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Clinic of Hypnotherapy & Holistic Practices
with Dr. Michael G Millett (Estd. 1995).
You can trust Elevated Therapy to help you forward in your life.

Hypnotherapy in Grantham…the leading cutting-edge Hypnotherapy and Holistic Therapy Practice in the East Midlands of England, from `the centre` of the East Midlands

hypnotherapist in grantham

Hypnotherapy GranthamElevated Therapy is only 1 hour by direct train from London’s Kings Cross station to Grantham’s Town Centre, or straight up the A1 from Islington, Golder’s Green, and Hendon

Grantham Hypnotherapy

Change can happen very soon… “When we are struggling with a difficulty, be it health, life, fears, emotional stuff, addictions, embodiment, the sacred, it often means there’s an opportunity waiting to be achieved !! The Elevated Therapy Team’s objective is to help you discover that opportunity, freedom and power, and move you from where you are right now to where you want to be in your future. Working together effectively to achieve these positive objectives using the prestigious team’s combined expert training, years of experience, and BEST signature strengths, including your own – for YOU, and of course – with measured results !

Elevated Therapy’s mission continues to provide the best therapeutic experience, and positive outcomes through higher levels of quality and care——where your `Totality of Health` is optimised through conversation and exchange and / or through a variety of high-end eclectic approaches in holistic assessment and holistic therapy from a well-known, and one of the eminent Therapy Practices in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
You are NOT  only your emotions. You are NOT  only your thoughts.
You are a PERSON, and a valuable human and spiritual being.
We all share a `Common Humanity` – so, treating you justly and respectfully involves treating with seriousness your conception of yourself, your own commitments and cares, your own understanding of your situation and of what the situation demands of you. That means as a therapist taking seriously and with full empathy, your conception of your commitments and cares to be able to find intelligible and workable solutions where you can explore them with deepened understanding, to enhance your inner life, and find your inner voice and your true empowerment.

  • Feeling fearful?
  • Feeling stuck in your life?
  • Do you want the freedom to grow and develop, be more empowered, take back control, get over issues, change something major, feel happier – more optimistic and at peace with yourself and live the way you want to live?
  • Is there a specific issue you need expertise shift, change or guidance with?

For over 25 years, I have loved working with all kinds of discerning individuals, and groups – locally, nationally and internationally, depending on the professional services and expert help they have been looking for – with positive, and life changing results.” ~ Michael

Elevated Therapy International is a place for people to change, heal, grow, laugh, cry, resolve issues, problems and conflict and know that they are simply who they are and can be appreciated in that uniqueness.

“I am dedicated to sharing wisdom and the use of therapeutic, clinical, psychological and psycho-spiritual approaches to any situation which can transform your everyday life towards positive shift, change, growth, enlightenment, and above all, teaching you how to “Live a Different Life”!

I am simply reminding you of what – beneath the clatter of coffee cups and the busy-ness of everyday life – your mind – your Soul – the essence of you is already whispering”. ~ Michael

Grantham Hypnotherapy

Grantham Hypnotherapy Clinic

The Clinic of Hypnotherapy and Holistic Practices in Grantham`s Town Centre

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