Hypnotherapy to help you through the Credit Crunch and the Recession

Hypnotherapy to help you through the Credit Crunch and the Recession

Grantham HypnotherapistThe economy may be down as the `credit crunch` and recession starts to bite ever harder and harder.
We see and hear fear and despair all around us, the anxiety we feel, the uncertainty we experience, even the denial if that is how we deal with it can lead to many of us suffering from acute stress, negative beliefs, and a pessimistic outlook when we hear the word “recession”.

Hypnotherapy in GranthamThe credit crunch is being blamed for the soaring rate of antidepressants prescriptions for medication including Prozac and Seroxat across the country.
However, modern anti-depressants can work for some depression, they do not work for unhappiness or general stress.

Many people are obviously losing their jobs, under threat of losing their jobs or struggling to cope with rising debts and other people that are lucky enough to be in employment end up staying in unhappy jobs because they are too scared to move.

Reportedly, the UK government is expected to invest around £173 million to ensure that all hospitals have access to psychotherapy by 2011.

In these tough times it is getting harder to stay positive and cope with it all. Many of us find ourselves dragging from day to day.
Some of us are consumed with worry, while others just give up altogether as the emotional, physiological, psychological and spiritual effects caused by a build up of either internally or externally generated mental worry and pressure build up.

However, people have found a new way to ward off their worries, they are having hypnotherapy sessions in Grantham as a real stress buster to build a positive attitude and turn their lives around.

Hypnotherapy in Grantham

Hypnotherapy has always been known as a great stress buster. It’s just that more and more working people and other therapists and practitioners are rediscovering that virtue now in the times we are in.

We certainly should be mindful and careful in these difficult times.
We might want to cut down on a few luxuries and have up to date copies of our CV’s to hand.
There will of course be some people who will lose their jobs and even a few who will as a consequence of the recession lose their homes, but the vast majority of us will not and we need to know and believe that!

Because of that when we think about recession we tend to feel negatively stressed and anxious, our hearts start beating faster, we feel worried and scared, this is all a natural physical response.

Of course negative stress can come in many guises. It can be caused by a number of different things too, not just the recession but it may be affecting us more because of it as well as making our situation worse.
Negative stress will manifest itself in a myriad of ways.
Negative stress and it’s effects have no respect for your status or position, or lack of it, in life generally.

Most emotional stress is about what could happen – “what if this was to happen, what if that may happen?”
It has nothing to do with the here and now and present reality.
Emotional stress or distress is about what we think might happen in the future. In a nutshell, we anticipate some sort of threat to our well being.
This feeling, that something of a threatening nature will occur, is the primary factor in causing most of the negative stress conditions that have such an adverse effect on our lives in the now.
Stress is like a disease.
You can catch it from others. You can pass it on. You can suffer from it.
Or, you can learn to recognise stress and it’s effects, and you can have help to deal with it through hypnotherapy.

It is worth mentioning too that your thoughts on a spiritual level become your actions and your actions create the circumstances in your life.
You are responsible for everything that happens to you in your life!
This is the simple law of as you sow, so you reap or the Law of Attraction. It can also be called the law of motion and emotion.
Every thought that we send out into the universe comes back to us with accumulated energy of its own kind.
So it is very important to form a clear mental vision of what you want, and begin to act with faith and purpose in line with the Law of Attraction.
Hypnotherapy helps with this too and Grantham Hypnotherapy with Michael helps with all your hypnotherapy needs.

Grantham HypnosisTherefore, it is so important to have positive thoughts with the help of hypnotherapy if you feel your thoughts and outlook are not positive enough in these times or your thoughts and outlook are not serving you well enough.

Prolonged excessive negative stress can lead to mental as well as physical fatigue and depression rising from negative attitudes and actions which many sufferers find limits their ability to fulfill a meaningful life or relationship or reach their full potential

Negative stress and depression has a dire affect on the immune system. It raises catecholamine and CD8 levels, which suppresses the immune system.

These are specific and documented changes in the body and have high degrees of expressivity, and different individuals are affected in different ways.
This in turn opens you up to certain physical illnesses, such as the high risk of a heart attack.

Stress increases catecholamines, and the increase of plasma catecholamines enhances platelet aggregation, lowers the threshold to cardiac arrythmias, induces narrowing of the blood vessels, and suppresses insulin secretion (McEwen & Stellar, 1993).
All of these combined can lead to a very high risk of heart attack or angina.

Psychological stress has also been shown to increase susceptibility to viral infection. We are even far less able to defend ourselves from even simple external infections such as the common cold and worse now Swine Flu which is sweeping the globe. Also negative stress suppresses the immune system; even latent viruses then have an easier time resurging, since the body cannot defend itself as well (Brosschot, et al, 1994).
This is supported by studies showing that colds and other infections manifest themselves on weekends after busy and stressful work weeks.

Negative stress makes it harder for your body to cope with a wide range of illnesses.
The body and mind become more vulnerable to further stress, our general health declines, and we can enter a vicious downward spiral.

When we go into prolonged negative stress mode and subsequently this vicious downward spiral, our body finds it difficult to dissipate adrenaline etc.
Psychological stressors induce cell division among CD8 cells, thereby increasing the number of CD8 cells and suppressing immune function.
Epinephrine and norepinephrine are the catecholamines most commonly measured in stress experiments, and both increase under stress.
Increases such as these can suppress aspects of immune function, including natural killer cell (cells that attack antigens without having recognised them first) activity.
Increases in catacholemines may also rapidly alter cell numbers via redistribution (Naliboff, et al, 1991). In fact, changes in epinephrine levels are thought to reflect lymphocyte migration from bone marrow, the extremities, and the thymus (Kiecolt-Glaser, et al, 1992) to other areas of the body.

If we do not dissipate this effect on our system, our ability to produce the vital defence substances known as Interferons is drastically reduced.
Interferons are part of the non-specific immune system and are induced at an early stage in viral infection, before the specific immune system has had time to respond.

However, hypnotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Grantham lends itself so well to help break this negative cycle within us and arrests the downward negative spiral.
Helping us to deeply relax the system and develop new perspectives. You will find yourself becoming calmer, more focused and able to deal with life a lot more easily.

We cannot do much about the larger economy but we can do something about our health, we can decide to hypnotise away the blues!

Grantham Hypnotherapist

The Clinic of Hypnotherapy and Holistic Practices in Grantham’s Town Centre

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic introduction of certain ideas into the mind while the client is in a relaxed and comfortable state.
It is a dynamic and vital healing process embracing all aspects of health care.
The main purpose of hypnosis is to help you understand and gain control over your emotions or to help you improve your body’s functioning, including your immune system while you are coping with the “credit crunch”, recession, negative stress and the effect on your life.

Hypnosis has been by approved by the American Medical Association as a valid medical treatment since 1958.
The use of hypnosis to alleviate both physical and mental ills has recurred throughout the history of medicine from ancient times.
Studies have shown that hypnotherapy does work and can be used in the aid of many different psychological conditions; negative stress and worry being one of the most commonly treated ailments.

By reaching the unconscious level of the mind, hypnotherapy can be used to alter the way a person consciously perceives health problems and stress and worry, and also promotes new positive manners of response to them.

Positive thoughts bring in positive energy and energize us, establishing in the process peace and harmony in our consciousness.
Our subsequent actions too yield the same results. The energy that we send out, either in the form of a thought or action, always comes back to us with increased force.

Contrary to popular belief however the process of hypnotherapy is one that is carried out while the subject is conscious and at no time do they lose consciousness.

It is imperative to keep your immune system in optimum condition through boosting it through hypnotherapy and through proper nutrition particularly through these difficult times. Failing to keep your immune system in optimum condition leaves you more vulnerable to many physical diseases as well as mental and physical fatigue and subsequent depression.

My hypnotherapy sessions in Grantham are tailored for the individual and last up to an hour. In order for the sufferer of negative stress and worry to fully benefit from the treatment, they should have a minimum of about five sessions.

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