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Karmic Problems are a force produced by your own consciousness and manifested through the Law of Cause and Effect which is a natural law which has nothing to do with the idea of justice or reward and punishment.
Contrary to popular belief, in most cases, karma is something that has been done in your present life by YOU and is not necessarily past life based!

With Karma – every action produces an equal and opposite reaction which may appear as a problem to you sometimes because of having thought or done something for which you will either reap the benefits or pay off the debt.
Therefore, YOU are responsible for your thoughts and actions, so your karma is entirely your own.
Karma is NOT fate! Karma is in the hands of YOU to shape you own future by growing in the present (Agami or Kriyamana Karma).

All problems of course have some psychological basis that involve your conscious and unconscious mind but there is a deeper side to most problems which involve the psychic and deeper or `rooted` levels of the mind. This is called “karmic cause”.
By removing the karmic cause in your mind, this psychic reason for your problem will go and remain gone provided there is a growth in higher consciousness after that.



It is advised to deal with all problems as they arise in life knowing that no matter what the problem is, it can be always be dealt with on a spiritual level. Many problems can be dealt with on a physical and psychological level of course but ALL problems can be addressed `spiritually` for higher consciousness by your Higher Self or Real Self to deal with the problem and for many issues, this is the best course of action to take and for some – is the only course of action!

Spiritually this is accomplished through a number of spiritual or metaphysical hypnotherapy techniques or special meditations employing positive psychic thought vibrations and focused affirmations for erasing and release of the problem(s) karmically or psychically.

Once your consciousness is raised above the psychic energy plane of the problem through these means, removal of the karmic cause behind the problem can be achieved and a new karmic-wave can begin.
This will allow you to walk a straight path towards your own empowerment and wellness.
You need to outgrow your problems – for growth is the solution within itself and a choice that you make in the present.


1) Self Doubt


Karma Therapy

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