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Is your relationship suffering?

Couples Counselling in NewarkCouples Counselling in Grantham – Are you and your partner always arguing about the stupidest of things, and these rows quickly escalate into something very negative, and you not getting past that?
Perhaps your communication has completely broken down, and things have reached stalemate?
Maybe you have lost trust in each other or are struggling with intimacy after an affair has been discovered?
Or has one of you been concealing debts, addiction or another matter from the other?
Sometimes there are other issues like sex, libido, health, career, in-laws or children – about which you cannot get your partner to understand.
Maybe your relationship feels stale, and you feel lonely, and so bored by it?

While all relationships can sometimes suffer under the increasing pressures of everyday life, and events – ongoing, and deep-seated and unaddressed problems can leave you feeling exhausted, depressed, desperate and with low self esteem.

Sadly, when a relationship is at breaking point it can seem as if separation or divorce is the only answer available, but talking through your problems together while being emotionally honest with one another with a trained relationship counsellor and therapist can help you get to the heart of the issues, and begin to understand each other’s feelings, and support each other with the difficult bits. This helps toward the necessary changes to the relationship favouring a positive shift. Once all the hidden issues are openly acknowledged – and any fear removed, even longstanding problems can be surprisingly soluble.

As a couple talk to Michael, together

As Leo. F. Buscaglia said:
A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself — to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom and can never grow in a jealous heart.” … until things change, and a relationship starts to break down !

Marriage Counselling in GranthamDr. Michael G. Millett, and his work with Couples Counselling in Grantham sees many, and varied couples who have turned to counselling and therapy as a means of improving or rescuing their relationships. As an experienced relationship therapist with 17 years experience in private practice in central London before relocating to the East Midlands in 2011, he is here to help you. His work on relationships has been featured in books, magazines and other hard-copy professional material in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand since 1999.

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Michael works with you together to help you rebuild your relationship or, if you wish to separate or divorce, to do so as affably as possible.

Michael’s intention is not to resolve the issues for you, but to develop your understanding, and the best skills you need so you can resolve the issues yourselves. He will encourage you to talk openly about difficult matters, and examines your childhood and family history as appropriate.
By analysing your behavioural patterns and the ways in which you interact, and communicate with each other, he will also help you see conflicts in your and your partner’s behaviour, and teach you techniques to improve your language, communication, and connection as well as offering an integrated range of therapies depending on your needs, and what is best.

Ultimately, Michael works to support you as a couple to identify patterns and modes of communication and behaviours that are not helpful, so you can both take responsibility for your own choices and actions and work out the best way for you to resolve your challenges.

Generally after two or three months, Michael fades into the background. Couples discover they feel more empowered, that their communication has improved and it’s time to end counselling. Most people leave having not only learned a lot about their partner and their relationship, but about themselves as well which sets them free.

Couples Counselling in Grantham – the Elevated Therapy ® approach

You can have just a single session of couples counselling at “Tipperary House”, in Grantham, but generally you will see Michael over a period of weeks or months, with both of you attending the session. However, if you would like to see Michael separately before meeting up again as a couple, this can also be easily arranged.

During the assessment Michael will take a brief history from you which covers the issues that you are bringing to counselling, as well as a general history of your relationship.
He may ask questions such as:

  • What issues, and difficulties have you been experiencing in your relationship?
  • How long have these issues been around, and have been a problem in your relationship?
  • How do you feel on a daily basis ?
  • Are you intimate with one another ?
  • Have you ever been in relationship counselling or therapy before?
  • What have you and your partner done to try to resolve these issues yourselves?
  • What are your expectations of Grantham couples counselling with Michael?

Above all, Michael’s aim is to provide a comfortable and safe environment, where both of you get equal time, attention and understanding without favour in which to talk freely about your relationship issues so you can enhance your communication and gain confidence in self-expression as a couple. Michael can also help you discover how to negotiate and compromise with one another if appropriate, so you can identify better ways of moving forward – either together or apart.

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Couples Counselling in Grantham

Elevated Therapy, and Couples Counselling in Grantham, and the work of Dr. Michael G Millett works with a wide range of clients, and offers marriage guidance counselling, marital therapy, couples counselling, personal coaching and long term mentoring in Grantham including same sex relationships. Call him now to book an assessment or use his online form below to get in touch in confidence.

Marriage Counselling Grantham

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