Testimonial from a Journalist. London - 2006

Lucy Mayhew is a journalist specialising in health and wellbeing who worked previously for the BBC and the Mail on Sunday and has written for a wide range of publications including Grazia, Red, the Daily Mail, the Times, Daily Telegraph, and the Sunday Times.


“Having been a health writer for many years I have interviewed, been treated by and spent time with an inordinate amount of health and wellbeing practitioners.
Before I embarked on my career, between the ages of 16-19, I had seen twenty orthodox and complementary health experts for my own health problems.
In short, the volume of practitioners I have encountered is colossal and there is quite literally no-one who I rate as highly as Michael.
I had seen some of the country’s most esteemed clinical hypnotherapists and until seeing Michael thought I was unhypnotisable.
I have come to learn it is not the practice – hypnosis, EFT, acupuncture – choose any discipline – that can help where other things have failed – rather it is the individual practitioner.
Michael is in an entirely different stratosphere to many practitioners I have encountered and I simply wish he could be cloned so more people could benefit from him.
He helped me kick a habit that had wreaked havoc with day-to-day living for five years – one which many others had tried to help with and failed – for this, I will always be indescribably grateful.
He not only listens but really hears everything you say. And he has an extraordinary ability to zero-in on key issues that need addressing during a hypnosis session to get results.
I would recommend him to anybody battling with any form of emotional, psychological or mental affliction from the seemingly small and mundane to the deeply complex.
To anyone who is wary of practices in the ‘alternative’ field, I would urge them to put aside all scepticism and pre-judgment because Michael is also one of the most down-to-earth, sensible practitioners I have encountered in both orthodox and complementary medical fields.”

Lucy Mayhew, Journalist

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