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Hypnotherapy Lincoln. EFT Lincoln

Dr. Michael G Millett is an international Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Coach, and Mentor

Hypnosis in Lincoln


Are you interested in professional Clinical Hypnotherapy and Positive Therapy Programs covering Lincoln?

Hypnotherapy Lincoln – Elevated Therapy and the international work of Dr. Michael G Millett has been operating since 1995 with a wealth of experience in providing effective affordable treatments to discerning clients in Lincoln and across the locality. Michael is a hypnotherapy supervisor with the National Hypnotherapy Society and contributed over 17 years in a successful private practice in the heart of London before transferring in 2011 to Grantham just down the road from Lincoln.

He is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. The Department of Health recommends you choose a CNHC registered hypnotherapist. Michael`s Reg No: 001660-L10

Michael was included in the London Paper’s exhaustively researched list as a hypnotherapist and an alternative health consultant and one of London’s Top 50 Well-being Gurus.

“Michael`s best talent was described as unlocking and dealing with negative subconscious states that lead to physical and emotional pain. His hypnotherapy worked so deeply and was combined with such pragmatic advice” (London News).

Hypnotherapist Lincoln

Through Hypnosis Lincoln and other types of therapeutic intervention, change, healing or favourable development is achieved for numerous psychological emotional and physical disorders. EFT Lincoln may well produce some quite remarkable results as well.

The goal of Hypnotherapy in Lincoln is to reframe limiting patterns of thought, behaviour and feelings – allowing irrational fears, phobias, negative thoughts, and suppressed emotions to be overcome. Michael provides a wide range of clinical hypnotherapy services and many other forms of therapy intervention for Lincoln covering the following treatment plans as an example but it is not exhaustive:

    • Smoking Cessation Lincoln. Stop Smoking Hypnosis Lincoln. Quit Smoking Hypnosis Lincoln
    • Stress. General Anxiety Disorder. GAD
    • Grief and Bereavement
    • Improving concentration, and memory
    • Emotional complications, insomnia, sleep disorders, public speaking, and inhibitions
    • Stress Management, stammering, and other concerns
    • Weight Control
    • Addictions
    • Food Addiction
    • Depression
    • Nail Biting, Bedwetting, and other habits
    • Skin Disorders such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and warts
    • Panic Disorders. Panic Attacks
    • Eating Disorders. Binge Eating. Bulimia.
    • Fertility Issues
    • ME. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Fibromyalgia
    • PVFS. Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome
    • PTSD
    • Weight Loss Hypnosis
    • Gastric Band Hypnosis
    • Performance and Motivation
    • Anger Management
    • Fears and Phobias. Stage Fright. Emetophobia. Fear of Flying.
    • Fertility Hypnosis and IVF Hypnotherapy
    • Managing Stress
    • Confidence / Assertiveness
    • Therapy for Children. Hypnotherapy for Children.
    • Help for Nerves such as Driving, Public Speaking, School and Exams
    • Hypnobirthing
    • Confidence Coaching
    • Self Esteem Work
    • Anxiety Issues
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Help to Overcome Addictions, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Gambling, Sugar Addiction
    • Symptoms associated with sexual problems, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of libido, painful sex, frigidity, vaginismus.
    • Management and relief and often remission from symptoms including allergies, asthma, headaches, migraine, tinnitus, chemotherapy reactions, and ibs.
    • Low Self-assurance, and Boosting Self-confidence, and developing self esteem.
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD
    • Pain control and management for surgery, dentistry, arthritis, and common neuromuscular aches and pains
    • Reduction in blood pressure and hypertension
    • Social Anxiety, and Social Phobias
    • Enhancements and increased performance in work, study, and sport
    • Sports Hypnosis
    • Fear of Public Speaking
    • Personal Development. Mindfulness
    • Life Coaching
    • Healing the Inner Child
    • Metaphysical Therapy. Holistic Therapy
    • Psychotherapy. Counselling. CBT. Client Centered. Integrative. Dynamic. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
    • Reiki. Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Development
    • EFT Workshops and EFT Training
    • Therapy Supervision and Therapy Training

Hypnotherapist in LincolnDr. Michael Millett’s Therapy and Hypnotherapy treatments are results focused and results driven. He will produce an individual treatment programme tailored directly to your personal requirements with therapy that is as unique as you are. He offers a personal and discreet service conveniently located at his specialised clinic within easy travel of Lincoln.

He is a professional member of numerous UK Hypnotherapy Organisations and Professional Standards Authorities and abides strictly by their code of conduct & ethics.

He also provides a cost-free initial consultation by telephone or Skype to discuss your needs and to ensure that he can help you and his services can be best tailored to meet your requirements.

Hypnotherapy LincolnSo if you are residing in or near Lincoln then make a call to Michael to find out how he can help today and move you positively forward in your life.

0333 121 0788 (Local throughout the UK) and 01476 568800

It is Michael’s sincere hope that you find the Elevated Therapy International ® web site and his services on-line and in person to your benefit in your personal journey.



Hypnotherapy Lincoln: Telephone 0333 121 0788

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