Miracle EFT from Grantham

Practical steps, combined with a spiritual formula to living the life of your dreams by
Dr. Michael G Millett of Elevated Therapy International ®

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams with Michael’s blueprint combining EFT, and Metaphysics, and Celtic Spirituality with Miracle EFT ™

A guide, and your personal instruction to manifest a miraculous life ?

BE the change you seek in your life !

When you make the decision to let go of what could happen, focus on your goals, and embrace miracles, and you follow Michael’s formula, and teachings along with using EFT combined with the “Law Of Attraction”, and `Celtic` Spirituality for a miraculous life – everything can change for the better.

This is through you changing your energy, thus making better conditions for more positivity, and flow to occur. Allowing miracles to breeze into your life like increased abundance, spiritual fulfilment, love as well as an increase of those miraculous synchronicities that make you feel like everything is working in your favour, or you are on a roll.

“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”

Jack Canfield
Law of Attraction Coaching Grantham

Your Life can shift forever !!

Transform your life – one thing at a time through creating certain specific conditions that invite miracles into your life !


Using EFT alone will NOT achieve what this training and instruction is about !
Your programming, and thinking, and focus needs to change !

Michael wants to share his knowledge, expertise, and experience with you through his powerful understanding, and teachings, combined with the latest developments, and the elegant use of Next Generation EFT, and other complimentary methods including sound, and brainwave entrainment fused together for self-programming, and `miracles` – to allow you to you control your own mind, and life in a unique and powerful way. He builds, and develops this for you in a two hour session in-person, by telephone or via Skype to get you started on the road to a Miraculous Life Beginning TODAY.

Make space to create your future

Learn to let go of the past, and what has been holding you back to give you more space, and freedom to create a miraculous future.

Work with the `energies` of others to support your success.

Foster an `attitude of gratitude`.

Develop self-love, and soul-worth (Anam Spriocanna) to increase what can come to you, and which you deserve.

Build up momentum, and subsequently your affirmative destiny.

The more you practice Michael’s blueprint, thinking, and techniques that he will share with you – the more happiness, and fulfilment you will achieve in your present, and future which will continue to increase as time goes on.

Michael will share with you the many secrets to Living A Miraculous Life.
You will learn how to change your thinking, and create more of the conditions that allow miracles to flow into your life, including:

  • The simple changeover that makes you become a magnet to the Miracles that you want
  • The powerful process that raises your self-love, and “deservingness
  • The BIG, BIG mistake that people make when setting goals that unconsciously keep your miracles away
  • The RIGHT way to to focus your thought patterns
  • How to experience more ease, and flow in creating your vision, abundance, love and happiness
  • The best, and indeed the correct way of using EFT, and `Positive EFT` to support this

It doesn’t matter what miracles you’re looking for – whether your miracle goals are for more abundance, more fulfilling relationships, finding “the right man or woman,” better health and vitality, success in your work, creating more passion – these insights, and instructions will put you in the circuit to actually create the conditions for miracles to flow into your life.
Suitable for everyone including EFT professionals.

Take your success, and happiness into your own hands !

In having this personal life-changing session with Michael either in-person, or by phone, or Skype in the UK or via Skype or telephone worldwide, it is helpful if you have a working knowledge of EFT, are open to spiritual principles, and “The Law of Attraction”, and are committed to changing your life for the better.

After this session which will really get you started, and begin to change many things in your life right away – Michael is quite happy to support you further in manifesting a miraculous life with Laser Coaching on a specific, or any challenge, or difficulty you may have if required as well as Mentoring, and Healing Your Ancestral Patterns if needed as time progresses.

Law of Attraction Coaching Grantham

And of course … it’s going to be fun. How else can we learn, and evolve …? delightfully …? elegantly …? fast …? and totally? !

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