Spirit Guide Meditation

Spirit Guide Meditation

Spirit Guide meditationIt is refreshing to know that our guides are here to help and support us all the time through their love and compassion.
Talk to them and ask for their guidance. Talk to them through your conscious mind, in your dreams and with the help of this meditation.
You will come to understand your partnership with your guides or Higher Self and have much Light around you which will multiply with absolute perfection, as is the way of Spirit.

Since this is a special meditation, you may want to prepare your meditation space in a significant and loving way for yourself by creating a peaceful, calm and tranquil atmosphere. If you feel you would like to light a candle or burn some incense that helps create a peaceful space, then do so. Perhaps a white candle or another coloured candle of your choice.
A blanket helps maintain body heat, which can drop considerably whilst doing this work.

Some appropriate music also helps set the environment and mood.

Spirit Guide Meditation



It is a good idea to say a prayer first stating your intent and outcome and focusing on your dedication, willingness and trust to get to meet your guides in this special meditation session. Some people like to bring into their meditative space, sacred or personal objects or meaningful symbols to add to the importance and spiritual significance of this meditation event. You may wish to have an altar or area that is able to contain special, sacred or religious objects that hold significance for you.

Once you are relaxed and know you won`t be disturbed – take it nice and slowly.
Try to sense, feel or imagine as much detail as possible as you begin your meditative journey.

Spirit Guide Meditation

1. Sit in a comfortable position, one that you can sustain for about 30-45 minutes.

2. Close your eyes and take in a deep cleansing breath. Fill your lungs right up. Then release the breath slowly through your mouth pushing all the air out of your body. Take in several deep breaths through the nose in this way and then imagine, sense or feel yourself being surrounded by golden or white light from the universe and then after a while imagine, sense or feel this golden or white light coming into your lungs and filling your body as you continue deep breathing. This light will protect you and your body and keep you safe during the meditation. You may wish to affirm that you are filled and surrounded by this protecting light and know that it is so.

3. Now image at the same time all the stress, anxiety, worries, concerns, needless energy and negativity you have within you leaving your body and being carried out to the universe as grey smoke and mixing with and being dispersed by the golden or white light outside of your body where it can no longer do harm to you or anyone.
Just relax your entire body and mind. Feel the tension in your muscles begin to let go and drain away.

4. Focus in the centre of your body and imagine, sense or feel the white or golden light moving up and down your body from this focus point.
Imagine the healing of this energy-light as it passes through your muscles and organs and your entire system. Feel the tingling sensations as the light moves down to the tips of your toes and up your body through you neck, shoulders, face and right up to the top of your head.
Imagine your entire body being internally cleansed, healed and bathed in this white or golden protecting spiritual light.

5. Set the positive intention once again by asking your guides and teachers to come to you and to help with the purpose of this mediation.
State your positive intention clearly and ask ‘God’, ‘Goddess’ or `Spirit` to support you with your meditative journey.
Don’t forget to acknowledge and thank ‘God’, ‘Goddess’ or `Spirit` for this help and support.

6. Keep your eyes closed, and get a sense of looking up at the pituitary gland which is no larger than a pea. This is a small gland located in the middle of your forehead, just above the brow. (this is also considered to be the position of your Third Eye or Ajana and governs command, perception, knowledge and authority and its primal relationship is with inner and cosmic knowledge). Try to keep your eyes focused on this point. The muscles around your eyes may become sore as you stretch them upward, so don’t over do this at first. As you practice, this step will become easier for you to do.

7. As you focus on your Third Eye imagine, sense or feel you are standing on a grassy hill. Bring yourself to the very top of the hill and when you are ready to begin to walk down this hill, just do that. Notice, sense or feel or image each step as you walk down the hill. Imagine yourself moving safely and with ease. Use all your senses to experience this descent.

8. When you are walking along the bottom of the hill feeling very safe, see yourself healthy and carefree and allow your sense of being to be part of this place as it fills your body and mind. Take a moment to imagine or sense it.

9. Somewhere nearby is a clear, still pond. As you approach the clear, still pond, you notice a mist is forming near it. This mist hugs the earth. Intuitively, you are aware that your guide is approaching and is inviting your soul into this realm of enlightenment. Now reach out your hand into the mist. Be aware of your guide`s hand gently slipping into your own.

10. The mist begins to clear now and you have the opportunity to meet and see your guide and you know this is so. You can also see the type of clothes they’re wearing, the style of their hair and any decorations or adornments they may have. Take it all in and be open to sense their good intentions as well.

11. Feel their energy surrounding you, both spiritually and physically. You make a mental note of this feeling so that you can recognise it when you return from this meditation and sense your guide and subsequently connect with them during your day-to-day life if appropriate.

12. Greet your guide. You can ask their name. Just accept whatever comes forth. Ask if he or she has any special advice for you. What lessons you’re here to learn or what karma you need to resolve and clear. Ask any questions that you might have. You may even simply just want to only sit with your guide and that is OK.
You might invite your guide to be part of your life on a daily basis and consider asking them how you might connect with them during your day-to-day life or ask how they can assist you during your dreams. You might also ask if the guide has a gift for you. Just enjoy it!

13. When you have concluded your visit, thank them deeply for their gift of service and protection to you and for coming into your awareness today. Say `goodbye` to them in a loving way that feels right for you.

14. Watch as the mist forms again around them near the clear, still pond. Imagine yourself now moving back from the clear, still pond and the mist and ascending the grassy hill and from there your soul connecting back with your physical body protected by being surrounded and filled with the golden or white light.

15. As your soul unites back within your body, all the visions, sensations, answers, gift you might have received integrate with your conscious everyday mind and are automatically stored there now for easy assimilation and access.

16. Now bring your thoughts back to the present and think about the good days to come and take in a deep breath feeling completely at peace.
Begin to feel the energy start flowing through your body and become more and more aware of your surroundings as you breathe in wakeful energy and balance your energies. Then open your eyes and enter again into the outside world `The World of Form`….feeling wonderful in every way .

Spirit Guide Meditation

You might wish to record your journey either on audio tape or in a journal before finishing up. If you wish to do this, I would advise doing it immediately while the images, feelings, sounds and experience are still fresh in your mind.

You don’t have to just use this mediation for meeting your guides only. You can use it each time you want to connect with them as well making it a regular habit and in doing so, you will become more adept at it.

If you consciously communicate with your guides you have an enormous wealth of resources to tap into.
Allowing you to learn about yourself, work through problems and discuss and find solutions for any situation you find yourself in through your life. They are here to love and honour you through their guidance, assistance and insight.

Spirit Guide Meditation

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Spirit Guide Meditation

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