How hypnotherapy in Stamford could help a lack of confidence

How hypnotherapy in Stamford could help a lack of confidence.

How hypnosis in Stamford may help a lack of self confidence.

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Confidence is how we view our own abilities to do something. Low self-confidence is where the man or woman has almost no trust in their own abilities or their capacity to achieve or formulate skills. Confidence is related to but different from self-belief – which is all about how we view ourselves. A hypnotic approach is a really useful way to discover the root cause of these factors and handle them.

Why do individuals need confidence?

All areas of our life are affected by confidence. It influences how we manage giving presentations in public or even just how we talk to a friend one on one. We need this skill to allow us to take possibilities we may otherwise dismiss. We need to feel equipped and able to advance in everyday life. If you find yourself suffering from low self confidence you may suffer shyness in public, you will probably find yourself feeling bashful and self aware socially. You may be ignoring job offers because of a resounding belief you are not able to do the job.

Why do we have decreased confidence?

Hypnosis in StamfordLow self confidence can be caused by one particular trauma that affected how you view your capabilities. Maybe it came from a childhood full of difficulty and negativity from your peers. Now and then people can discover their self confidence is damaged having not realised it was a problem.
A few negative events can really affect us significantly – possibly a redundancy has left you more tormented by rejected job applications than you formerly would have been. Occasionally it is easy to overlook how much events have affected us negatively and how those effects may be preventing us from moving forward. From time to time, the reason is a lot less traumatic and simply a case of the person not recognising their skills and effectiveness or not knowing how to use these skills and capacities effectively.

You could have low confidence if you: have chronic self doubt; you avoid certain circumstances for fear of feeling uneasy, you have problems presenting confidently, you dismiss your own wishes or you avoid opportunities that are useful seemingly for no reason.

Is there something you can do about it?

Stamford HypnotherapyCertainly. Realising the root cause will be the first step. As hypnotherapy in Stamford deals with both the conscious and subconscious you’ve got a fairly good chance of finding the root cause and dealing with it. If you are suffering from this predicament you should consider speaking to a hypnotherapist to get some assistance.
It can be crippling to feel this way, to know it is only ourselves keeping us from getting to our full potential. Astonishingly, simply recognising this can be completely enlightening. If it is you alone who stands in your way, you can make the change and all becomes attainable once more.


Plenty of people being affected by this issue would like help. Hypnosis in Stamford could be the solution you need – if you find yourself relating to the symptoms discussed in this article you should think about speaking with Dr. Michael G Millett right away. You deserve to reach your full potential.

Stamford HypnotherapistMichael Millett an experienced and supervising hypnotherapist specialising in low confidence, said “Hypnotherapy works by raising the confidence from you that is already there. Everyone is born with confidence; things happen in life that either help this confidence to grow or disappear”.

Dr. Michael Millett from Elevated Therapy International is highly qualified and has numerous years of past experience of treating low confidence using a hypnotic approach, EFT and other methods. He has been using hypnosis to treat poor self confidence within his very popular practice serving the county of Lincolnshire and beyond.

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