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Reiki Helps Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and M.S.

by Diana Pearce

Reiki Treatments in GranthamI am writing this to share some stories about how Reiki has affected my life and allowed me to help others.

My original goals have changed over the years, I have been a home economics teacher and a financial planner.
My true goal is to be the best healer I am capable of being. My process of personal growth has just begun.

The same “obstacles” that prevented my having an “average” life and a steady income actually led me to most valuable achievement, a Reiki Master degree.

I have multiple sclerosis. While working on building up my strength at the Y, I met my Reiki Master. I had treatments from him and the second time he visited he gave me my first degree. My 40th birthday present was my second degree.

Having Reiki helped ease my frustrations a great deal. My mother had arthritis in her legs, which threatened to cripple her. Reiki and the intention of helping to ease her pain resulted in a cessation of symptoms after 5 months with only 10 minutes a day and no power symbol!

My brother has been able to continue his work as a baggage handler without a reoccurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome. (I admit to sending only with spiritual permission since he is skeptical, but needed help so badly.)

I hope my niece will recognize Reiki by the time she can talk since she has had treatments since before she was born.

Reiki changed my situation from being dependent on others to being able to help them. I have to wait a lot for transportation, but now that I have Reiki hands they are never idle.

My physiotherapist (Reiki I) now tells me where to put my hands during my treatments.

Every time I meet someone with a physical problem, I try to help it with Reiki. Reiki has truly changed my life.

Diana Pearce is a Reiki Master in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Baby Heals Before Birth

by Valerie J. Kostiw

Reiki Healing in NewarkI was asked to work with a young mother due to deliver any day. She had undergone ultrasound and learned that her baby would require kidney surgery immediately following delivery, and justly so was very distraught and was looking to relaxation to assist her in the last days prior to delivery. I worked with her with the Reiki healing energy. The fetus calmed right down with the mother. You could just feel the LOVE transfer back and forth between the two of them. She left feeling wonderful and ready to accept the fact that her little one was fortunate enough to have had the kidney blockage detected before birth rather than waiting until it had progressed to a worse situation.

Upon delivery a few days later, (with no difficulty, and mother very relaxed) the little man let out a healthy wail, and proceeded to empty his bladder upon the doctor – with no problems at all. The doctor proclaimed he did not require surgery.

The young lady’s brother-in-law took Reiki training with me shortly after the delivery and when I asked him about her health and the baby’s, he immediately KNEW that Reiki was the reason for the baby’s miraculous self-healing. Thanks be to God.

Valerie J. Kostiw, Reiki Master

Reiki Master in Newark

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