Transformation-Beyond Beliefs

Working with Limiting Beliefs

Transformation-Beyond Beliefs

What you believe you receive !

Using personal coaching, counselling, spiritual hypnotherapy, psycho spiritual therapy, metaphysics (Michael is also a qualified and practising metaphysician), working with the Universal Laws in meaningful ways, Native Spirituality, Mystery Traditions, and concepts from “The Secret”, and “The Road Less Travelled”, and supported by `the energies` that are governing our lives.
This 3.5 hour session from Dr. Michael G Millett, out of The Tara Box ™ is geared to you, and offers the knowledge of how to create – intentionally and effortlessly – a more joyful, and successful life by becoming a Conscious Creator.

You create every experience you have. You attract what you believe into your life. Your experiences are based on your beliefs, indeed – they are created by your beliefs, and often from patterns set up in childhood. Look back in your own life and notice how often you have gone through the same experience.
There is no “true” or “false” with beliefs, only useful and detrimental. A belief is just the best available explanation of the evidence you observe. Beliefs, attitudes, opinions, thoughts, feelings, choices and decisions are the elements of life and living. Some are good (useful), and some are bad (detrimental), but to say you have no choice is to relieve yourself of responsibility.
You do have a choice !

Discovering Your Beliefs

How to Help People Overcome Their Limiting BeliefsThe first step in learning to be empowered is examining your beliefs: the most central aspects of the elements of life and living. They are part of you through repetition, and you act as if they are true. It is time to bring them out of hiding !
They are a process of self-hypnosis, a script you have written, and you act as if they are authentic, and accurate. You cannot deal with confusion, so you have to confirm that your programmes, and expectations are correct based on your beliefs where your outer world mirrors your inner world. Acknowledge that these are beliefs, not truths.


Remember, your beliefs create your experiences.
You have certain `core beliefs` which illustrate how you see and experience reality. You might believe that life is hard, and everything is a struggle, or that it is wonderful, and exciting.
You might believe that people cannot be trusted, are selfish and greedy, that you cannot change or there is no point in trying or you might believe that people are generally good, kind and pleasant, that you can change, and you are going to enjoy making it happen, and these beliefs form the basis of the reality you create.
You have beliefs about your life, other people, relationships, health, work, money, success, sex / sexuality, god, the world, and yourself. These beliefs form the substructure of the reality you create where your unconscious mind will ensure that they are confirmed, over and over again, until you get the message: your beliefs create your experiences.

You have always known that if you firmly believe that you are incompetent, or not good enough, the world is a negative place, and life is hard – you will suffer. These beliefs will attract experiences which confirm these beliefs of suffering. The more intense the belief, the more magnetically you attract the corresponding experiences. You Reap What You Sow.

Therefore, it is wise, and time to sow better – principally in those areas of your life which go either particularly well or badly. Areas such as relationships, friendships, money, health, and career.
It is time to learn how to create success, but first you need to find out what needs to change.
What beliefs are you telling yourself which are creating problems in those areas for you ?


Processing Beliefs and Identifying Limiting Beliefs, and Changing Beliefs

How can you create for yourself a belief system that is worthy of life ?

Metaphysics and Limiting BeliefsIn session, we look at your belief system and choose a few that are the most important to examine such as your life, work, relationships, love, sex, health, success, change, money etc. (There are many more) You make the choice. Then we brainstorm as many ideas as possible, including ideas which seem to you like obvious truths which we need to examine, and possibly question. Where have these beliefs come from ? We look at your central beliefs, and attitudes, and what you identify with. Are there contradictions ? How are these beliefs echoed in your life ? How might they affect your future ? How might they limit your potential ? How might they create personal anguish and suffering ? Do they give you any emotional payoffs ? Choosing new beliefs based upon love, trust, abundance and empowerment. Creating the Positive. This process is about taking responsibility, and taking back your power.

Journey Work – metaphysical hypnotherapy while working with your Higher Self through a variety of techniques, including incorporating universal laws, symbology, and encoding, and raising positive energy for manifestation on an unconscious level. We go on a journey by opening your heart to change and abundance, and addressing some of your Limiting Beliefs you have chosen to focus on, and opening up to the amazing possibilities of change in your life by installing the new beliefs we have discussed, and developed.

Confronting Blocks – Letting Go of the  Past and Reaching for the Future

Transformation-Beyond Beliefs



Further instruction, and teaching on confronting any blocks, and any resistance and payoffs, and things to do each day to strengthen new beliefs. As you practice, it will become ever easier and more effective. Developing Positive thoughts and beliefs, and imagery you can use daily in all areas of your life. Using affirmations correctly to bring a more positive, and lighthearted approach to life in general or on specifics in a practical way. Practicing being good to yourself. Learning to be more spontaneous. By changing your beliefs, your reality will begin to confirm it. Your first steps don’t have to be perfect, just headed in the right direction where effects might be small at first. They build up over time. Be sure to acknowledge yourself with each step. Transformation does not need to be slow or painful or even impossible. It can happen quickly if you allow it to, and it can be great fun in achieving your goals and desires as you go through life !


This 3.5 hour session costs £175.00.
Give Michael a call today to book your appointment in Grantham or via Skype, or fill out the easy email form below to do that.

An £80 deposit will be required.

Please note: Clients are always encouraged to have hypnotherapy face to face. Dr. Michael Millett uses a meditative approach over the phone or via Skype. Using Guided Meditation which is a short relaxing process before guiding them through a scene in their mind to help improve their life and issues in positive ways. Working with emotions directly, he takes a more of a Mindfulness approach, as well as other mindfulness and contemplative techniques and works with the emotion or anxiety as it presents itself, without necessarily seeking a cause or expecting an immediate solution. An approach he finds helpful is called `Touch and Let Go`.


Working with Core Beliefs

Law of Attraction on Skype

Session also available via Skype


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