Hypnotherapy and Pain Management Grantham and Newark

Hypnotherapy and Pain Management Grantham and Newark

stress2Millions of people are affected by serious and permanent pain. On this page, we examine the effects of pain and how hypnosis could help to handle and even overcome the issue.

It is important to remember that hypnosis to help alleviate pain should only be used after the person has been checked out medically first to address the medical reasons if any behind the pain.

Think you’re one of the ten million people in the UK battling with continual pain? For the majority, long term pain is likely to have a substantial effect on their standard of life, and living and can at times be very incapacitating. Pain can come from quite a few sources, including disease, injury and medical procedures, and even the stress and strain of life. And whilst the correct medication may go some way in managing the related symptoms of these conditions, the pain can often simply be accepted as something you quite simply ‘have to deal with’.

Most people find pain very tricky to manage successfully. The effects of long lasting pain can be just as devastating as an acute pain from a recent injury.

Pain has a great number of effects on the body, like:

Decline in or increase in appetite through comfort eating to divert them from the pain.

Disturbed and interrupted sleep patterns.

Anxiety, natural depression and swift changes in mood due to continuous pain.

Feeling like a victim and always saying ‘why me?’.

How hypnotherapy in Grantham and Newark helps to take care of pain.

Pain control is one of the most studied areas of hypnosis, and hypnotherapy has been demonstrated to be a very successful as well as non-invasive technique to manage pain. It is particularly useful in relation to conditions where stress or anxiety has a considerable effect on the symptoms or pains linked to the condition. Irritable bowel, for instance, has been confirmed to worsen through stress and anxiety, so when these psychological issues are taken away, the condition should then calm in its severity.

depressionIt is pretty important to note that the way hypnotherapy helps a person in pain is to teach them strategies that alters the way the pain is registered and responded to.
So the person will probably be able to successfully reduce their own pain levels and modify their perceptions of the pain they are going through.

With hypnotherapy techniques you learn how to take care of pain differently.
Do you suffer with pain?
By utilising hypnosis for pain control you should learn some terrific relaxation techniques, and find your pain considerably reduced after a few sessions of hypnotherapy with Dr. Michael G Millett in Grantham.

Michael Millett from Elevated Therapy International based in Grantham, Lincolnshire explained why in his view hypnosis is extremely effective at reducing and controlling long term pain,

“Hypnosis is a wonderfully effective way of reducing pain responses. A person’s psychological attitude, beliefs, expectations and wellbeing all have direct effects on the way they experience pain. Depression, anxiety, boredom all influence the intensity of physical pain. The mind and body work together, and influence one another. Hypnotherapy can be used to control both psychological reference to the pain and the physical experience of it”.

(1. [SUGGESTED READING LIST] https://www.britishpainsociety.org/suggested-reading-list/ )

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