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Positive EFT Practitioner Training

AMT / GOE Master Trainer since 1998

So easy to get to from Lincoln, Grimsby, Hull, Doncaster, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, York, Leeds, Peterborough, Leicester, Cambridge, Kettering, Northampton, Norwich, Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, London and the South-East

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Positive EFT Practitioner

Positive EFT Practitioner Training

Positive EFT LincolnThe great gift that is The Positives. Positive EFT UK

Positive EFT LincolnMichael also arranges session work for everyone who wants to learn and work with the `Positives` for one hour or one and a half hour sessions !
Give him a call !


Focuses on what YOU or YOUR CLIENT needs or wants more of…

If you thought the new concepts presented in Silvia Hartmann’s book “Energy EFT” were mind-blowing and a game-changer for Energists world-wide then you’ll certainly want to be a part of what comes next, and its all about raising positive feelings and how to stay feeling positive.


Following the launch of the Positive EFT Practitioner Training back in June 2013 at Gatwick near London, with Silvia Hartmann – Master Trainer Dr. Michael G Millett is offering the most cutting edge training and qualification from The AMT / Guild of Energists.


What else is possible ??

Please Note: If you are currently an AMT trainer you will be qualified to teach this course having attended this training with Michael and Elevated Therapy International ®.


Great addition for Sports people to get them in the zone !

Introducing Positive EFT

Positive EFT Practitioner




Digging around endlessly in the traumas of your past is not the answer to a happy life in the NOW. By bringing POSITIVE energies into your energy body, you …

♥ Completely transform the way you feel inside
♥ Grow and strengthen positive feelings
♥ Stay feeling positive for longer
♥ Change your self concept from the ground up
♥ Dissolve & wash away old energy blockages for good
♥ Empower yourself ENORMOUSLY
♥ Boost your immune system, health, vitality
♥ Unlock your NATURAL intelligence, intuition & magic
♥ Start to smile, come to life, feel good about yourself
♥ Draw positive attention from others
♥ Have so much more to give to those you love
♥ Improve your X-Factor and start to SHINE


Positive EFT is THE ANTIDOTE to depression, anxiety, stress, temper tantrums, low energy, misery, impatience, indecision, confusion and feeling helpless, hopeless, powerless and alone – and the rest !

Quick and easy to use in helping yourself, ENORMOUSLY POWERFUL as an addition to your healing practice. Positive EFT is what the world needs, right now !! Take part in a truly transformational one day workshop with Michael that is going to change your life for the better – and through you, all the lives you touch on your journey.

Instead of tapping on feelings about not having money, tap on ‘more wealth’.

1 hour and one and a half hour sessions arranged too to learn this method, and work with Michael ! For £60, and £75


Course Details

  • Price: £250 1:1 for this full-day 4 module training with Michael (see special prices below charged for more than one trainee attending).
  • The AMT Positive EFT Practitioner certificate + 1 years AMT membership is £40.00 extra for AMT Practitioner Members.
  • Qualification: AMT Positive EFT Practitioner
  • Non-AMT Practitioner Members receive an AMT Facilitator/Attendance Certificate
  • Prerequisites: Please read “Energy EFT” by Silvia Hartmann before attending to get the most out of the training.


A 50% deposit will need to be made once the Positive EFT Training Day has been finalised and the balance is payable at the end of the training.
The deposit and complete payment can be made by cash, a cheque with a bankers card and by credit or debit card which can be done on the phone with your credit or debit card when making the appointment (all major cards accepted) or UK residents can arrange to send a deposit cheque before the training.
Non UK residents can pay the deposit over the phone through their credit or debit card when booking by phone or use PayPal.

Workshops are arranged in Grantham, Lincolnshire. NG31 9AA by appointment on Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun. (One-On-One Tuition) – 7 days per week with Michael in a tranquil home setting, or in small groups if you wish to arrange to bring a couple of friends or colleagues (see special prices below).

The full day workshop commences at 10.00am and finishes before 5.00pm.
Positive EFT Practitioner Training LondonFor those out of Grantham or the UK, Michael can also accommodate people at “Tipperary House” itself with a private boutique style B&B arrangement.
Details HERE.
Or he can recommend some nice local Guest Houses or Hotels nearby.

He is located in Grantham`s town-centre. Restaurants and eating places are very close by.
He supplies light beverages, biscuits and savouries etc. during the day. Trainees may also consider bringing a lunch with them particularly if they have special dietary requirements.
In good weather, trainees are welcome to take their lunch and breaks in part of Michael`s garden and patio area (the Clonmel Terrace).

Elevated Therapy’s Oudoor Training Area (Killusty Village) for up to 12 / 13 people.

(SPECIAL PRICES) → The cost is £250 for 1:1 or £175 if two are attending, or £150 each if three or more are attending this full day Positive EFT workshop programme at “Tipperary House” in Grantham if you wish to arrange to bring a couple of friends or colleagues.

Positive EFT Practitioner Training

Michael conducts this workshop on a 1+1 basis or with very small intimate groups for the best individual attention. He has been using these techniques since 1996 and is a very experienced psychotherapist who uses MET / EFT on a daily basis in session work with clients in his very successful, and dynamic private practice.

Michael is also a Director and international trainer’s trainer for the Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies [The AMT / GOE] as well as being one of the Founders, so quality, expertise and success can be assured for discerning delegates in making this their choice of Positive EFT workshop and certified training.

With this workshop that same POSITIVITY, expertise and success is yours!

If you are interested in doing this wonderful workshop with Michael, please e-mail him about it so that you can arrange the full day training for you, or telephone him to arrange it.

NOTE: Practitioner membership of The AMT / GOE required for Practitioner certificate. Non-members will receive a Facilitator Certificate. Course prices also include all reading materials.

Details of Course:

Part One: Welcome to Positive EFT
The stress Factor and table
High energy flow
Tapping energy EFT
Positive Energy Forms
MORE Energy
Discovering Positive EFT

Part Two: From Stress to Success
Understanding Energy Body Stress
Establishing quick stress stoppers
Free Energy
Animal Power
Positive Energy
Finding positives

Part Three: From Problems to Solutions
You don’t have to solve it – only evolve it!
An evolution of positives
Personalising the positives
Finding inspiration
Solving future and past problems & challenges

Part Four: Positive EFT for Two and More!
Tapping with others (friends, family, children etc)
The 6th Sense
Future Orientation
Evoking energy
How much pleasure can you stand ??

Positive EFT Practitioner

Phone Michael TODAY !

Positive EFT LincolnMichael also arranges session work for everyone who wants to learn and work with the `Positives` for one hour or one and a half hour sessions ! Give him a call !

Positive EFT Skype & Phone Worldwide

Skype and phone sessions arranged worldwide to help people use Positive EFT in their lives !


overnight stays in grantham (2)

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Positive EFT Sessions in Grantham In-person

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