The Jacqueline Preston Weight & Nutrition Clinic in Grantham

Do you struggle with overeating, binge eating or find it a huge battle to maintain a healthy weight ? Why not sort that out now ?

Dr. Jacqueline Preston

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Nutrition Consultant, Dr. Jacqueline Preston has a cutting edge Weight & Nutrition Clinic in association with
Dr. Michael Millett, and in partnership with Elevated Therapy International ® at the prestigious `Clinic of Hypnotherapy and Holistic Practices` at “Tipperary House” in Grantham’s Town Centre.

A hypnotherapy approach to give up eating sweets, crisps, cakes, and comfort eating.


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Grantham

There’s an over-abundance of options when it comes to unhealthy food. It’s just about everywhere; on TV ads, signs – even when you’ve completed your supermarket shop – they try to hook you at the final hurdle with racks of sweets waiting for you at the till. For many individuals these temptations are easily ignored, yet for some individuals it can produce an awful conflict within the mind.

Those who have a problem with addictive snacking, or comfort food are often not given the same sort of compassion or understanding as people that fight with other addictive problems, for example people who smoke or drink alcohol. This typically makes the problem a whole lot worse, resulting in decreased self-worth, and heightened self-loathing. However, obsession with foods like sweets, cakes and crisps is a real addiction just like any other, and in some cases using sheer will-power to stop simply does not succeed.

Dr. Jacqueline Preston

Exactly what makes us comfort eat?

Addictive habits stem from the subconscious mind. As we journey through life, we store the consequences of the incidents we’ve been through, and when we are inevitably faced with difficult conditions, our mind generates methods for us to cope with them. Once the mind has linked a particular approach with the sensation of enjoyment or stress removal, it makes us think that we should use this same strategy anytime we feel bad.

Typically parents will reward their kids for good behaviour with some sweets. Additionally, ‘treats’ like biscuits, chocolate, and cupcakes are used when children are feeling unhappy, or if the parent wants to apologise for something (“Stop crying. Let’s go for a McDonald’s”). This tends to then result in the development of life-long behavioural patterns, where these types of food are linked to pleasure and good times – meaning that whenever you are feeling miserable or distressed; your first instinct is not to think about the problem or speak with someone regarding it, but to search for the cake tin.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy with Dr. Jacqueline Preston

Weight Loss Hypnosis from Grantham serving Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Stamford, Sleaford, Grantham, Newark, Rutland, Oakham, and Peterborough.

Weight Reduction Hypnosis Grantham

Engaging the depths of the mind

By stimulating the subconscious, Jacqueline Preston, a hypnotherapist and Nutrition Consultant, specialising in weight issues can help you stop eating sugary sweets, crisps, cupcakes, and biscuits. In a manner that is similar to how hypnotherapy may be used to make smokers imagine that cigarettes taste or smell terrible – Jacqueline can implement the strength of suggestion to create new feelings with regards to snack food items, which means that you will not feel so tempted when you pass the cake section.

Weight Loss Hypnosis in Grantham

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Grantham resolves the underlying cause of your comfort food, rather than attempting to work with your determination or willpower, it replaces the previous thinking patterns with brand new healthier ones, releasing you from the grip of the dependency.
As an alternative to having to battle to restrict your grazing habits, avoiding these foods will likely become natural and easy for you.

Get in touch with Dr. Jacqueline today to discuss with her in complete confidence your weight issues.
She tailors each weight loss plan to your individual needs and body to give the best results.

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