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Hypnoanalysis GranthamHypnoanalysis  is an approach using conscious questioning and hypnosis that goes beyond the symptoms of a problem and works on the basis of cause and effect and looks at the ‘root’ cause of the problem, issue or difficulty.

 It requires you to be very involved in the process.

Hypno-analyst in Grantham & Newark

When using this approach it means, it can address all emotional and psychological factors involved by slowly bringing bottled up emotions to the surface, at each session.
Underlying causes for our behaviours and feelings can run quite deep and when the
 emotions have been released, so too are the symptoms they caused, alleviating psychic tension and leaving the sufferer symptom free and feeling generally calmer, more confident and happier in their everyday life.

Some people want to know why they feel and act in a particular way and they must know what causes their problems and behaviours in order to overcome them.


They need to know the reason why they do something in order to change it.
Hypnoanalysis may be the best way to help these people find the answers they seek.

Hypnoanalyst NottinghamMany people find this approach very useful in understanding the reason why they have been experiencing a problem or behaviour and the release of these feelings can be very helpful to them.

Hypnoanalysis is not a long-term therapy. You can often see results in just three or four sessions and it can be much faster than traditional psychotherapy to resolve some issues.

Usually, only 8-10 sessions are necessary.

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