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Welcome to the Elevated Therapy International ® site and the alternative sciences database, Lifestyle Medicine and wellness hub from downtown Grantham in beautiful Lincolnshire and to the Clinic of Hypnotherapy & Holistic Practices from “Tipperary House” and the international work of Dr. Michael G Millett (Estd. 1995 in London).

The aim of this website is to showcase Michael’s work, and to give people an understanding into how the client-centred and high definition work of Elevated Therapy ® can help them overcome many emotional, psychological, and spiritual problems to achieve a happier and more fulfilling life, covering – London, the East Midlands, and all of the UK and Ireland and further afield for artistry through Inner Harmony.

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London Therapy for Grantham and Newark

Inspire, Create, Heal

Michael is available:-

  • Face to face in Grantham, Lincolnshire
  • Telephone Therapy nationally and worldwide
  • Virtually over Skype nationally and worldwide

Bespoke – everything Elevated Therapy does is built around YOU as an individual person and customised accordingly. 
Dr. Michael doesn’t use generic and blanket treatments like some therapists do.
No two people are the same, no single treatment approach can be effective for all.
Accordingly, Michael`s work is a premium service practice.
He has a broad range of skills within multifarious therapeutic treatment approaches and interventions and combinations where many of them are healthcare therapies and practices that treat the entire body and the whole person to achieve the best results possible for people as quickly, easily and effectively as he can through a Multi-Disciplinary Multi-System Approach.

In addition to this, for discerning clientele, he has 30 years of experience in full-time therapy practice including clinic practice in central London to draw on with his skills and abilities to help, and offers the help and change people need.
In 2007, he was voted by the Press as amongst London’s Top 50 Health and Wellbeing practitioners across all disciplines.

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Take the first step now - Your Healing Story Awaits

Feeling fearful? Feeling stuck in your life? Do you want the freedom to grow and develop?

Elevated Therapy International is a place for people to change, heal, grow, laugh, cry, resolve issues, problems and conflict and know that they are simply who they are and can be appreciated in that uniqueness.

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It's Your Life ! Discover what's possble with Elevated Therapy

Further Treatments & Services

Elevated Therapy’s mission continues to provide the best therapeutic experience, and positive outcomes through higher levels of quality and care.

Elevated Therapy International


Hypnosis can assist people to make positive changes in their lives on so many issues. Changes are accomplished through the art and science and skilful application of Hypnotherapy on Dudley Road in Grantham with Michael.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) falls into the category of body-centred therapies. It is an alternative treatment unlike psychology or medicine for physical pain, stress, negative feelings and emotional distress.


Providing a quiet, safe, confidential, non-judgemental space on Dudley Road in Grantham where you can explore your difficulties and, with Michael's professional help, achieve the changes in your life you wish to make.


Michael can offer you a choice of either short-term or longer-term integrative counselling and psychotherapy on Dudley Road in Grantham which will be tailored to match your specific needs and requirements.

Inner Child Therapy

People with persistent problems such as addiction, depression, troubled relationships and chronic dissatisfaction can transform their lives with Inner Child Work and find a new joy and energy in living.

Virtual Therapy

Michael was a pioneer of online therapy. The advantages of telephone, and webcam therapy, hypnotherapy, counselling, coaching and healing over in-office face-to-face work are amazing.

We need to continue to strive to make society fairer for everyone – regardless of age, gender, skin colour and sexual orientation

Elevated Therapy’s mission continues to provide the best therapeutic experience

We all share a `Common Humanity` – so, treating you justly and respectfully involves treating with seriousness your perception of yourself, your issues, your own commitments and cares, your own understanding of your situation and of what life demands of you. That means as a therapist taking seriously and with full empathy, your self-concept of your problems, commitments and cares to be able to find intelligible and workable solutions where you can explore them with deepened understanding, to change and enhance your inner life, and from there find your inner voice and your true individual empowerment.

Trusted by Hundreds of Discerning Clients throughout the World.

Here are some of the latest affirmative and very positive verified comments from local, national and international clients sent in after the end of 2017. Michael relocated from London and set up the Elevated Therapy practice in Grantham at the end of 2011.

There are hundreds and hundreds of other testimonials that have been archived prior to 2017.

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Main Therapeutics

Hypnotherapist in Grantham


Hypnosis for confidence, anxiety, fear of flying, insomnia, IBS, stopping smoking and much more.


Helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues and developing people’s skills and abilities, and boosting performance.

EFT in Grantham


EFT tapping focuses on tapping the meridian points of the body to relieve symptoms of a negative experience or emotion.