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Some Interesting Facts About Causes of Panic Attacks

Help for Panic Attacks in Lincoln

Panic Attacks Grantham and Newark – Many people throughout the world in developed Western nations experience panic attacks and obviously are curious of the causes. Panic attacks are a difficult condition to deal with and sometimes diagnose, for many reasons.
It is a tremendously intricate medical / emotional problem linking the individual’s psychological state plus physical condition.
There is a wide array of similarities and cross-influence taking place within the mind and body and the more you have them, the more you FEAR you will have them, therefore … the more you will have them.
From many points of view, that condition only tends to make everything more difficult to contend with.



You should always talk to your doctor first if you feel for any reason that you experience panic attacks on a frequent basis.
Furthermore, be sure to find out whether or not there could be an element that generates your attacks.
This article from Elevated Therapy will look at the roots of panic attacks and supply beneficial data.

Help for Panic Attacks in Newark

There are some theories for the causes of panic attacks. First, though, it’s important to realise that a panic attack occurs when you sense danger or a threat, and you perceive that you cannot avoid it. Remember though, that typically this is not a real threat. The perception of this threat or the belief that it is real is how your mind sees it though.
One particular theory states that an attack is simply an inappropriate response by the alarm sensing mechanisms to external perceptions.
In plain English, these perceptions are believed real even when they are not.
The alarm may be false, but your body reacts as if it is a real threat.

There can be disturbing events in a person’s life that can cause a panic disorder, or the recurring incidence of panic attacks. Panic attacks can be noticeable at a very young age in adolescence if life- incidents are difficult.
Subsequently, the panic ailment will be felt and noticeable by the grownup years.
What sorts of traumatic scenarios can make this happen?
The most frequently cited are sexual abuse during childhood and/or physical abuse fueling a finely tuned sense of trepidation, or a trepidation reaction, and that will pave the way to the real panic attack.

Medical conditions though, can be the cause of a panic attack. Additionally, there can be direct physical causation due to an event to the body.

If you feel that you are having, or have had, a panic attack, then it is highly recommended to see your doctor first.
It has been shown that some medical issues cause panic attacks, for example, heart conditions that are related to improper closure of the valve, hypoglycemia, and hyperthyroidism (not hypo). The cause of hyperthyroidism is an over-active thyroid. If your blood sugar is often low you may suffer from hypoglycemia.
If you notice anything out of the ordinary, be sure to discuss it with your doctor as it may help identify potential triggers for your own attacks.

Help for Panic Attacks in Sleaford

Sometimes you may actually have an unknown phobia or psychological reaction to a situation that you never realised you had and Psychotherapy for panic attacks or psychoanalytic talk therapy is an effective modality for treating panic disorder in this context, getting you to understand the underlying emotional meaning of your panic, its root psychological causes. Hypnotherapy for panic attacks is also helpful in treating sufferers of panic disorder.
Whilst in trance, the unconscious mind is accessed and the original reasons for the disorder can be unearthed.
This normally occurs when young (up to the age of 7 years old) and develops into a full blown fear of a particular situation.
By revisiting the original memory and experiencing it as an adult, the correct interpretation can be made, thus removing the irrational fear.

Another answer is to try the MET`s or EFT for panic attacks with some variations to address several of the underlying issues around the panic.
It is the Sympathetic Nervous System that causes the body to go into the fight or flight mode in the first place and it is the Parasympathetic Nervous System that returns the body to normal.
By using EFT for that initially and inviting the Parasympathetic Nervous System to return you to normal, I have seen very positive and quick results in alleviating panic attacks with clients.

Copyrighted and written by Dr. Michael G Millett.

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