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Hello my name is Dr. Jacqueline Preston. I am a qualified, registered clinical
hypnotherapist with many years of practice experience, and I specialise in all
things weight related. My therapeutic approach is to use hypnotherapy
combined with a range of natural, holistic applications to help you take back
control of your unhealthy eating habits for good!

Do you want to take back control of food, rather than have it control you?

Have you tried everything possible to lose weight and it hasn’t worked? Are
you addicted to certain types of food? Do you comfort eat and wonder why?
Do you feel you have unhealthy eating habits but can’t change them? If you
have answered “yes” to any of these questions then why not try a new, holistic
approach to weight loss with hypnotherapy?

To answer the above questions, there are several reasons why you may not be
successful with your weight loss goals, or perhaps why you have a poor
relationship with food. Read on to find out the answers.

Why I am addicted to food? And why exactly do I comfort eat?

Addictive habits stem from the subconscious mind. As we journey through life, we store the consequences of the experiences we’ve been through, and when we are inevitably faced with difficult conditions, circumstances or situations, our mind generates methods for us to cope with them. Once the mind has linked a particular method of approach or behaviour in response to the sensation of enjoyment or stress removal, it makes us think that we should use this same strategy anytime we feel bad, or are in a difficult situation.

If you believe you are addicted to food then it may not be entirely your fault.
This is not an excuse to justify overeating or out of control eating habits but something which can be explained.
For instance, your overall lifestyle may incorporate many other physical factors such as you could be taking certain medications, your work-life balance, your hormones may be all over the place, you might be in pain, and you may not be sleeping well to highlight but a few.
One, or indeed many of these circumstances combined with external environmental situations may contribute to your unhealthy relationship with food because you may feel drawn towards certain foods in the hope they will take your mind off of things or make you feel better, and I am sure you will agree there’s an over-abundance of options when it comes to the availability of unhealthy foods which doesn’t help matters.

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Additionally as you may be aware, using psychological marketing tactics, supermarkets saturate us with offers and deals on unhealthy foods, strategically positioning the tempting, tasty treats within easy reach throughout a store ensuring those with even the strongest of willpower succumb to the sugary charms of the sweet racks conveniently positioned by the checkout. For many individuals these temptations are easily ignored, yet for some it can produce an awful conflict and turmoil within the mind when they find they cannot resist the temptation any longer and “give-in”.

Those who have a problem with addictive snacking, or who comfort eat, are not given the same sort of compassion or understanding as people that fight with other addictive problems, for example people who smoke or drink alcohol. This typically makes the overeating problem a whole lot worse, resulting in decreased self-worth, heightened self-loathing, and a continual cycle of eating to feel better, only to feel worse with a “food hangover” after the unhealthy food has been consumed – I have eaten one biscuit, what the heck, I may as well finish off the whole packet now and start again tomorrow.

Having an obsession with unhealthy foods like sweets, biscuits, cakes and crisps is a real addiction just like any other addictions, and in some cases using sheer will-power alone to stop simply results in failure and so the cycle or circle of self-defeating behaviour repeats itself all over again.

Why do I have these unhealthy eating habits?

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There can be many reasons why you have these unhealthy eating habits but one of the most common is explained here: Have you ever noticed some parents who reward their kids for good behaviour with some sweets – you may even recall your own parents or grandparents, or someone you know doing this. ‘Treats’ like biscuits, chocolate, cakes, or fast food, are often used to cheer up a child who is feeling unhappy or unwell (“If you stop crying we can go for a McDonald’s”) or similarly, if the parent wants to apologise for something a similar approach using food as a ‘tool’ may be adopted. Or conversely, when we are told: “You can’t have a treat because you have been “bad”, or you haven’t completed your homework or chores”, again food is used as a means to exert some control over the situation.

A year from now, you will wish you started taking control today !

So this is how we may come to associate treats with feeling good, or when we have been ‘good’ we are given a ‘treat’ as a “reward”. It is at this time the connection and response between food and emotion is made. Equally, these emotional connections, associations and behaviours around food are reinforced each time we are in these situations, therefore in later life this “classical conditioning” response, also known as “Pavlovian conditioning” in the field of psychology, is triggered when circumstances or situations ‘trigger’ an emotional response where some people automatically revert to the learnt
behaviour as a coping mechanism.

These good and bad associations with certain food types tends to then result in the development of life-long negative behavioural patterns, where again, these types of foods are linked to pleasure, being good, and good times – meaning that whenever you are feeling miserable or distressed; your first instinct is not to think about the problem or speak with someone regarding it, but to head for the treat cupboard, drawer, or nearest fast food outlet!

This sounds like me. What can I do?

The Jacqueline Preston Weight & Nutrition Clinic in Grantham

Have you tried everything to lose weight or to change your eating habits but it has resulted in failure? Why not try hypnotherapy?
With many years’ experience in weight loss hypnotherapy, and combing a range of natural, holistic approaches I am able to provide an alternative weight loss solution for clients. If you feel as though you always have to be on a diet but don’t keep the weight off, or you are constantly having to battle to restrict your grazing habits, or you want to break-free from the cycle of self-defeating behaviour and stop that continual circle of comfort eating, then hypnotherapy may be the next step for you to take back control of your long-term eating habits and food choices once and for all.

How does hypnotherapy for weight loss work?

Approach – Engaging the depths of the mind

Working with you to resolve the underlying cause of your addiction to unhealthy food or comfort eating habit, rather than leaving you to attempt to work with your determination or willpower alone, in a typical hypnotherapy session I use traditional, tired and tested therapeutic techniques to stimulate your subconscious mind to help you overcome these learnt behaviours and negative behavioural habits surrounding food. I do this by helping you to replace previous thinking patterns with brand new healthier ones which in turn releases you from the grip of the dependency and your comfortable but bad habits with food, leaving you to take back control of your food choices, restoring the order in your disordered eating, and allowing you to achieve a natural and easy, positive relationship with food and lose weight!

No diets, no relying on willpower alone, just the freedom to finally enjoy a healthier relationship with food so that you can live a happier lifestyle.

Want to find out more?

If you can relate to any of the above, don’t suffer alone. Why not give me a call where we can discuss your situation in complete confidence and together we can find a way forward for you to kick those unhealthy eating habits for good!

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