Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Grantham

Weight control hypnotherapy can make life far easier

gastric band hypnosisReducing weight with hypnosis is where you have a session(s) of hypnotherapy designed specifically to help you replace the habits that have resulted in unwanted weight gain.
You passionately throw yourself at each and every promising diet you find out about, you shed the excess weight fast, but gradually the pounds slip back on. Many individuals worldwide have trouble with their weight every single day.

There are thousands of us happily throwing money at every new fad diet on the market, desperately attempting to achieve the weight loss promised alongside the glossy images and recipes. So why is it you don’t see these so called ‘success stories’ years after they have shed a lot on these diet plans? Do you know why there is not an eating plan everyone ‘swears by’? It’s due to the fact none of these fads, diet plans or guarantees of a ‘new you’ take care of what’s genuinely going on at a deeper level.


So what exactly is really going on deep inside the psyche of a serial dieter? Some of us learn undesirable habits as children.

viritual gastric bandSo what is the bigger challenge which has triggered you to overindulge? Just what could be taking place in our minds to make us eat more than we need to? When we are young we can acquire some improper habits that stay with us through to adult life. We are told we must eat what’s in front of us, even though we are not hungry. We are also subjected to a vast degree of fast food marketing and advertising.

Even when we are not hungry we are forced to finish the food in front of us, even if the portion is too big. Junk food advertising is also something we are continuously subjected to. Unaware of the continual marketing around us, we absorb numerous positive messages about fast food every single day. Subliminal messages are routine in marketing and product placement is increasing on television and in films.

Comfort eating is also reinforced with countless people emphasising that we all deserve a treat every so often. All or none of these examples may have contributed to your increase in weight, but they are just a tiny amount of contributing factors we come across in our daily lives.

Some people have success with exercise and dieting, in fact some people have never struggled in relation to their weight. Sometimes, however, we all need a little assistance.

binge eating granthamGood old fashioned commitment is simply not enough from time to time. Conscious effort is often insufficient to contend with deep behavioural issues associated with weight gain. These issues can be dealt with utilising hypnotherapy.

You will learn how to recognise the issues that caused you to put on weight and learn how to control them long term if you are suitable for weight control specific hypnosis.
Weight loss hypnosis in Grantham teaches you to re-programme the subconscious, essentially targeting the main part of your brain causing your issues.

So in place of staying on the endless weight yo yo of diet plans, a hypnotic approach might allow you to gain effective power over your mind and therefore your dietary habits. You will need commitment and passion and a positive change to your life style, but you will struggle much less with this since your mind is going to be stronger and more focused.

Dr. Michael Millett from Elevated Therapy International is an expert hypnotherapist that specialises in losing weight, said “Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Grantham helps people make healthier choices, and develop new healthy habits. Also visit our expert weight loss hypnotherapist and nutritional consultant at Elevated Therapy, Jacqueline Preston to know more. See banner below !”

Elevated Therapy has been established since 1995 in London and relocated to Grantham in 2012.

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Hypnotherapy to lose Weight in Grantham

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