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The East Midlands EFT Centre from Grantham with Dr. Michael G Millett

EFT Training Grantham

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Michael is an EFT Master Practitioner and Accredited Trainer’s Trainer since the 90’s.
He was one of the first therapists to be using EFT this side of the Atlantic.
As an holistic therapist, he first introduced EFT to clients in London in 1996 and has lots of experience of this work !
Michael has and still does contribute to its development and evolvement.
He has always worked from a strengths-based, solution-focused and creative model.
Michael continues to practise EFT in Grantham and on-line to empower people.

EFT is an easy to learn technique to address emotional, physical or spiritual issues combining affirmations to focus the mind and physical stimulation to alleviate unwanted:

EFT Sessions in Grantham

Dr. Michael offers EFT sessions from Grantham either face-to-face, or on-line with Skype or by telephone worldwide.

Sessions typically last an hour, although initial appointments often last up to an hour and a half, and some people prefer hour and a half sessions thereafter.

EFT in Grantham

How does tapping help ?

The combination of tapping on certain acupressure points on the body in a specific sequence, as the client verbalises their own wording connected to the problem (often helped by Michael to get the best words and right focus), causes a change in the brain’s chemistry that allows the emotional blocks to be released, as the brain’s amygdala which is responsible for, and defines and regulates strong emotions reduces. At the same time, the hippocampus increases which controls emotional memory recalling and regulation, and the finding of solutions. In other words – negative emotions are reduced and reason and logic increased.

This enables internal programming, and emotional and psychological shifts within the psyche to transform, and we are able to see and feel things from a different perspective. 

Surrogate Tapping or Proxy EFT.

What is it?  The situation is that you are doing Surrogate EFT when you tap on yourself for another person’s issue, or you are working with Animals whether or not any of them are present. (Animal EFT)

Behavioural change in a person or an animal remotely does initially challenge one’s understanding of all that is possible when you use EFT in this way.
However, this is another very exciting element of EFT understanding, development and evolution of the MET’s shared by Elevated Therapy and the subject of powerful borrowing benefits which always points us towards higher levels of healing, ultimately adding to our health and wellbeing now and in the future.

Michael is a trained and accredited Metaphysician in the UK and USA. Therefore he also deals with the first principles of things such as spiritual healing, awakening or growth. He readily shares this knowledge with clients when asked about this or other aspects of EFT in EFT Training and Personal EFT Sessions at Elevated Therapy from Grantham in Lincolnshire. 

Positive EFT

Positive EFT is the further stage in the development of energy work. This is about helping a client more fully. It teaches you how to bring yourself into a positive way of being that you never thought possible through discovering new insights to brighten up your life with more positive energy aligning you with the principles of the Law of Attraction. The energy of our thoughts (positive or negative) attracts experiences of the same energy to come into our lives or manifest within them. 

This is an evolving aspect of EFT that I often introduce to professional Sports people and Olympians as well as Media people particularly – they are out there to perform.

Indeed, EFT’s success and strength for improving sports performance has been lauded by many athletes. I have taught many of them EFT myself, and witnessed it many times from them. It gets them “in the zone”. 

Positive EFT is a true gift to give to yourself and others.
This is “must have information”  for everybody who wants to have a life with more joy, health, abundance, success, and love …

Michael is a Director and one of the founding members of the Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies (The AMT / Guild of Energists).

The AMT / GOE was formed specifically to safeguard this extraordinary and emergent field from it’s inception.

This includes keeping the definition of Meridian Energy Therapies or MET’s wide open to include not only the currently developed applications which includes EFT and “Energy EFT” and developing approaches, but to encompass future developments with structural ease, thus fostering an attitude of continuing growth, exploration and innovation within this field.

The GOE is the certifying body for the Certification Trainings in comprehensive Meridian Energy Therapies.

With a fully structured, encompassing training programme, a ‘gold standard’ set by the Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies (AMT) or Guild of Energists, and Positive EFT.

It contains and continues to contain the most up to date techniques and approaches for the mastery of EFT, and then there is the Trainer’s level for those that are interested.

Johanna from Grantham doing her EFT Master Practitioner Certification with Michael at the
East Midlands EFT Centre

Chris from Leicestershire doing his EFT Master Practitioner Certification with Michael in Grantham

The AMT Certification Trainings are designed to familiarise with, and help develop towards excellence, the new and evolving practitioners of this revolutionary field.

The AMT Certification Trainings have no equal and are recognised around the World as being the most thorough and comprehensive training available in the MET`s and EFT

They are techniques for translating improvements for everyday and all people in their lives through vibrant energy-sensitive healing modalities developed and being developed in the rapidly expanding field of “energy psychology” or “power therapies” or “MET`s”.

However, this is NOT the full answer yet! The “greater” Meridian Energy Therapy is the way forward where there is so much more to discover, and where the innovative work of Elevated Therapy is very much involved !!!

“Energy EFT” is a quantum step forward.

Engaging leading-edge interventions into the potentials and powers of consciousness, including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition.

It can use a form of diagnostic kinesiology that is used as a primary feedback mechanism to examine how a person`s full system is functioning.

When properly applied, the outcome of a diagnosis can determine the best form of therapy and intervention for the client.

MET draws together the core elements of many complementary therapies, it provides an interdisciplinary approach to health care from simplified self help versions to the specialist and intricate high end work of professional therapists honouring open-minded approaches and multiple ways of knowing and bringing discernment to the `art of healing`.

MET`s are ways of working that are clinically observed to consistently help with a wide range of psychological and psycho-spiritual issues and the full potential to help and heal anatomical and physiological conditions showing you how to understand and work with your body’s reservoir of electromagnetic and more subtle energies to increase your vitality, to identify and correct energy imbalances that keep you from being at your best, enhancing your health and your state of mind.

It will be interesting over the next few years with the ongoing scientific research with EFT and epigenetics, neuroplasticity, and psychoneuroimmunology. As well as Memory reconsolidation where the brain’s natural, neural process can produce transformational change marking the permanent elimination of an acquired behaviour or emotional response – and how it will all evolve.

The future is exciting in the research, and development and evolution of EFT and the benefits EFT and the MET’s do and will provide in our health and wellbeing going forward.

Sophia from London one of the UK’s leading transformational life and business coaches doing her EFT Master Practitioner Certification with Michael in Grantham

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