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Energy is an amazing thing and can be directed and channelled over great distances with you as the conduit.
To understand this, it is important to comprehend three laws, the universal law, the law of correspondence and the law of similarity. The universal law simply states that a person with positive intent as the heart is the key to the soul and also emits the greatest energy field, can call upon the unseen and hidden energy forces around themselves to help send healing to anything. The law of correspondent states that all life is connected in some shape or form, as all has been originally created form the same source.


The law of similarity states that an object, an item of clothing, smell or even a memory of a person or animal that bears a resemblance to that person or animal can be used for physic purposes to direct healing at that person or animal.


Using A Proxy

The easiest method I find is to use a proxy or an object for the healing.

A proxy is an object that is utilised by a healer, to represent and take the place of the individual, group, event, or situation receiving the healing energy.
In other words, the proxy is used in place of the person, pet / animal etc, that can not be in your physical presence at the time of the healing.

Healing in NottinghamYou can use a teddy bear, a photograph of the person, your own body or a doll or whatever you feel comfortable with.
The proxy helps the healing channel or conduit (you) focus and direct the energy needed to the client or recipient.
The client receives the energy through the proxy, because that is what you have set it up to do before you began the healing session (your positive intention).


Setting The Positive Intention Of A Proxy

Healing by ProxyThis is very important and enables you to create a loop of positive energy from your heart to the proxy – to the client and back to your heart. When you’re ready to send healing to a client you will need to concentrate and set the positive intent of using the proxy in place of the physical contact with the client or recipient and name the client out loud while you do so.
Then by using your will, imagination, meditation, prayer and positive intent, the Divine and unseen and hidden energy forces around you help send healing to the client via the proxy.
They will help you to direct the energy needed through the cosmos to the client for which it is intended.

Setting the proxy is really very easy and just takes a short while. Find an object that you’ll want to use for your proxy. Prepare your space as you would for any spiritual activity. Then set your intent and begin.
The following is a brief example of how you can do Elevated Therapy Healing by Proxy.

  • Prepare your healing space and create your own individual cleansing process to be ready to send healing. Choose a place where you will not be disturbed for about half an hour and take it nice and slowly. Try to sense, feel or imagine as much detail as possible.
  • Light a candle or burn some incense that helps create a peaceful space, and say a personal prayer asking your guides, teachers, angels, and your personal Divine force(s) to support and assist you with this healing.
  • Some people like to bring into their healing space, sacred or personal objects or meaningful symbols to add to the importance and spiritual significance of this healing event. You may wish to have an altar or area that is able to contain special, sacred or religious objects that hold significance for you.
  • Now sit in a comfortable position and place your proxy in front of you.
  • Make the intention that you are sending healing to a certain person, situation etc, naming that person out loud.
  • Close your eyes and take in a few deep cleansing breaths.
  • Imagine, sense or feel yourself being surrounded by golden or white Divine Celestial Light and then after a while imagine, sense or feel this golden or white light coming into your lungs and filling your body as you continue breathing. You may wish to affirm that you are filled and surrounded by this protecting light and know that it is so.
  • With each breath, the Light enlarges until your entire body is fully filled with the white or golden Divine Celestial Light.
  • Hold your hands in front of your face with fingers together, palms facing each other, but not touching – forming a circle.
  • Imagine the face and spiritual elements of the individual or recipient who will be receiving your healing energy being held within that circular space between your palms.
    Hold this image or sense of them in your hands for a short while.
  • Once you feel comfortable with this and the connection you have made, it is IMPORTANT to ask the individual / client for their permission to receive this gift of healing energy for whatever their higher self deems appropriate.
  • If you sense or feel an affirmative answer, then bring your hands down towards the proxy and say to yourself out loud, “I place ‘their name’, upon this ‘doll’ (or whatever) which signifies, connects with and represents the physical being of ‘their name’ for the purpose of receiving positive change and healing. For the good of all, according to the free will of all. And so must it be.”
  • Now you can open your eyes if you wish or you can keep them closed; and begin the focus and healing on the proxy.
  • Once the healing has been completed, let the recipient know that you will be disconnecting from them by raising your hands from their proxy body, thus breaking the link.
  • Hold your hands together in front of your face once more. Palms facing each other, but not touching forming a circle. Imagine the face of the individual / recipient again and thank them for allowing you to bring them this Divine gift of healing. Then acknowledge that the healing has concluded and the client will be fully released energetically.
  • Imagine their face gently fading within the circle, closing the channel between your higher mind and theirs.
  • Place your hands over the proxy one more time and imagine a discharge of Divine protection, a cleansing and purifying energy dispensing internally from the proxy from the inside out.
  • Thank the proxy for its services. Thank all your guides, teachers and others for their help, support and assistance too.
    Finally give a prayer of thanks to the Divine and Celestial force(s) for allowing you to be a conduit of healing and ask that the session now be concluded.

Just remember your intent is what is most important here.
How you conduct further healing sessions can be developed and refined with love, time, practice, experience and perhaps feedback.

Bright Blessings,

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