How hypnotherapy in Grantham builds confidence

Hypnotherapy Grantham

How hypnotherapy in Grantham builds confidence

How hypnotherapy techniques build self confidence in Grantham and Newark

Help with confidence in GranthamAlthough computers allow us to converse instantly with anyone globally, the decrease in face to face interaction is having a harmful effect in our society. As a hypnotherapist, I’m now seeing more clients that are slipping in to a remote way of life.

This surge in the use of computers for talking with friends comes with a cost, in particular we aren’t exercising our verbal communication skills and worse still some of our youngsters are not really learning them at all. I think a lot of people would agree that good as they are, programmes like Skype or Facebook can never be the same as an evening talking with friends face-to-face.

So, if we are losing these conversational skills and we are not cultivating new ones, where does it stop? The lack of social skills could potentially cause real difficulties for people, for instance when meeting new people or being in big social groups, as they just do not actually feel up to the job.

However, these issues are just making a current problem even worse.

Help with self esteem in GranthamGetting asked by clients for more self-confidence in social scenarios is an everyday occurrence for virtually every practising hypnotherapist.
Generally, they are fearful that they could do or say something that may make them look ridiculous and be judged accordingly. Their answer is on the whole to become a wallflower and hope no one notices them being “silent”.

By utilising hypnotherapy in Grantham, I can help the person solve this sort of issue very easily. Using hypnosis in Grantham to *give* someone confidence may not completely resolve the problem long term. It does not really solve the matter. The root of the issue has to be dealt with before a long term remedy can be accomplished.

self confidence with hypnotherapy in Grantham


It’s all very well to blame our current society, but normally a deficiency of self-confidence has its origins in past conditioning from critical parents or partners, bullying or intimidation or being made fun of in class. Continual comments from critical or pushy parents are yet another cause of diminished self-confidence. When these past memories have been handled, we have a solid foundation on which to produce new levels of self confidence. So once done, we are able to move on to the next phase.

As good as a hypnotherapy is, it has its limits.

In addition to making a person feel more self-assured, we have to get the client to start making more social interactions and having more physical communication and interaction with people. As the individual builds up these new social contacts, the hypnotherapist can help them to feel much more assured in those scenarios. Joining a club or going to an evening class can be all that is required – as long as there is a good level of social communication and interaction. The vital element is to stay open and reactive to others in the room or group.

The hypnotherapist will be helping the client remain positive and self-confident throughout. The client can gradually build their self-confidence on the solid footings they have already laid down. This is really the best way to create permanent improvement in levels of self confidence, and enriched self-esteem.

Dr. Michael Millett, said “Hypnosis for self confidence in Grantham and Newark works by helping you to forget the reasons and the beliefs that you have about your confidence. It works on your unconscious mind to help make you believe that you are confident. Eventually, that comes through to your conscious mind in a very natural way. You learn and act confident again with increased self-esteem levels.”

Michael Millett, a professional hypnotherapist, from Elevated Therapy International has been helping people in and around Grantham, Lincolnshire recover their confidence since 2011 / 12.
He relocated from London after being in successful private practice there since 1995.

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