How to Manage Social Anxiety in Nottingham

How to Manage Social Anxiety in Nottingham

Beating Social Anxiety Symptoms

EFT for Social Anxiety in Nottingham


As human beings, we genuinely feel the need to be accepted by others, and this is why social anxiety is very common.

It can create problems in situations that the majority of us take for granted like being at the till in a supermarket or even socialising with a group of friends.

Social anxiety can lead to a large number of problems within intimate relationships, a job and a person’s general way of life.

Shopping, presenting and public speaking, meeting friends – there are plenty of situations which can be tough to a sufferer of social anxiety, in particular when they actually feel they are being viewed, and observed.

Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety in NottinghamThey might also naturally shy away from situations in which they fear they will be criticised or found inadequate.

Low self-esteem and feelings of insecurity are standard features of social anxiety and these in many cases create relationship difficulties.

Not treated, the levels of anxiousness and fear may generalise and intensify until the person begins to experience panic and anxiety attacks.

Further implications of the disorder are feelings of depression, and an incapacity to relax which can bring about misuse of alcohol and drugs in an attempt to escape their present reality.

Hypnotherapy for Social Phobia in Nottingham


As the problem escalates, the fears could become self-fulfilling, as relationships start to collapse and day to day living becomes more and more difficult.

The great thing is that hypnotherapy, and EFT applications will help reduce and overcome social phobia, regardless of how severe it is now.

Hypnosis helps to establish whether or not there is a hidden issue, perhaps an experience from the past which has evolved into feelings of fear, insecurity and anxiety.

A hypnotic approach will aim to help a person overcome these feelings and anxieties.

By teaching the subconscious how to change the perception of these memories as well as changing the behaviour of the person’s thinking, we re-establish beneficial thinking and feelings of positivity, control and confidence.

With this technique, those who go through social phobia can begin to live a normal life, as hypnotherapy treatments looks to relieve the issues linked with it.

eft in gratham and newarkEFT for Social Anxiety taught properly (Michael is one the main AMT Master Trainers of EFT in the UK) and used in line with the correct instruction, is the ultimate anxiety tool!

The individual should begin to see major changes in a great number of areas of their life; for instance, by being willing to communicate with others more readily and by regaining power over their feelings and their way of living.

This growing confidence and self-esteem fuels improvement in romantic relationships, work and social settings at an increasing rate.

Dr. Michael Millett, an expert, and supervising hypnotherapist, and AMT Master Trainer, specialising in social anxiety and works at Elevated Therapy International explained,

Anxiety can often be treated by a combination of approaches. Hypnotherapy and EFT treatments for anxiety disorders are very effective. Hypnotherapy aims to seek out the root cause of the anxiety and change an individuals perception of a past event or release emotion from it.

Social Phobia in Nottingham

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