Stepping Through the Looking-Glass

Metaphysical Therapy. Law of AttractionStepping Through the Looking-Glass

No dream is impossible !

Using personal coaching, counselling, spiritual hypnotherapy, psycho spiritual therapy, metaphysics (Michael is also a qualified and practising metaphysician), working with the Universal Laws in meaningful ways, Native Spirituality, Mystery Traditions, and concepts from “The Secret”, and “The Road Less Travelled”, and supported by `the energies` that are governing our lives.
This programme, and workshop from Dr. Michael G Millett, out of The Tara Box ™ is geared to you, and offers the knowledge of how to create – intentionally and effortlessly – a more joyful, and successful life by becoming a Conscious Creator.

Our daydreams help to build our future. What you focus on grows. Be grateful for the past as that brings you more peace today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.
As Eleanor Roosevelt said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

So now it is time to for you to explore life’s possibilities by clarifying what you truly want out of life. This is about taking responsibility and embracing the spirit within which is enthusiasm – the spark that lights the flame which illuminates your path. Magic happens when you direct your conscious focus to what you want to form by living the life that you are choosing, day by day, to create.

Law of Attraction CoachingSession 1 – Life Review Session

What do you want? What is your destination?

Setting the positive intention. Discussion and exploratory, and teaching session based on how you feel today and focusing on changing the current balance in your life so that you feel more and more energised. This helps with opening a more positive direction in which your life might move. It is a process of `becoming` through freshness, flexibility, and `growth choice` – and harnessing courage and self-love in moving forward, and displaying that. Going for what you want rather than moving away from what you don’t want by reaching for the future.

The Road Less Travelled

Session 2 – Advance your Dreams

This session is initially a discussion, exploratory, and teaching session about clarifying what you want, and why you want it. Understanding what motivates you and programming you for what you really want devoid of ego. Is your current self-image at odds with your Dream? Is it in your best interests right now? We examine your beliefs and your expectations, fears, and blockages to achieve that. Works with your projection, and your self-image with their central thoughts. Moves to help create the reality that supports a more positive self-image by creating new conscious programmes (cause and effect).  This makes positive use of your desire, imagination, and expectancy in a conscious way. Then using metaphysical hypnotherapy while working with your Higher Self through a variety of techniques, including `future loops`and incorporating universal laws, and raising positive energy for manifestation on an unconscious level.

Metaphysical Therapy SessionsSession 3 – Streaming The Dream

Fake it `til you make it in all ways that are possible. Believe ! It is about learning how to create success. If you desire a loving, intimate relationship, ask yourself how you would think, feel and behave if you were in that relationship – and do it now. This shapes a powerful magnetic attraction for what you want to come into your life. Then using metaphysical hypnotherapy for programming while working with your Higher Self, we start Streaming The Dream, allowing it to take on a symbolic form, melting it into your heart, and holding it, and going with the flow towards your Dream while learning how to live in an illuminated, more aware and wiser world on your own journey of discovery as you step through the Looking-Glass.

The 3 sessions are sequential on different days, and each session lasts approximately 2 hours and costs just £99.00 per session.
Give Michael a call today to book your appointments in Grantham or via Skype or fill out the easy email form below to do that.

Please note: Clients are always encouraged to have hypnotherapy face to face. Dr. Michael Millett uses a meditative approach over the phone or via Skype. Using Guided Meditation which is a short relaxing process before guiding them through a scene in their mind to help improve their life and issues in positive ways. Working with emotions directly, he takes a more of a Mindfulness approach, as well as other mindfulness and contemplative techniques and works with the emotion or anxiety as it presents itself, without necessarily seeking a cause or expecting an immediate solution. An approach he finds helpful is called `Touch and Let Go`.


Metaphysical Sessions

Law of Attraction on Skype

Sessions also available via Skype


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