Why does hypnotherapy in Stamford work so effectively?

Hypnotherapy in Stamford

Why does hypnotherapy in Stamford work so effectively?


Hypnotherapy in Stamford. What makes hypnotherapy processes work so well?

Hypnotherapy StamfordPeople occasionally wonder if hypnosis is effective mainly due to the way it has been depicted, especially in the media. Well, studies have now shown that hypnotherapy has an impact on the brain that can easily be measured scientifically.

Research that has been done by Stanford University in 2000 pointed out that when volunteers were informed under hypnosis that they were observing coloured objects, the areas of the brain which processes colour showed raised blood flow, even though the objects were in fact black and white. This shows that hypnosis can change perceptions.  Dr. Michael G Millett, a hypnotherapist Stamford (Elevated Therapy) can use this process to change unhealthy behaviour and bring about positive changes


Because of this research, hypnotherapy solutions can be thought of as a real treatment option for people that need help with stress and panic, sleep problems and all kinds of medical issues. Hypnosis can be used in addition to prescribed drugs or as an alternative to them. A hypnotic approach is proven to improve the general functioning of the mind, along with the body.

Dr. Michael Millett Hypnotherapist Stamford

Dr. Michael G Millett

Right after the use of hypnotherapy, many people have made constructive changes that have dramatically improved their quality of life. An individual can achieve so much if they do not have a mind-set that obstructs their progress. The vast majority of fears and worries stem from views and feelings that the sufferer knows are irrational. With the support of hypnotherapy in Stamford with Michael, people get back a positive frame-of-mind and lift the limitations that they place on themselves. The same applies to addictions such as smoking cigarettes, alcohol consumption or eating too much. Stamford Hypnotherapy is a confirmed solution that can modify the way of thinking to remove such difficulties and improve the overall quality of life.

As hypnosis has been used for entertainment purposes lots of people don’t believe that it is a viable option to treat clinical problems, however as a result of the thought provoking research completed by Stanford University which shows that hypnosis actually does work, people can be confident that the hypnotherapy process can offer real resolutions to healthcare problems.
Ground breaking results taken from expert studies enables people to acquire a true understanding of hypnotherapy and more people will benefit from this powerful therapy, leading to substantial improvements to countless lives.

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Hypnosis Stamford can now be endorsed as a method that can truly create constructive changes to health problems and improve feelings of well-being. Professional hypnotherapists might employ specialist approaches to hypnotherapy to suit the needs of each individual. The process necessitates working with the conscious and unconscious mind to empower individuals to live the lives they wish to lead.
It could, in fact, be said that this scientific evidence has altered the course of history for hypnosis and hypnotherapists across the world.

It is very important to make sure that you select a reliable, well skilled and experienced hypnotherapist like Dr. Michael G Millett because the standard of expertise can vary hugely. Michael Millett from Elevated Therapy International is well qualified and has years of experience to his name.



His Hypnotherapy Clinic is located in Grantham, Lincolnshire which is only 20 miles from the centre of Stamford along the A43, and A1.

According to a study carried out at Stanford University see:

Elevated Therapy has been established since 1995 in London and relocated to Grantham in 2012.


Stamford Hypnotherapy

Just off the A52 in Grantham’s Town Centre at the presdigious
Clinic of Hypnotherapy & Holistic Practices

Hypnotherapist in Stamford, Lincolnshire

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