Will hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire really work?

Hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire

Will hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire really work?

Hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire





Hypnotherapy is a greatly misunderstood practice – quite a number of people may think about the typical swinging fob watch and the phrases ‘look straight into my eyes… you feel sleepy…’ when they consider hypnotherapy. Then again they could picture ill-fated audience members getting manipulated to start barking just like a dog or cluck like a chicken.

However, hypnosis in Lincolnshire is certainly not a frivolous party trick or mumbo jumbo; it offers the very real opportunity to change lives by re-programming the brain into letting go of harmful habits such as smoking cigarettes or unnecessary eating, and can help people break free from crippling anxiety or depression.

Yet it is obviously natural to wonder ‘hypnotherapy – does it work?’ if you’re thinking of making use of this therapeutic solution.

As there is much confusion about this type of therapy, it’s vital for you to learn about how it will help and what positive aspects it can bring.

How Hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire Works

Hypnotherapy LincolnshireThe hypnotherapist can swap detrimental thinking or habits by making use of suggestion and imagery to re-educate the unconscious mind.

The subconscious mind records all of what we have observed or experienced, as opposed to the conscious mind which rapidly forgets nearly all of our experiences.

Hypnosis in Lincolnshire works by gaining access to these concealed memories and ideas to produce new, healthier beliefs and habits.

In contrast to the popular notion, hypnotherapists usually do not put people to sleep.

However, what in actual fact occurs is that the client is steered into a significantly relaxed state of mind.

It’s common for those who enter a state of hypnosis only to realise that they have really been ‘’in’ hypnosis once they are coming back into a normal state of consciousness !!

At times individuals never even feel as though their state of mind has been altered at all, as awareness of activities around them for instance the hypnotherapist’s words or sounds externally remain consistent through the entire session.

Hypnotherapist LincolnshireNonetheless, individuals will often be amazed at the amount of time that has gone by during their session, as an individual’s feeling of time will become altered whilst inside a deep state of relaxation.

Life altering results with hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire

relationship-counsellingMany people have effectively overcome troubles using hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire, such as excessive weight, sadness, addictive problems, cigarette smoking, anxiety attacks and problems with sleep, and also have strongly recommended it to the people they know.

This even includes quite a few celebrities, like Kevin Costner, Orlando Bloom, Sophie Dahl and Matt Damon.

Hypnosis is by no means a gimmicky therapy craze with no real benefit – during the 1890’s, the British Medical Association commissioned an assessment to ascertain the nature and effects of a hypnotic approach:
“The Committee are of the opinion,” they said, “that as a therapeutic agent hypnotism is frequently effective in relieving pain, procuring sleep, and alleviating many functional ailments [i.e. psycho-somatic complaints and anxiety disorders].”

Einstein is even thought to have used it !

With more than a century of constructive feedback, and quite a few personal successes, a hypnotic approach provides a tried-and-tested solution to solve many different issues.

Lincolnshire HypnotherapistDr. Michael Millett of Elevated Therapy International whose well-known national and international hypnotherapy practice is operating out of Grantham, Lincolnshire said,

“In therapy, hypnosis involves the person experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with their focus directed inwards, and appropriate suggestions are made by the therapist.
In a hypnotherapy session you are always in control and you are not made to do anything in particular.
It is about developing self-empowerment”.


Elevated Therapy has been established since 1995 in London and relocated to Grantham in 2012 to help the people of Lincolnshire and throughout the East Midlands of England.

Main Hypnotherapy area

Hypnotherapy Lincolnshire

Hypnotherapy Lincolnshire

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