Hypnotherapy in Grantham is a powerful tool against nail biting

Hypnotherapy in Grantham for nail biting

Hypnotherapy in Grantham is a powerful tool against nail biting

Most people regard nail biting as a truly and unpleasant and negative habit. Numerous of us begin the process of biting in our early school years and then find the habit comes to an end whilst in our late teens. Fingernail biting may continue into adulthood for some, and becomes an emotional crutch, creating real physical harm to the fingers. Hypnosis in Grantham is successfully used to help men and women who suffer from this destructive behavioural pattern.

What does ‘bad habit’ mean?

A habit generally is a behavioural pattern that reoccurs automatically without us having to consider it.
It’s something we generate by reiterating a particular behaviour often. By and large, a habit is very simple to begin but extraordinarily hard to stop. A habit is defined as a bad one when it damages us emotionally or physically.

Comfort eating, drinking and smoking cigarettes are activities people undertake. When the action occurs without conscious thought or effort, that’s when it has changed into a habit. By way of example, you may only realise you put your fingers in your mouth afterwards – you didn’t think about it upfront.

How is nail biting a problematic behaviour?

Hypnosis for Nail Biting in Grantham


Most nail biters are affected by some level of anxiety, but there are a few nail biters who do it without any emotional motivation. The simple reason nail biting is a concern is the physiological problems it causes.
For the most part, you may encounter red fingers and cuticles that are shredded and ruined. This will make them simple to catch on things and they can be sore when in contact with certain substances like acid in food for example. In more severe cases, the fingers may become disfigured and the nails completely lost.

It is not just your fingers that can be affected; there’s lots of dental issues relating to nail biting too. A thing called gingival injury can occur, which is where continual nail biting ruins the soft tissue in your mouth. It’s also possible to transfer horrible infections to the body by having oral contact with the bacteria buried deep in the nail bed.

Hypnotherapy for Finger Nail Biting in Grantham


Most nail biters know that they have an issue, but they simply do not know how to stop it. It can be very mortifying to catch yourself nibbling away and realising you are surrounded by those who are finding the behaviour unpleasant. Also, it is distressing when others notice your ruined fingers and nails.

The most important thing to realise is that the habit is in most cases a behaviour you utilise to cope with something a bit deeper that needs identifying and handling.

Hypnotherapy strategies at Elevated Therapy in Grantham’s Town Centre for nail biting are successful in treating this problem and countless clients see great results after the first few sessions.

Michael Millett, a qualified and supervising hypnotherapist from Elevated Therapy International, said “Unfortunately nail biters will tend to be unfairly judged by others where their confidence suffers in social situations like dating.
However, help is at hand through hypnosis in Grantham”.

Elevated Therapy has been established since 1995 in London and relocated to Grantham in 2011 / 12.

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Hypnotherapy for Nail Biting in Grantham

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