Elevated Therapy Coat of Arms

The Elevated Therapy International Coat of Arms

Elevated Therapy Coat of Arms

Commissioned and Registered in County Kilkenny, Ireland in April 2002.

Coat of Arms Elevated Therapy The motto is “the mind extends (or elevates) upwards” or in Latin “tendens ad aethera mens” and in Irish “ardaíonn an aigne suas”.

Thus by these signs shall Elevated Therapy International / An Teiripe Ardaithe Idirnáisiúnta be known.

“Elevated Therapy” is a Mark text trademark. More details here.

Elevated Therapy Armourial BearingsThe mullet, or star, is indicative of the upward surging spirit.
The top point of the star (mullet) represents the actual element of Spirit – it represents the ethereal, the everlasting, and the immanence of Spirit.
It represents our souls; it represents the part of us that is dedicated to healing, and dedicated to a spiritual connection to the Earth and to each other.
It symbolises spiritual love. All of the remaining points of the mullet relate to the human experience – our lives as being purely profane creatures, made of body and material.
The entire star (mullet) has been said to represent the human being – the top point the head and the bottom four the body.
In a sense, this is true. The top left point of the mullet represents Earth.
Earth is the Mother element. It is that element that represents rootedness.
It symbolises security, growth, nourishment – all of the things that Mother Earth provides for us.
The element Earth is what offers us the ability to explore the spirit, because it gives us grounding.
The top right point of the mullet represents Air. Air is the element of the mind.
It represents thought, intelligence, rationale.
It is the element that allows us to examine the spirit and discover where it fits in our lives.
Without air, the element of Earth would have little use, for though we are grounded in Earth, we are allowed to reason out our spirits with Air.
The bottom left point in the mullet represents Fire.
Fire is the element of the loins. Fire represents passion. It represents that part of us that wants to overthrow reason, to lead by the horns, to plunge on without thinking about our actions. Fire is symbolic of adrenaline, of testosterone, of brashness.
Once we have progressed past air and have analysed our spirits and our paths in life, fire allows us determine whether that analysis is right for our lives.
The last point, the bottom right, is the element Water. Water represents the cycle of life: we came from the watery dark of the womb, and we return to watery tears of death. Water is the element of emotion.
Water is the element that validates our existence as sentient beings, because it allows us to have feelings, but not the brash, unwarranted feelings of fire.
Water is the emotion that comes along with understanding ourselves and each other after all else has been discovered.
Water is pure love, pure joy, pure sadness, pure anger. Water is not immature – it knows why we feel the way we do.
Water is the element that calms fire – it combines emotion with reason.
The mullet or star also represents the five stages of life: birth, youth, adulthood, old age and death.

Elevated Therapy Armourial BearingsThe green trefoil represents Elevated Therapy`s Irish and Celtic heritage.
Even before the Christian era it was a sacred plant of the Druids of Ireland because its leaves formed a triad.
Numbers played an important role in Celtic symbolism. Three was the most sacred and magical number.
Three may have signified totality: past, present and future / behind, before and here / sky, earth and underworld.
The three dominions of earth, sky, and sea, the ages of man, and the phases of the moon.
Three is symbolic, rather than literal: once for the intent, once for the action, and once for the result; once for the planting, once for the nurturing, and once for the harvest; once for the thought, once for the word, once for the deed; once for the effect on our own character and karma.
It`s interesting that everything good in Ireland comes in threes. The rhythm of story telling in the Irish tradition is based on threefold repetition.
This achieves both intensification and exaggeration.
Even today in quality pub talk, a raconteur can rarely resist a third adjective, especially if it means stretching a point !!!

Elevated Therapy Armourial BearingsThe Celtic Oak depicts knowledge and balance. It was held sacred by the ancient Celts and Druids of Ireland because of its size, longevity, and nutritious acorns. They envisioned the cosmos in form of this great tree.
The roots were deep in the earth and its branches stretched to the heavens.
It was the “King of Trees” in a grove. Magic wands were made of its wood. Oak galls, known as Serpent Eggs, were used in magic charms.
Acorns gathered at night held the greatest fertility powers. The Druids and Priestesses listened to the rustling oak leaves and the wrens in the trees for divinatory messages. It is the great symbol of Balance, Harmony and Knowledge.

Elevated Therapy Armourial BearingsThe crest carries the Rune Symbol “Mannaz”. It is the symbol of the “Self”, a perfect intellect which melds reason and intuition.
It signifies growth and self discovery, beginnings and new direction.
In its broadest sense, Mannaz represents all of humanity. In more practical terms, though, it is those with whom we have personal connections, from our immediate circle of family and friends to the wider community around us, reminding us of our nature as social beings.
It also represents our connection with the Gods, and with nature (the two trees).

Elevated Therapy Armourial Bearings


Purple is the main colour in the ET Coat of Arms and is a colour most people associate with Elevated Therapy.
Purple will connect you with your spiritual self and is the colour of equilibrium – transmuting negative energy into positive energy.
In healing it is good for mental, emotional and nervous problems and is a colour of replenishing and rebuilding in relieving stress, depression and anger.
The Violet Flame is associated with `purple` and is a frequency that is linked with higher spiritual energy and a release from the karmic ties that hold one bound in the games of the third dimension.
Purple is also supposed to represent mass communication and public relations work and has long been associated with leadership, dignity and government.

“tendens ad aethera mens”

Coat of Arms Elevated TherapyThe above Coat of Arms is copyrighted and owned by Elevated Therapy International.
Under the Trade Marks Act 1994 of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it is also a Registered and Protected Trademark, No. 2445736.
Therefore, it strictly may NOT be used or reproduced anywhere by anybody in any manner whatsoever either electronically or hard copy.
All rights stringently reserved worldwide.


Elevated Therapy International

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