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Metaphysical ScienceMetaphysical Papers ~ Self-doubt is not the REAL you!

Do you have a dream of something you would love to do, achieve, or be? Are you chasing it?
Have you achieved it? If not then what is holding you back?

Self-doubt is the only thing that prevents you from taking action!
People that DO act are operating on a spiritual premise for they are acting on faith.
Faith is a belief in something within yourself and you have within you that extra something!
It is believing in that reality and living the truth in that reality.

In each of us dwell two selves. The Temporary Self or Limited Self (The Personality) that has been created by the conditionings of society coupled with our Ego and Inner Critic and is often full of fear.
This Self is very absorbed with itself and usually has a limited appreciation of itself.
It is the self that is hugely responsible for creating blocks to prosperity and abundance.

Then we have the Higher Self or Real Self, that “spiritual” and creative spark of life which causes you to have life and puts ideas into action.
It is your eternal, infinite consciousness, free from all attachments.
Your Higher Self express your soul’s light and Divinity through your words, thoughts, actions, and all that you are and do.

You need to identify more with your Higher Self or Real Self. When you do, there is a faith in yourself that indeed you do have that extra something that can make your ideas realities. You can manifest.

MetaphysicsIn your Temporary Self or Limited Self, you do not act because of a feeling that you have of being alone in what you want to do.
I tell you that you are NOT alone in your efforts and this can be realised more through daily meditation and constantly affirming your Higher Self.
This then lets you know that you are not alone and are being directed and guided. Doing this keeps you attuned to the presence of your Higher Self or Real Self and eventually makes the Higher Self a reality in your mind.
Whatever, you truly believe to be REAL in life, IS reality!

Help with Self-doubt


Taking Action:

Self-doubt is NOT the real you.As in the Law of Attraction, physical realities come forth as a result of your thinking. As you have a creative idea or as an inspiration surfaces into your conscious mind, immediately say to yourself, “I give my Higher Self authority to put this into action immediately.”
As you go about acting out or carrying through an idea or task, tell yourself that it is not your Temporary Self that is doing it but your Higher Self as you have given it authority to do so.

If you have to speak to someone in order to activate your idea or task, think to yourself beforehand and while seeing and interacting with that person,
that it is not you but your Higher Self that will communicate with that person.
Your Higher Self will follow-up with additional ideas to help you succeed.

Constantly visualise that through your Higher Self, you are already enjoying and living the idea in your mind – as an already fulfilled fact.

Each day authorise your Higher Self to guide and direct you to the accomplishment of your ideas.

Consider that any negative thoughts that creep into your mind creating doubt and hesitation are part of your Temporary Self again.
Say to yourself “Cancel, Stop, Cancel” or “S.O.S”.

Each day say to yourself: “Success and happiness are ideas put into action in my life. It is not I, but my Higher Self, that does the work perfectly! I lovingly live life to the fullest.”

When a creative idea or inspiration surfaces to your conscious mind, you should immediately say to yourself: “My Higher Self puts this into action immediately”. Your Temporary Self should become a bystander that watches and praises the creativity, wisdom and action coming forth from your Higher Self.

Self DoubtFor those of you that are familiar with basic EFT you might like to try this as an opening statement:
Even though I feel this ……….(whatever the negative feeling is)……., I authorise my Higher Self to dissolve it and relieve me of this now.
All is well in my world.
” (Said three times whilst rubbing the sort spot) and then proceed with EFT on the tapping points in your usual way.

Whenever something good takes place in your life, you should give credit to your Higher Self because it reinforces the true self-image of your being which is the foundation of success and happiness in your life.

You should NEVER feel limited or incapable because it is your Higher Self that is doing the work and it is unlimited in what it can do.
Get to know and learn to trust your Higher Self – it will be the best investment you ever make! There is no anxiety attached to a true message from the Higher Self.
Know that the purpose of your life is to live your truth and activate and bring forth the REAL you in all your uniqueness to be expressed and shared with others.

I’d like to end this paper with a quote that I use to remind myself of the principle:

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford


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