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Elevated Therapy International ®  – a GHSC Representative Organisation

Appointed Trainings at Elevated Therapy International ®

Discover old, new and forgotten ways of being…

The best trainings are 1+1 – I will teach you all I know!

International applications are invited

My aim is to provide a range of practical, theoretical and professional educational programmes in the area of mind-body-spirit for discerning people, offering courses leading to new or developed career opportunities, or professional development programmes for Certified Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, for other trained and certified therapists in relevant fields, helping professionals and managers, and courses and trainings which may be taken for personal development and spiritual interest and growth.

Elevated Therapy was founded by me (Dr. Michael G Millett), a psychotherapist, counsellor, hypnotherapist, clinician, regression therapist, meta-physician  healer, NLP practitioner, energy therapist, and international writer who has qualifications in several areas of psychotherapy, complementary health, the healing arts and a long-standing interest and professional involvement in spirituality, esoteric subjects and metaphysics.
I am a full member of a number of professional associations, both in the UK and USA.

I specialise in personal change-work, spiritual development, core level transformation and healing, spiritual and transpersonal applications of hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy and past life healing, and psychotherapy using an eclectic and holistic approach.

The courses I run are “top” private courses usually done on a 1+1 in a tranquil home setting, or in small groups only, to ensure individual attention.
Small groups up to a maximum of four people.

I hope you will find a training in the Elevated Therapy International portfolio below which suits your present training and development needs or serves your personal interest.

These trainings are carried out 7 days per week and cover many aspects of clinical, esoteric / metaphysical therapy and healing under the general headings below.
For those out of Grantham or the UK, I can also supply hotel details here in Grantham in which I am located centrally.
The day runs from about 10.00am to 5.00pm at my home “Tipperary House” with an hour or so for lunch.
I supply light beverages and biscuits etc. during the day.

There are many eating places in Grantham ( Restaurants). Trainees may also consider bringing a lunch with them particularly if they have special dietary requirements.
In good weather, trainees are welcome to take their lunch and breaks in Michael`s garden.
I do not work more than 4 training days running concurrently as I have private clients and clinic work to do and I work Saturdays as well.
However, most people find this helpful as they can split the training days – return home or do some sight-seeing in Lincolnshire, London or England and *return a couple of days later for completion of what they have chosen to train in or gain further knowledge in.
These courses and trainings are `practical based` and you will also receive `hand-outs` and written information as well.

* This is not obligatory, a person can complete it on a monthly basis or slightly longer too. It is all so very flexible!

The new full Elevated Therapy Portfolio of offered trainings and enhancements will be posted here in due course.

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