The real cost of hypnotherapy in Lincoln

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The real cost of hypnotherapy in Lincoln: Can you afford not to?

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Hypnotherapy in Lincoln. In spite of the many benefits that psychological therapies can bring to our lives; quite a few people still view it as somewhat of a luxury. Although they might think nothing of spending money on drinking, smoking cigarettes, eating at restaurants or ‘therapeutic’ shopping trips, by using money for something like hypnotherapy in Lincoln it is by some considered to be an extravagance. Yet research clearly shows that the benefits of these treatments may be powerful, and can assist with problems ranging from anxiety to substance addiction. So in fact, is hypnotherapy in Lincoln really a luxury you can afford not to try?

The particular way hypnosis in Lincoln can improve your life

The conscious mind is somewhat restricted as to what it recalls; however, the subconscious keeps every little thing which we have witnessed in our lives. By using the subconscious, Dr. Michael G Millett – a hypnotherapist in Lincolnshire can access long-term belief systems and help the client to make alterations at the very core of the issue. By utilising this approach, Michael, a hypnotherapist in Lincoln can help the individual gain substantial health advantages.

gastric band hypnosis LincolnWeight Loss, and weight control in Lincoln

Although quite a few people wanting to get slimmer are determined to reach their objectives, dieting can be challenging. It doesn’t matter how much they would like to reach their weight objectives, their motivation may very well be frustratingly weak or difficult to rely on. This can be as a consequence of underlying subconscious issues which simply cannot be overridden by will power alone. Dr. Michael Millett, and Dr. Jacqueline Preston at Elevated Therapy in Grantham can discover these issues and re-educate them with imagery and the power of suggestion, consequently making way for real weight control results to take place.

Clinical Hypnotherapy LincolnAddiction issues in Lincoln

People that have harmful addictions to things like cigarettes, drinking or gaming usually struggle in the same way as those wanting to slim down: even when they make a determined effort to overcome their habitual habits, they just cannot free themselves long-term. This might be as their focus is misplaced. Countless smokers, for example, make use of nicotine replacement products in the thought that by curing the body of its nicotine dependency they will be able to stop smoking cigarettes.


On the other hand, since their smoking addiction is grounded in the subconscious mind their attempts are inclined to fall short. If the subconscious is involved and the cause of the addiction is dealt with, a smoker’s probabilities of successfully kicking the habit are enhanced drastically.

Lincoln HypnotherapyPanic disorders and anxiety in Lincoln

A lot of people’s lives are blighted by anxiousness; with some discovering that their occupation or educational goals are inhibited by an inability to talk in social settings by way of example. The price of putting up with this anxiety may be considerable, causing people to reject job promotions or to fallout of college. Through seeking the help of Elevated Therapy, however, the individual can develop an increased sense of confidence, which manifests positively in their career or study.

Thus, despite the fact that the cost may at first glance seem more than is affordable, the substantial advantages that hypnosis in Lincoln can bring to your life are very valuable.

Help with….

Stop Smoking

Weight Loss

Phobias and Fears

Pain Management


Unwanted Habits

Anxiety and Depression


Sports Performance

Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Performance Anxiety

Motivation and Procrastination

Body Image


IVF and Fertility

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Postnatal Depression


and lots more…





Dr. Michael Millett, a specialised and supervising hypnotherapist, from Elevated Therapy International located in Grantham, Lincolnshire, says that:



“Hypnosis has endless uses in psychotherapy, psychiatry and medicine, and is a safe, reliable, effective, supportive and pleasant alternative or supplementary addition to other, more traditional methods. With the current skyrocketing of health care costs, hypnotherapy in Lincoln from Elevated Therapy is also proving invaluable as an aid in speeding recovery from physical, emotional and mental problems.”

Elevated Therapy has been established since 1995 in London and relocated to Grantham, Lincolnshire in 2012 serving Grantham, Lincoln and discerning people from Lincolnshire.

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