Therapy Through Past Life

Therapy Through Past Life

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Past Life Therapy

Past Life Regression in LincolnRegression is one of the great techniques of the future in the fields of self-discovery and psychotherapy.
One of its essential characteristics is that it integrates two dimensions within the same process:
a psycho-therapeutic dimension, and a metaphysical one.

To psychotherapists, regression is a transpersonal technique allowing explorations and releases of rare depth, and through which a much needed metaphysical dimension can be incorporated into psychotherapy.
To spiritual seekers, regression is a major tool in the opening of perception, a powerful awakener of the third eye, and above all a path of mental de-conditioning.
It achieves a profound and systematic purification of the emotional layer which is an indispensable preliminary to higher spiritual experience.

Past Life Regression / Healing aims at exploring and releasing emotional blockages and mental complexes, as do many other therapies. However, the specificity of regression lies in its unequalled capacity to reach hidden unconscious and super-conscious memories.
It must be said that it is in no way necessary to believe in past lives to undergo a regression process.
Some people regard it as working through metaphor, or symbolic expressions of their inner psyche or `soul drama`.
The images you experience are a valid expression of your unconscious mind and deserve to be heard and released, no matter where they come from!
However, some of the flashbacks during regression have an extreme clarity and leave most people with little doubt that they are real.

Potential Clients must also realise that Past Life Access is NOT given on demand in a session.
Sometimes, the unconscious will put forward `this life or other issues` sometimes in an unexpected way which need to be accessed and dealt with therapeutically firstly in a direct, general or better way.

The (client`s) `unconscious` / `super-conscious ` controls the session. 

Past Life Therapy Newark

Yet what matters with regression experiences is not whether they come from past lives, but what sort of improvement they can bring to your present and how your present can be changed.
People ultimately, will decide for themselves what the real nature of these flashbacks and experiences may be.
However, individuals would be poorly inspired to try to make up their mind before undergoing regressions themselves, for the intensity and sharpness of the experience and flashbacks are far greater than most people imagine when they think of past-life therapy.

In all honesty, only direct experience can bring a real understanding of the subject of past lives.
The purpose of regression is not to chronicle your past lives, but to work at clearing the present.
Regression in general is concerned with your present emotional and mental blockages, and works as a tool to release them.
This may lead to re-experiencing episodes of present early childhood and birth as well as past life experiences.

Past Life Therapy LeicesterHowever, if you start to be more interested in the details of past-life stories than in how the regression can help you release blocks and become more awakened, then the process can quickly become meaningless, and actually invite all kinds of delusions.

The objectives and goals of regression are de-conditioning  emotional freedom here and now, Self-awareness, Personal Development and Self-growth.

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