Hypnotherapy Process

Hypnotherapy Process


STEP 1 :
The FREE Consultation (→ click here) The purpose of the FREE consultation or guidance chat in complete confidence, is an option to discuss your current situation, and for you to understand more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I will give you an indication of how many sessions are likely to be required and the fees involved.
This provides you with the opportunity to find out whether hypnotherapy is the right choice of therapy for you. There may also be underlying issues that need to be addressed to solve the real issue. As with any form of therapy, it is important that we have good rapport, so hopefully this will be established by the end of the consultation and guidance chat.

STEP 2 : ASSESSMENT If you agree to go ahead with hypnotherapy, in the next step – a detailed assessment of your problem or issue will be taken, usually in the first actual session and an agreed treatment plan will then be worked out in accordance with your aims and objectives.
Then you will experience your first actual hypnotherapy session.

Hypnosis ProcessMost standard hypnotherapy sessions last about 1 hour. I generally use special digital equipment with headphones, and if you wish – utilising brainwave synchronisation through aural entrainment which many clients love, and believe assists in entering states of consciousness that allows for deeper shifts, change, healing and expansion to occur more readily.
(clients may opt out of this new technology if they wish to). [ → More details here ].
The sessions typically involve you wearing headphones, and you hear the sound of my voice combined with relaxing music in the background. If clients don`t want to use headphones, then we can do hypnotherapy without the headphones in the traditional way which is not a problem at all.

STEP 4 :
During the hypnotherapy session, as you naturally relax and focus and be free from tension – your unconscious mind becomes very aware and open to beneficial and positive change. You remain aware throughout the process, aware of where you are and of what you are doing as your conscious mind drifts and processes the possibility of a whole new you !
I use a combination of techniques in order to achieve therapeutic change at an unconscious level, so that you can achieve your desired goals and outcome !

Each client’s perceptions and experience are different, but you will be receiving a session that is totally unique to you, and your needs.
It is a very pleasant experience and so many don`t want the session to end.

STEP 5 :

FURTHER SESSIONS After your hypnotherapy session, we will discuss any experiences that you have had during the session and arrange our next session in accordance with the agreed treatment plan. You may also be asked to do or be provided with additional work to complete between sessions.

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Hypnosis Process



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