Hypnotherapy Approaches for Weight Management in Newark

Hypnotherapy Approaches for Weight Management in Newark

Weight Reduction Hypnosis Newark. Weight Loss Hypnosis Newark

weight loss clinic in newarkWeight Loss Hypnotherapy Newark – Alternative treatments to medical conditions are being sought ever more these days. One of the biggest problems facing society currently is excessive weight or overeating.

There are a host of diets that are advertised on the web, and in the media, and plenty stretch the truth about weight management, and their ability to curb the appetite. They always sound simple, and easy but in reality – they rarely do more than reduce calories in some manner.

A good number of clients who opt for therapies, such as hypnosis for weight control, have often tried various different diets and sadly failed.


Our subconscious affects how we eat, and the relationship we now have with food. Hypnotherapy can bring about safe and long lasting changes in that very important relationship.

viritual gastric band newarkWeight Loss NewarkDr. Jacqueline Preston at Elevated Therapy in Grantham when working with a weight management client considers a number of different aspects of the client’s behaviours around food. These may include learned behaviours as a child, and the patterns of eating, powerful yearnings, the quality of the diet, portion control, eating habits, knowledge of healthy eating, and a proper, and healthy diet.

Hypnotherapy approaches tend to focus on behavioural change rather than just what is allowed or not allowed. For weight control to be helpful, and long lasting – behavioural change has to occur and virtually all diets don’t tackle this problem because they have no ability to do so !

More often than not when someone is dieting – the body can and does slow up the metabolic rate which makes trying to lose weight even harder as you need to consume even less calories to shed unwanted weight effectively.

gastric band hypnosis newarkWeight Loss Hypnosis Newark at the Jacqueline Preston Weight and Nutrition Clinic in Grantham is successful in treating people who are obese or over weight as she understands the person on many levels, and gains an awareness of the relationship their mind has with food. Making use of hypnotherapeutic treatments, a person’s mind set towards food can be improved with Jacqueline’s excellent work in association with Elevated Therapy. She helps clients overcome any problems with strong desires and motivation as the Jacqueline Preston Weight and Nutrition Clinic Programme progresses – making it easier to remain on course and succeed. Hypnosis can alter learned behavioural patterns, negative thought processes linked to detrimental eating habits, and supports people like YOU in achieving weight loss and long term health, and wellness.

Dr. Jacqueline Preston from Elevated Therapy International based in Grantham, Lincolnshire says: Jacqueline Preston Weight Loss Clinic Newark

“I offer you if you really want to reduce weight –  a safe, private space to help release any emotional blocks or issues that may be stopping you from doing so.
If you are interested in forming a different relationship with food, and creating a new way of eating without dieting,
I provide a simple, flexible, common sense, cutting edge, and professional approach, and full support that works to help you release weight, and most importantly, to change unhelpful thoughts around food, and eating.

Newark Weight Loss Clinic

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