Hypnotherapy for Golf

Hypnotherapy for Golf

Hypnotherapy for Golf Nottingham, Lincoln, Leicester, Grantham, Newark, Sleaford, Peterborough and Stamford.

Hypnotherapy, and Positive EFT for golf in Lincolnshire is the secret tool for golfers wanting to really get the edge in their sport.




Hypnotherapy Sessions tailored to your personal game and the areas that you know you need the most help with. Michael can focus on what’s going to make the biggest difference to you personally.

Hypnotherapy for Golf in LincolnHypnotherapy for Golf – Learning to play golf depends on learning lots of new moves. Your instructor will tell you how to hold your feet, the way to hold your hands, how to position your shoulders and so forth. With time, you will master the strategy of the game, the actual physical skills and then work out how to get your mind in the game and concentrate. Golf is undoubtedly a game that requires patience along with a strong mind. Countless people love golf because it’s an outdoor activity that requires far less physical effort than other sporting activities. This makes it an inclusive sport for individuals of all sizes. Which isn’t to say all who play it can be good at it – competency and accuracy is needed to do well in the sport. Mental deftness is central as the game usually requires a huge amount of focus.

Hypnotherapy is a good resource for golfers – it uses a very powerful aspect of the mind for all those in sport – the unconscious mind.

The conscious mind is ingenious, driven and abstract. It is nevertheless, unbelievably confined in its processing power and is only able to process a few feelings at the same time. The subconscious mind is the brain power behind all that you do. Everything your body does without thinking – breathing, moving, blinking – all of these are because of your subconscious.

If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf. ~Bob Hope

Hypnotherapy for Golf in StamfordWhen we’re young and learning how to talk, stand and find out about our surroundings, it is only the enormous processing power of the subconscious that allows us to efficiently take in and use all that information so we can continue to thrive and learn. The subconscious mind is unlimited; it uses our past situations to allow us to function today and continue to take in more information allowing us to move onward and advance. It is also very underused; normally people implement their conscious to try and achieve things – repeating information over and over until finally it ‘sticks’. But as everyone knows, this can be a time consuming way of learning.

Hypnotherapy for Golf in Lincolnshire


We are able to learn new things and take them in, repeating these with ease. However, the mind as a whole becomes a whole lot more powerful when the subconscious becomes clear and has a particular goal to achieve. If you break a detrimental behaviour you can by and large remember how potent the urge was to repeat the actions in spite of your best intentions, it is because your habits and behaviours are stored in your subconscious and it should not be underestimated.

Getting at the subconscious part of the mind is the key to planting a beneficial seed for change and achieving much more than you thought you could. Hypnotherapy is the most effective method to achieve this; it is fast and efficient at making contact with the subconscious mind. As a minimum, using hypnosis it will teach you self relaxation and awareness. These skills can assist most people in life. The subconscious might be the distinction between 1st or 2nd position.



The most important shot in golf is the next one. ~Ben Hogan

Hypnosis, and Positive EFT to improve golf performance could be the key to your success. Get some help with hypnosis and start enjoying victory!

Golf Hypnotherapy Lincoln

Give Michael a ring today to arrange a free assessment consultation and discuss how he can help you gain the winning edge with mental and emotional patterns that contribute to golfing achievement in Nottingham, Lincoln, Derby, Leicester, Grantham, Newark, Sleaford, Rutland, Peterborough and Stamford.

How many sessions will it take?

Hypnotherapy for Golf – Michael has many satisfied clients who have only seen him once or a couple of times, and others who see him on a regular basis to do more advanced work with him to fully gain the benefits of golf hypnosis.

Golf Hypnosis

Funny (True) Story:

Golf Improvement Hypnosis and Golf Hypnotherapy Nottingham, Lincoln and Grantham“Some years ago while located in London, I had an elderly gentleman come to see me for help in improving his golf.
He was a member of a golfing club in Middlesex. We had a handful of hypnotherapy sessions to improve his performance and it worked so well that he was excelling in the sport with his colleagues, all elderly gentlemen!
Then one evening they were having some `do` at the Golf Club` and he had a few drinks too many.
He proceeded to tell his colleagues the secret behind his success !!
I ended up seeing about 7 elderly gentlemen from the same golf club for Golfing Improvement with Hypnosis as they didn`t want to fall behind him.
Talk about competitive !!! They all did well and everyone`s golf improved.
The original gentleman returned some months later and asked was there a ‘super’ technique in my repertoire that I could use with him as the other guys were now as good as him and he was back to square one. We proceeded then do more work together to achieve this”.
Dr. Michael G Millett (there is a moral somewhere in this tale (smile) !!

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