Holistic Hypno-Gastric Programme ™ Newark

Holistic Hypno-Gastric Programme ™

The Ultimate Virtual Gastric Band Programme

Are you considering gastric band surgery ?

Are you fed up with extensive overeating and being extremely overweight?
Are you regarded as clinically obese?
If so, and if your are seriously considering gastric band surgery either on the NHS but don’t meet the criteria for surgery, or perhaps thinking about paying for the operation privately but can’t afford it, then you may wish to consider a non-surgical, pain-free, and more affordable natural alternative with our virtual gastric band programme at Elevated Therapy.

Gastric band surgery can change your physical body but it can’t change the way you think about food !

Dr. Jacqueline Preston

Did you know ?

As you may be aware there are many risks involved with having any kind of surgery.
These risks are often outweighed by the medical, clinical need to resolve an illness or condition which may improve your quality of life, or ultimately save your life.

With gastric band surgery some of these risks include:
A blocked gut, blood clots, a leak in the gut, the gastric band slipping out of place, wound infection, gallstones, and excess skin.

If that wasn’t enough, after real gastric band surgery it is harder for your gut to absorb essential vitamins and minerals from food so there is also a real risk of you becoming malnourished.
Therefore you will almost certainly have to take long-term vitamin and mineral supplements, and other medications in order to maintain good health.

Holistic Hypno-Gastric Programme ™

How does the virtual gastric band work ?

Holistic Hypno-Gastric Programme ™ Grantham & Newark

Put simply, in her Holistic Hypno-Gastro Programme™,
Dr. Jacqueline Preston creates a vibrant visualisation enabling clients’ to envisage their stomach reducing in size, thus reducing food intake, resulting in desired weight loss.
Therapeutically, the programme is designed for the client’s subconscious mind to believe that they have actually undergone the surgical procedure itself and had a gastric band fitted, purely through the power of the retrained mind – no surgery, no surgical complications, no scalpels, and no side effects !

With the numerous hypnotherapy virtual gastric band ‘surgery’ options now widely available, and even hypnotic gastric band Apps,
Dr. Jacqueline Preston has continued to advance her existing virtual gastric band hypnotherapy work to create a new Holistic Hypno-Gastro Programme™ that gives clients an even wider choice when it comes to an alternative weight loss plan.
Jacqueline’s therapeutic programme uses traditional, tried and tested hypnotherapy combined with several other holistic therapies and curative methods such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), to bring about fantastic, natural pain-free weight loss results.
This allows clients to experience a new, innovative, and truly unique weight loss formula – without a franchised or licensed format to follow, and tailored to suit the individuality of each client.

Sounds great! Where do I start ?

Weight Loss Hypnosis in Grantham

Before embarking on the Holistic Hypno-Gastro Programme™, Jacqueline will help you discover the reason behind your weight gain.

She has helped many clients’ to successfully lose weight using her standard weight loss hypnotherapy sessions, which she still provides, and through her many years of practice experience has found the common denominator for weight gain in almost all cases is eating in response to an emotional-based problem, a learnt reaction or response, or negative behavioural pattern surrounding food.
In some cases this negative pattern of behaviour is so deep-seated, often being formed during childhood, continuing through adolescence, and persisting into the client’s adulthood. Therefore, with this in mind Jacqueline carries out pre-hypnotic gastric band hypnotherapy weight loss sessions to discover the reason behind a client’s negative eating habits and relationship with food. Once the root cause has been identified and successfully overcome, the client is then able to proceed unhindered with their solution-focused weight loss goal and on to the Holistic Hypno-Gastro Programme™.

I am overweight but is the Holistic Hypno-Gastro Programme™ suitable for me ?

Holistic Hypno-Gastric Programme ™

Yes !
The actual surgical gastric band procedure is usually only performed on the NHS for people who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or more but if a patient’s BMI is 30 and they have an additional serious health condition such as type 2 diabetes, and if they pass other strict criteria, then they are eligible for surgery. However, as a person with a BMI of between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight, Jacqueline is able to offer her Holistic Hypno-Gastro Programme™ to clients with a BMI of 25 or more.
The only condition is that you are 100% truly committed to the programme !

Quick BMI Guide:
• Underweight = less than 18.5
• Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
• Overweight = 25-29.9
• Obese (Grade I) = 30-34.9
• Obese (Grade II) = 35-39.9
• Obese (Grade III) = > 40

What’s included in the Holistic Hypno-Gastro Programme™

The Holistic Hypno-Gastro Programme™ is a comprehensive programme and includes six, two hour long sessions which prepares you for, and carries out, a virtual gastric band ‘surgery’ using hypnosis.
The programme is progressive, preparing and leading you to your virtual gastric band ‘operation’ and each of the two hour sessions include an hour of weight loss coaching and practical work, followed by the relevant hypnosis for that session.
Also included are pre and ‘post-op’ advice, handouts or emailed supportive information, as well as support throughout the entire programme via telephone, text or email, if required.

After your virtual procedure you will be given supporting ‘post-op’ nutrition and dietary advice, plus menu meal plans, an essential food diary sheet to record your progress and transformation, and you will also receive certificate of completion!
A six-week ‘post-op’ check-up session to see you are on course also forms part of the programme.

Ready to Start ?

Recognising it is always difficult to take the first step on your journey of change, and as with all areas of her hypnotherapy practice, Jacqueline offers a free initial telephone consultation allowing you to discuss your requirements in more detail, and always in complete confidence, so you know that hypnotherapy is the right way forward for you.
Why not give her a call now?

Important Information:
The Holistic Hypno-Gastro Programme™ is a self-help weight loss hypnosis programme. It is designed for people with a BMI of 25 or more.
If you are considering embarking upon this programme please consult a currently registered general medical practitioner, your GP, in the first instance to notify them of your intention to make this change to your lifestyle.

It is important to note that in the same way as actual surgical procedures, there are no firm guarantees of success with this programme. The success of your hypnotic gastric band procedure requires 100% commitment from you and is dependent upon your full participation throughout the programme.
As a registered clinical hypnotherapist, Jacqueline provides you with established and effective hypnotherapeutic weight loss ‘tools’ to assist you, but it is up to you to use these ‘tools’ to attain permanent weight loss, live a healthy lifestyle, and achieve your desired weight-loss goal.

You are fully supported throughout this programme. In between sessions you will receive accompanying information, notes, worksheets, tips and resources to fully support your journey of change.

Holistic Hypno-Gastro Programme™ - Hypnotic Gastric Band Maintenance

Whether you have completed Jacqueline’s Hypno-Gastro Programme™, or have undergone a virtual gastric band hypnotherapy procedure with another hypnotherapist, Jacqueline offers both existing and new clients individual hypnotic gastric band maintenance hypnotherapy sessions.
This service provides the option of having your virtual gastric band adjusted, tightened or loosened, depending on your individual circumstances.
It may be that your hypnotic gastric band has resulted in too much weight loss and in this situation you may require the hypnotic gastric band to be loosened. Conversely, it may be that you are not losing as much weight as you hoped and again, in these circumstances, Jacqueline will carry out a hypnotic gastric band tightening procedure.

During these two hour sessions, Jacqueline will gather a brief history from you, review your diet and eating habits, and then carry out hypnosis to adjust your hypnotic gastric band to appropriately meet your requirements.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy with Dr. Jacqueline Preston

Ready to Go ?

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