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Hypnotherapy in Grantham. (Elevated Therapy)

Hypnotherapist in Grantham

Hypnotherapy in Grantham with Dr. Michael G Millett – Michael has spent well over twenty five years as a hypnotherapist (fully qualified in 1995) and practitioner of complementary medicine in London and America, developing and refining techniques to produce quick positive change in your health and emotions.

He is now here in Grantham for discerning clients serving Nottingham, Derby, Newark, Stamford, Sleaford, Spalding, Boston, Melton Mowbray, Lincoln, Leicester, Peterborough, London and the South-East !

  • Stop Smoking
  • Weight Loss
  • Addictions
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Confidence Issues & Low Self Esteem
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Panic Attacks
  • Stress
  • Pain Management
  • Improving Sports Performance……………… AND MUCH, MUCH MORE…

Hypnotherapy in Grantham

Elevated Therapy and the international, and celebrated work of Dr. Michael G Millett is now here in Grantham, and the East Midlands of England for you all  !

Why would you come to Michael when there are very many other hypnotherapists you could choose from?

Clinical Hypnotherapy in Grantham

Grantham Hypnotherapyharley streetFirstly, he’s been in practice a long time with a wide experience of a variety of problems and issues (some of them being complicated and challenging). He has worked with so many different people adding to his experience, and developed a high-level professional background with living and practicing in the centre of London in a successful private practice, and also working in a variety of clinics there including Harley Street and the Replingham Clinic – London SW18 for so long – up until the end of 2011 before he relocated to Grantham.
Also he originally grew up in this area, and therefore has a strong connection, and understanding of the people of the East Midlands having being brought up in the City of Nottingham as a child, and teenager, and eventually returned to the area late in 2011 to bring all his skills, wisdom and professional expertise over the years back to the people here.

He received most of his comprehensive training in London and also in the United States of America.

Michael is also an Approved and Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor in the UK for many years with the National Hypnotherapy Society, the fastest growing professional organisation for practising hypnotherapists in the UK today. He also holds a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice too with The General Hypnotherapy Register, the largest professional registering organisation for practising hypnotherapists in the United Kingdom.

Grantham HypnotherapyAs a Hypnotherapy Supervisor, Michael supports regular continuing professional development for hypnotherapists which is a mandatory requirement for membership of the major hypnotherapy organisations and is generally regarded as essential to the provision of effective therapy.

Michael as a qualified and accredited clinical hypnotherapy supervisor gives feedback, appraisal and growth advice to other professional hypnotherapists.
He supports and enables hypnotherapists from all parts of the UK and Ireland and sometimes from abroad to learn from their work, and by his own personal example in order that they may give better quality service to their clients.

Michael was included in the London Paper’s exhaustively researched list as a hypnotherapist and an alternative health expert and one of London`s Top 50 Wellbeing Gurus before he relocated to Grantham and the East Midlands.

Article ~ Click HereGrantham Hypnotherapy

This was written by a journalist specialising in health and wellbeing who worked previously for the BBC and the Mail on Sunday and writes for a wide range of publications including Grazia, Red, the Daily Mail, the Times, Daily Telegraph, and the Sunday Times.

Michael uses the latest digital sound equipment (updated all the time) with specialist headphones, soundtracks, and effects in his professional work for your ease and enjoyment. He sometimes uses `resonant entrainment` techniques in some sessions which many clients love, and say helps them to relax more, and enter states of consciousness that allows for deeper shifts, change, learning, energising, healing, expression and expansion to occur more readily
(this is optional). → More info here.

testimonial from a journalist

Click here to read what a national journalist had to say about Michael, and his hypnotherapy !

Also as a qualified and licensed integrative psychotherapist with the NACHP since 1994, the only registered charity in the UK that represents the interests of the general public, and all three professions of clinical psychotherapy, Michael`s treatments are often even more powerful when used in combination with other psychothereuptic interventions – addressing all emotional and psychological factors with competence, experience and dedication.

He has helped many people with a whole range of different problems and issues for years – listening, understanding and Michael has enough life experience too !
He continues to see clients coming to see him in Grantham from all over London and the South-East, many other parts of the UK and Ireland, and from abroad too, as well as more, and more astute people from Grantham, and the East Midlands generally, and he regularly receives referrals from GPs. His NHS National Independent Provider Code: 8EV76

Hypnotherapy in Grantham

The UK Department of Health recommends that clients who are seeking complementary healthcare therapists should choose a practitioner who is CNHC registered.
Dr. Michael is registered with the CNHC.

Treatment works better with a sociable and positive attitude, so Michael does whatever he can to make you feel welcome and helps you enjoy the whole experience towards the change you seek.

Michael hopes in having a look around this page and with the various links and videos for your information, and having a read, you will have decided to email him or speak to him on the phone.
Hypnotherapist in GranthamHis fees are extremely competitive too – there are many other hypnotherapists in the area charging a lot more for their services !?!

The sooner you make an appointment with Michael, the closer you will be to having your problem(s) solved.

Professional Hypnotherapy in Newark

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H       helping and healing yourself

Y       you are in control

      puts you in touch with the unconscious and your  higher mind

N       not sleep, but a relaxed state

O       only as far as you want to go

S       safely allowing you therapeutic insights

I        intensified attention and receptiveness

     staying focused on issues

Hypnotherapy can also help with an array of chemical and psychological addictions.

Hypnotherapy Newark

Clinical hypnosis and hypnoanalysis are two of the specialities for clients from all over the UK and Ireland with Michael in the centre of Grantham in his beautiful professional clinic.
Hypnosis can assist people to make positive changes in their lives. Changes are accomplished through the art and science and skilful application of hypnotherapy in Grantham. Elevated Therapy has been established since 1995 in London and relocated to Lincolnshire at the end of 2011 after more than 17 years in the heart of London in successful private practice.

Michael uses the latest cutting-edge techniques for change. Even though he has helped so many people to stop smoking and lose weight he has done far more in the area of assisting individuals attaining their full human potential with a host of other issues and often through his Holistic Hypnotherapy.

Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Grantham with Dr. Michael G Millett has a wide range of applications and it can help people overcome phobias and addictions, come to terms with traumatic childhood experiences and also help people to gain self confidence if they have low self esteem or are unsure of themselves.

Michael is fully qualified and accredited to safely carry out hypnosis, and he offers dedicated one to one hypnotherapy in Grantham, and his individual approach has proved to be tremendously helpful over many years with discerning hypnotherapy clients from all over the UK and Ireland and other parts of the world.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in GranthamAs well as therapies such as Stop Smoking Hypnosis in Grantham and Newark, he is also able to support and help people deal with issues which have affected them deep within themselves such as the loss of a loved one or the diagnosis of a terminal illness.
For those who are interested in Self Hypnosis, he has also developed a range of Self Hypnosis Recordings which can help with weight loss, the development of better relationships and the increase of personal growth on an inner level.
His Self Hypnosis courses are also available on Self Hypnosis CD’s and there are other recommended downloadable MP3s which can be bought and downloaded directly from this website.

      • Michael’s Mission: The mission of Hypnosis at Elevated Therapy throughout Nottingham, Newark, Leicester, Derby, Lincoln, Spalding, Sleaford, Stamford and Peterborough and beyond is to give all people, from every walk of life, the opportunity to awaken their minds to the possibility that there is another possibility; it exists in the limitlessness of their potential. It is Michael’s strong belief that everyone contains within them the ability to develop excellence and excel.
        Hypnosis and Holistic Hypnotherapy at Elevated Therapy  in Grantham is dedicated to giving each individual the tools to awaken that 90% of un-used mind potential so that unlimited possibilities can be available.
      • Michael`s Services: He offers one of the best behavioural counselling services in the United Kingdom and Ireland – hypnosis and NLP along with the `energy therapies` are by far the modalities of choice for behaviour change. Hypnosis from Grantham serving Nottingham, London, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Stamford, Newark and Oakham with Michael can help almost every individual who wishes to stop smoking, lose weight, gain more confidence, cope with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, overcome Addictions, deal with Fears and Phobias, get over Insomnia and Anxiety and Depression, excel in Sports Performance, Pain Management, stop Bedwetting and overcome Panic Attacks etc.  The list is endless!
      • This work is Much More… Although Michael`s most popular clinical applications of hypnosis with clients are for people wanting to stop smoking and / or lose weight. However, he has also experienced remarkable results with clients suffering from insomnia, bed wetting, attention deficit disorder, nail biting, confidence boosting, phobias, addictions, compulsions, skin problems, fear of flying, and fear of heights.  The use of hypnosis to eliminate negative behaviour is almost limitless.  If you would like to find out more about reputable, credible and therapeutic hypnosis that offers long-term positive results, give Michael a telephone call or drop him an email TODAY.

A standard hour session costs £60. Late evenings on a Monday and Thursday til 8.30pm. Saturdays and Sundays ’til 4pm.

Hypnotherapy in Grantham
HOLISTIC HYPNOTHERAPY SESSIONS serving Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Stamford, Sleaford, Grantham, Newark, Rutland, Oakham and Peterborough.

These sessions may focus on a number of aspects of life. Holistically, each part of our self provides a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of who we truly are.

Hypnotherapist in GranthamSome examples of practical uses of Holistic Hypnotherapy Sessions:

  • Discovering Life Purpose: Many people in today’s society feel unfulfilled professionally and / or personally and want to move in a new direction that is more compatible with their feelings and true nature. It is possible to connect with those parts of ourselves that seek greater expression and to establish a more stimulating and rewarding direction for our lives and work with them.
  • Overeating and Addictions: Making the changes needed to reduce weight successfully and free ourselves from addictive behaviour often requires more than simple willpower, especially when the hidden motivations for the behaviour are locked in the unconscious. With hypnosis, we can understand the motivations, address them and free ourselves from them and establish a new healthful way of living.
  • Healing Childhood and Family Issues: Many difficulties in our daily lives are linked and triggered with unresolved issues from childhood. By bringing new light to these old patterns, we can resolve and heal them, freeing ourselves to focus more fully on our true purpose and to lift ourselves and find meaning and direction in our present lives.
  • Grief: The loss of a loved one is one of life’s most painful experiences. Months and even years may pass without coming to the acceptance and understanding that will allow us to move on with our lives. Uncovering our unconscious feelings and resolving our emotions can help to heal the wounds, bring a greater appreciation of the relationship we had and speed us on the road to balance and recovery.
  • Performance: Our ability to succeed at work or at play may be sabotaged by hidden agendas and limitations which can be released and resolved to allow us to achieve our full potential in whatever activities we choose to undertake.
  • Mind-body Connections: There is a link between the mind and body, and in many cases, through the experience of illness or discomfort, our bodies are trying to tell us something or relay an important message to us. Discovering and understanding and acknowledging the message is an integral part of establishing more radiant health.
  • Relationships: Many of us have unconscious patterns that prevent us from benefiting fully from and enjoying the relationships we have, or, in some cases, prevent us from establishing meaningful relationships altogether. By uncovering these patterns and coming to a new understanding of them, we can allow ourselves to experience deeper and more lasting relationships in our lives with ourselves and others.
  • Male / Female Issues: Each of us has both a masculine and a feminine side that need to be in balance to experience life fully. In today’s society, it is a challenge to establish that balance and to allow both aspects their full expression, whether we are male or female, heterosexual, homosexual or transsexual. Balancing the male and female aspects of ourselves allows us to more fully experience our true identity and purpose in life without compromising our sexuality.
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth: Each person reaches a point in their growth where they want to participate consciously in awakening spiritually. Michael also as a fully trained and qualified metaphysician offers ways to contact the higher parts of ourselves and receive the guidance that can lead us on the path to enlightenment.

Basic Goals of the Holistic Hypnotherapy Sessions in Grantham

  • To clear blockages that are preventing your full expression on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual.
  • To provide conscious connection with the truth that lies within you.
  • The self as a unified principle within the psyche.
  • To allow integration in a balanced way of this expanded awareness of who you truly are.

A series of hypnotherapy sessions is generally required to create the desired transformations and changes, allowing you to open to the greater awareness and new possibilities and expressions that are available.

Also a series of hypnotherapy sessions are recommended for in-depth work on specific issues.

Hypnotherapy Nottingham

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Registered Hypnotherapist (UKCHO Registered). Reg No: 81400 and Registered Hypnotherapist (CNHC Registered). Reg No: 001660-L10

Accredited Voluntary Register

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