured and invoked by the clearing and reworking steps.

Presuppositions of Soul Retrieval

1) When part of you avoids life or leaves, a void is created that will constantly attract something to fill it.

2) It is never too late to have a happy childhood.

3) When you are whole, you feel complete.

The Session lasts about 3.5 hours and a deposit will be required when booking which can be taken over the phone when booking through any of the major debit or credit cards, including American Express.

It is advisable to have an exploratory / discussion session with Michael beforehand which is a standard session for 1 hour.

It may also be necessary to have a couple of hypnosis-based sessions prior to a Soul Retrieval to develop the necessary skills required by the client for access.

Michael is a trained Transpersoanl Therapist, a Hypnotherapist and Metaphysician located in Grantham, UK.

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