How hypnotherapy in Grantham reduces food cravings

How hypnotherapy in Grantham reduces food cravings ?

How hypnosis in Grantham reduces strong desires for food ?

Weight Loss Clinic GranthamDieting becomes difficult for most people when desires for food develop, particularly if they are on diets that leave them feeling like they are deprived in some way. Food cravings are actually more powerful than normal hunger pangs and whenever people struggle to beat these feelings they might give in to food binges.

Studies suggest that the most frequent foods people crave are sweet snacks like chocolates, cakes or other confectionery. When cravings for food are repeatedly given into they can become addictions that can lead to someone growing to be a chocoholic.

Hypnotherapy for Food Cravings Grantham

The actual cause of these food hankerings varies.
If somebody has low serotonin levels or the output of endorphins are not regulated then it is understood that our mental faculties and emotional behaviour may be affected. Weight Loss Hypnosis in Grantham helps to helps to control this, and alters the specific area of the brain that has become conditioned to seek food. Weight problems are on the increase and can trigger serious health issues such as cancer, heart attacks and elevated blood pressure. Unfortunately, bingeing on sugary and unhealthy foods has a negative effect on the body and can cause obesity.
There have been some significant developments in hypnosis which can now help people eliminate strong desires for food and therefore prevent them damaging their health.

One of the numerous reasons people can yearn for foods such as chocolate, is due to the amino acid, phenylethylamine, which manages the body’s release of endorphins, the happy hormone that produces a sensation of relaxation. What happens over time is that our brain connects the good emotions to chocolate and so starts to crave it. Hypnotherapy will help to break the connection and also create distractions so that the brain focuses on something more appropriate, such as sleep and exercise. It is beneficial to the body if endorphins are released naturally. There could also be other components within foods like chocolate which your body craves, such as salt or iron. The body has got its own means of telling us the nutrients it needs. However, if internal messages become confused, the body can think it’s consuming something which is good for it, when in fact it is damaging.

Hypnotherapy for Binge Eating GranthamPregnant ladies encounter food cravings to ensure the nutritional needs of the body and the unborn child are met. For instance, iron may be required if there is a yearning for red meat as it contains a significant amount. Worries arise when there is an over indulgence, particularly in unhealthy foods as this can lead to obesity. Breaking damaging eating habits can be achieved with hypnotherapy in Grantham as it can modify the brain’s behavioural patterns.
Serious health conditions can then be avoided.


Expert training is required to deliver a hypnotic approach to effectively manage and eliminate food cravings.
It is important to choose a Hypnotherapist who is a member of a professional association and who has relevant expertise. Dr. Jacqueline Preston is a qualified Hypnotherapist working at the Elevated Therapy International practice and has countless years of experience supporting people with issues such as cravings.

Based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, Dr. Jacqueline Preston, a professionally trained Hypnotherapist, said “Your unconscious can help you remove the craving for snacks and junk food, and eat only what’s good for you through hypnosis”.

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