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Many people have asked me why I named my work “Elevated Therapy ®”.

It`s a strange story but back in the early 1990`s, I wanted to have a service name that fully represented my work other than my own name. I wanted it to be original, strong, suggestive and inherently distinctive.

My work and help for people is practiced on a Mind, Body and Spiritual level. The Body through Hands on Healing and Reiki, the Mind through Psychotherapy and Hypnosis and the Spirit through my Metaphysical Science work, therefore my work can be seen as combination therapy or polytherapy.

Applied on a Mind, Body or Spiritual level through a combination of eclectic modalities (Elevated Therapies ™) as I have always personally called them as far back as I can remember is where the name originally comes from.
It is a name I devised myself.

I can recall that when I was doing my clinical hypnotherapy training back in 1994 in London and when hypnosis was fairly new to me, I was really surprised and delighted that I found it to be so spiritual.
The trainer at the time, a lady called Ann was surprised at my spontaneous comment as she was training from a purely clinical perspective when I referred to it as an “Elevated Therapy ®” with a smile.



An Irish student called Claire thought this was a lovely term and agreed with me of how spiritual she found hypnotherapy too and what a nice way to describe it, as an Elevated Therapy !

When I wanted to find an official service name for my work in 1994 / 95, I felt it appropriate to call my work Elevated Therapies ™ , a name encompassing the many therapies I practice, and then decided later to mostly use the more simple and singular name of Elevated Therapy ®.
This was practically the same as Elevated Therapies ™ or almost identical to what I always called these wonderful ways of working and my work generally.
I had always wanted the name to be spiritual in nature and represented the world of clinical, eclectic and polytherapy too and one that suggested addressing people`s individual therapeutic or psycho-spiritual therapeutic needs at a higher level for healing and empowerment, and I believe I found it.

But back in 1994 and always being a deeply spiritual and non-religious person, I asked Spirit at the time to help out and confirm it to me or make the right name known to me in some way if this wasn`t the right name for my work with people.
I then looked out for signs in my life to show me further or confirm this name.
Over the coming days I kept seeing the name “Elevated” randomly everywhere… and words like `Lift` and `Higher` in books, newspapers and information, words or ideas that leapt out at me from television or movies. I was hearing the word in the words of others, both in conversations overheard and words spoken directly to me in people`s communication at the time.

In November 1994 tickets were sold in Dublin for the first full-length performance of Riverdance, which opened at the Point Theatre on 9 February 1995.
The show starred the original lead dancers from the Irish Eurovision spot who first performed during the 7-minute interval of the Eurovision Song Contest 1994.
This ran for five weeks and was a sell-out with ticket sales of over 120,000.
At that time I particularly loved the piece by Aine Ui Cheallaigh, called “Lift The Wings” or “Ardaigh na sciatháin” in Irish. This connected in very well too with my Irish and Anglo-Irish heritage, and helping to settle on a service name for my work.
Riverdance then performed at the Royal College of Music, London in the presence of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother; Queen Elizabeth II; and Princess Margaret on 17 July 1995. I officially opened my practice on 1 September 1995 in London.

How can the small flowers grow,
If the wild winds blow,
And the cold snow is all around?

Where will the frail birds fly,
If their homes on high,
Have been torn down to the ground?

Lift the wings,
That carry me away from here and,
Fill the sail,
That breaks the line to home.
But when I’m miles and miles apart from you,
I’m beside you, when I think of you,
a Stóirín, a Grá.

When all this happened I was becoming more confident about the name Elevated Therapies ™ as the official name for my work and this then became better known by people as `Elevated Therapy ®` – I guess because of its singularity, its familiarity, its directness to therapy as a working therapist, and of course its uniqueness, strength, simplicity and sense of combination of a number of approaches.

However, I remember back in 1994, part of me at the time still wasn`t completely sure about the name, as names are so important.

I was thinking that perhaps ‘Elevated’ coming up all the time was a random “coincidence” and “serendipity” and not altogether a meaningful synchronicity.
I needed to employ both my logic as well as my intuition here. Sometimes, a very unusual combination of details can be random and happenstance and at other times, seemingly banal experiences can be full of deeper and sublime spiritual meaning but I wasn`t sure.

The only way for me to really “know” was by checking how the experience felt deep within me.
I decided to do a meditation on this and through that – it did feel right for me !

However, I was still somewhat doubtful and equivocal at the time all those years ago – a real `doubting Thomas` and still looking for confirmation or final validation – this was so important to me !

I asked for a dream confirming the name Elevated Therapies ™ or “Elevated Therapy ®” in some way for my work.

This happened that night in a dream which I didn`t expect at all so soon. In the dream, I was levitating and flying and talking with people in the air, rescuing, chatting and helping them as appropriate and I woke the following morning knowing for sure from that symbology and significance that my work and service name must be called Elevated Therapies ™ or “Elevated Therapy ®” and it was and that continues worldwide today with clients all over the world in America, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe etc. particularly with my work online, as well as so many in the UK and Ireland of course. I am most grateful for it !

The Elevated Therapy ® website went up on the internet in 1997 where I was using the Elevated Therapy Mark text (Elevated Therapies ™) everywhere on it and put up the ™ sign against it then.

Earliest capture in 1998 of the original website – HERE

Then I filed for a Registered Trademark ® on 15th August 2006 which was granted on 6th February 2007, Trade Mark Number: UK00002429899.

I subsequently did the same for the Coat of Arms which was originally commissioned and Registered in County Kilkenny in Ireland in April 2002. Trade Mark Number: UK00002445736


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Elevated Therapies

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